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fear and hope and additional suggestions
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Published: 13 years ago
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fear and hope and additional suggestions

it's ok Kevin, kidney disease and dialysis and all that is a scary thing. I am needing to pack for a sudden move and will not be on the computer much for a while as time is drawing near so I may not be on computer much for a while but will be back in a month or so,

Dr schulze who originate the incurables program and who went on to save hundreds of thousands in his secret underground clinical over 20 years of every kind of incurable illness from full blown late stage AIDS to pancreatic cancer, to brain cancer filling half their brains to ms and low gehrig's and multiple sclerosis, people with hearts so bad they were too sick to have heart transplants to cholesterol counts in the upper hundreds to diverticulosis to every kind of cancer including the tough ones like lung cancer and pancreatic cancer and all others and every thing under the sun with his incurables program (he did often uses extra herbs and things related to their specific diseases but every cured 80% with colon cleans cleansing and 95% with the foundational (se his site or his catalog for these formulas) programs alone (one lady even cured her diabetes he had doing nothing but a bulb of raw garlic a day) says he used his great fear of being told he would be dead by 20 and seeing both parents died at young ages before him orphaning him, by age 15 and then as he awaited the surgery they said he needed or he would die walked out of the hospital (snuck out) when he friend with the same illnesses and disorders died just when he was to get his own surgery. the fear of seeing his friend die on the operating table and the fear he was next caused him to walk and search on his own for a cure and he found it. e said he used that fear as a tremendous motivational tool to make sweeping changes in his lifestyle and you must do the same. He went back to the doctors 3 years later and discovered he had regrown now heart valves to the amazement and shock of his doctor..he had several other "miracles" and then went on to open his clinic healing people doctors said were dead and teaching them how to cure themselves and they did. some did die but even then they did not go through the intense suffering their peers who did not do he programs did but so many had their own miracles and you can to. Schulze dealt with the "walking dead" and he says he does not care how sick you are and how short the time the doctor said you dead by is that you can be well.

I highly recommend that you not only get the save your life tapes (contact me for more info) but that you go to his website and request the free get well tape he is currently offering and listen to it immediately, You could also call 1 800 herbdoc to request and while there ask to e put on the mailing lst for the free newsletter and the catalog which is very informative. (be aware he is not a big fan of doctors)

you must watch the videos and also goggle Dr john Christopher who trained schulze and began the incurables program which schulze improved and watch his videos too (go to goggle videos and type Dr john Christopher..these you can watch free online and the other you must find on ebay or amazon (or email me)

By watching and hearing what he recommends, how to do it, and hearing many case histories, you will find hope and confidence that you can in fact heal yourself.

Do all the things in this list and also the full incurables and leave none of the incurables program out not one part or you may not get well he says and do almost of this except maybe a few of those I mentioned maybe are optional in the first post of these 25 steps (before incurables one). If you feel you are getting worst up the intensity some and see if you have it all in there.

I suggest making a master list of every thing and item you will consume, do and practice and how often you need to do it and how much you need to take and then fitting these things into a time schedule. If you wake up at different times of the day, just use a set time like 8:00 do this 8!5 do this etc and just add the right number of minutes you need to take before the next step..for instance say you wake up at 11:00 instead of 8, just do the things on your timetable list scheduled for 8 at 11 the one scheduled for 815 at 1115 and so on. I think of help also in addition to the master list and the time schedule list is to make a graphs on a poster board writing the thing you will be taking on it for the week (divide it into each day and what thins you need to do, take and practice that week and check mark each item off as you do it to be sure nothing got forgotten,. Maybe at the end of the week, reward yourself with something you want to make it have a little payoff. Put a gold star or sticker on each day you do right to be a little visual of your progress.

Dr Christopher recommended taking herbs only 6 days a week and resting on the 7th and taking herbs 6 weeks and resting on the 7th, he said they were more effective that way. Don't go into healthy things but take this little break so the body can get that initial boost each week and on the 8th week from powering it up again. I personally would still do things like hot/cold showers, eating healthy and things especially for the kidneys like Watermelon and so forth and stay vegan and maybe 80% raw and 20 percent cooked, positive affirmations and visualization,relaxation techniques, using the law of attraction for you, (never use a microwave by the way, study nutrition and research and start shopping health food stores and farmer market mostly, switch to natural fibers, wear leather sole shoes, switch to natural cleansers and body product, enhance spiritual growth, laugh more and all that to) during this down period and some of it always like the positive thinking, laughing and so on.

So have hope and faith in the things that God and nature has provided. this medicine has been used for generations unlike allopaths who have only been around about a hundred years or so. remember doctors do not know everything and people have cured themselves who doctors gave zero hope to very often if they do the work and know what they are doing and use high quality food and herbs, good water and so forth.

so brief overview of incurables go here, click on enter and then click incurables program


Pray and trust in God and his provision and these things as they have helped so many before you'

The incurables program worked for so many for every disease by creating such a level of health that the body cures itself. Every two years every single cell in the body is new as the body kills the old cells in varying time period..some are replaced every few days and some over a year or two but in two years all are remade. If one does the old unhealthy way and keeps there bad habits each new cells is a little than the last but if they are doing good things for the body and its organs, each new cells is little better,. Eventually you can regrow new kidneys that function one cell at a time,

do not think this will not work if you have severe kidney disease or are on dialysis go to this site now and read page 24 ..there you will find some hope too.

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