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Re: more info on parsley and parsley root
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: more info on parsley and parsley root

you siad
"ty for this it's being great. I've made up a brief draft of a schedule. Would it be good if i juice spinach, celery, cucumber and parsley with parsley root together and give it to her? Just asking, should it be about 250ml glass every lets say 6 hours. ie. - when she gets up, beetroot 40%, carrot 40% and celery/spinach 20%. 3 hours later, 250ml of parsley and parsley root - 50%, spinach 30% and Celery 20%, then an hour later have dandelion leaves/roots/greens in the right proportions like you said, so she weighs 107pounds and she's 5ft 1 so i'll so that.Now.I'll start that today. Also i bought co-enzyme 10 for her, only could get 50mg of it, so she takes 50mg, 3 times a day."

my response

personally I would take the cucumber and parsley together separately since this is a juice blend specific for the kidney, the spinach needs to be measured before juicing using 2 gr per 2 pounds so 107 divided by 2 = 54 so 54 z 2.2 =118.2 grams. we do not use metrics here so figure out how much that is in pounds or metric and measure that out each day. Too save time, measure out several day and put it into baggie, then when ready to juice take one bag and juice it every so often or mixed with other veggies or separately how ever you want it.

why so much celery, I can remember what I said about celery. Please point me out to which post I mentioned it in by posting the link in your response so I can see how important it is. I do not remember saying much about Celery but I am pretty overwhelmed right now with everything going on, all the people contacting me and all this info so please do that.

I would not add Celery to the 40-40 blend but use as he said any kind of greens, I would if using spinach add some kale or mustard or turnip or beet green to the mix as well.

I did see celery listed under foods as a diuretic but if this is the only place I mentioned it, you can also substitute other diuretic (see foods post) produce as well.

the big three are cuke parsley, dandelion greens (about 120 grams), parsley and parley root and parsley root tops (It usually comes with the tops like the bunches of feathery carrots do). also carrots so the 40-40 blend would be good. also watermelon. once in a while just mix them all together but at least a few times use the cuke-spinach combo, the 40-40 blend and lots of the parsley root/parsley either mixed with other produce or separately. Also go through the list of all other beneficial foods and produce and write it all don and then when making juice blends, use some of these. throw in other veggies if you like them, Do not neglect fruits as they are cleansers and veggies are builders, (if you are diabetic I think they recommend mixing fruit juice half and half with water.

she should be on the incurables and juice fasting (be sure to be on the full program and do not do it without doing he colon cleansing with it and the other stuff too so the toxins breaking loose have cleaned organs to eliminate these toxins..while waiting for your order of dr schulze's products which I cannot stress enough are crucial to healing and need to be ordered ASAP, be sure she is taking at least psyllium or prune juice or something to help the bowels but the intestinal formula one and two at curezone are mandatory

When she is juice fasting take no foods other than the supplements and at least 3 cloves of raw garlic (she could mince the garlic into the juice, schulze's [potassium broth and maybe other veggie broths if desired, teas, water (steam distilled or filtered or reverse osmosis), fruit and veggie juices, green tea, and that is it. Nothing else so take juices often...drink something tea or juice every 45 minutes or so or even more frequently if desired in order to get it all in.

pleases understand in addition to these 25 steps she is doing the incurables as it is the most essential part in itself it has many other additional uses.

I went to his patient handbook to give you more on what she is to do and how much juice is required there alone (not to mention the teas and broth)

Schulze said

All food consumed must be 100% total (vegan) Vegetarian Raw Food. This includes all Vegetables, Fruits, Raw Nuts and Seeds, and soaked and sprouted Beans and Grains. Try to eat fresh organic produce that is grown locally and in season.
Liquids, only Distilled Water, Herbal Teas (non-caffeine) and Fruit and Vegetable juices.
No Animal Flesh, Eggs, Milk or Milk Products (cheese, yogurt, butter) can be consumed. No Cooked Foods (Bread, Baked Potatoes, Tofu, etc.) No alcohol, Coffee, Black Tea or Sugar. If you are seriously ill, do a water and fresh juice fast for the entire first 30 days, drinking at least 1 gallon daily, and then use raw foods. In any case, fast at least one day every week. Also, drink at least 8 if not 16 ounces of fresh carrot, apple and parsley juice daily. If you don't have a juicer, buy one. It will save your life!


The Herbal Nutritional Program:
4 tablespoons per day, 2 tablespoons a.m. and 2 tablespoons p.m. (a double dose) of SuperFood is suggested every day. Make the following Nutritional Drink (mix in a blender) 8 ounces of fresh-squeezed fruit juice, 8 ounces of distilled or pure water, ½ to 1 cup of fresh seasonal fruit and 2 tablespoons of SuperFood.

in addition he recommends Also, drink at least 8 if not 16 ounces of fresh carrot, apple and parsley juice daily.

with the superfood you will be adding 8 ounces of fruit juice and 1/2 cup to one cup of fruit twice a day, so so this is like 24-30 oz of juice

plus add in the alternating weeks of work on the liver and the kidney so one week when doing the kidney morning drink that is 16-32 ounces of fluids (lemon and lime and water follow directions under 5 day cleanse for the formula but you will do until better) and the other week 8 oz of the juices he recommends mixed with 8 oz of water so there is 16 oz, to 16-32 oz there so between the superfood and the morning flushes you have 24-30 plus 16-32 oz or so plus the recommended at least 8 if not 16 ounces of fresh carrot, apple and parsley juice daily.

all this juice is on top of the ones specific to the kidney (the parsley root/parsley and the cuke-spinach and the dandelion greens and the 40-40 blend plus any other veggies or fruits you chose to juice so she will literally be swimming in juices so be sure to do the routines in making your skin work for you (dry saunas, exercise that makes her sweat (minimum one hour a day, drinking sweat producing teas (diaphoretic ..your peppermint and so forth) ans standing in water up to her neck one hour per day exercising, jumping around, using weights or water dumbbells if she can do so without chest or breathing problems to do alll you can to reduce water retention...parsley and its root also help get this water retention out so does the dandelion greens and the diuretic herbs and foods so be sure all that is going is a lot to do but the payoff is healing and maybe much better health than she had before she got sick..her body will thank you.

with juice IMO take as much as she can..the recommended teas too. if she is doing tincture and juices of a certain thing, she can leave out the tea and so forth

just play things by ear but do get the essentials in which are every thing schulze recommends and the herbs and juices that especially help the kidney the most for example the juices I recommended in the beginning and the herbs like plantain, parsley/parsley root, burdock, dandelion greens, carrot 40-40 mix,watermelon, spinach-cuke, and so forth.

After that you can add foods/produce/other herbs specific to the kidney after that you can add other vegan and produce foods/juices if she is eating solids


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