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potassium broth recipe, colors of produce and other info
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Published: 13 years ago
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potassium broth recipe, colors of produce and other info

you said "

I'm on the look out for Burdock, i found some burdock seeds so if i can't get it i'll grow it. Plantain is also something i'm looking for.

Also i just bought some garlic and onion, what should i do with it? Should it be purple onions or brown onions or the white onions? I guess the purple ones are the most organic."

my reply

you should have absolutely no problems finding herb pharm burdock blend or organic plantain tincture. also no problems finding organic bulk herbs burdock or plantain if you go online and search around and contact the companies to see if they ship overseas..

Buy more than one bottle or larger amounts if the shipping is high to save multiple orders.

I would definitely not recommend growing have enough to do and it is better to just buy these things online if you cannot find locally or growing outside (the plantain)

with produce the more color the more pytochemicals thus choose black grapes over purple over green, chose red onions over yellow over white. Try to eat the rainbow daily choosing something from each colors group as they all have different properties related to the color

these groups are

red (example--apples. strawberries, tomatoes, watermelon. red peppers and so on)

orange--carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin. orange pepper, nectarine, peaches and so forth)

yellow-bananas, lemon, yellow squash, yellow pepper, star fruit etc

white/brown--potato, garlic, onion, mushroom. jicama. daikon etc

purple/blue--blueberries, red cabbage, blackberries, beets, grapes and so forth

green--cuke, spinach, collard greens, lie, green apples, celery. cabbage and so on

you said I guess the purple ones are most organic..though they are preferred due to the richer color, organic refers to the way they are grown without pesticides, estrogenic herbicides, and so on. so a purple conventional grown onion would not be as good as a organic white onion but if both are organic, choose the purple.

the garlic must be consumed at least three cloves a day on the incurables raw, so one can mince it into the juice or if eating salads, wrap in a lettuce leaf or swallow whole, chop it up or get it in anyway. If one is taking huge amounts like the whole bulb or something, taking it with dairy like cottage cheese or yogurt is said to help.

Also some of the onions and garlic can go into the potassium broth

also you will use a lot of onions and garlic in the potassium broth if juice fasting (if not juice fasting just eat the soup)..although he recommended organic, if you cant find or afford, just go with conventional or with partly organic

here is the recipe for the potassium broth

"Potassium Broth Recipe
This is a great-tasting addition to your cleansing program. It will flush your system of toxins, poisons and unwanted salts and acids while giving you a concentrated amount of vitamins and minerals.

Fill a large pot with 25% potato peelings, 25% carrot peelings and whole chopped beets, 25% chopped on-ions including 50 cloves of garlic , 25% Celery and dark greens. Add hot peppers to taste. Add enough distilled water to cover vegetables and simmer on very low temperature for 1-2 hours. Strain, or just dip your mug in, and drink only the broth. Put the vegetables in your compost. Make enough for two days, refrigerating the leftover broth. It is important to use Organic vegetables. We do not want to consume any toxic insecticides, pesticides or inorganic chemical fertilizers while we are on a cleansing and detoxification program." source-- dr Richard Schulze 's link patient handbook

just eat them if not juice fasting (but she should be juice fasting) or when between fasts or juice them or take garlic as recommended when not juice fasting bragg's liquid amino acids is good on chopped and assorted or minced veggies with added garlic or white miso dining in the raw has many tasty and nutritious raw and cooked and dehydrated foods

all produce is good (except not in the form of caned or packed convenience foods)..use fresh or something frozen with no chemicals added (canned beans and fish are ok though)

but although all veggies are good, some are more nutritious than others or some are helpful to certain specific organs so you want to focus on these while healing and variety is good for the average person and the sick one provided you get the most helpful one for your disorder in first

I hope you will use this education and info to help not only your sister, but yourself..start making positive changes and new habits

EDIT--some has said they feel the potassium broth, which contains nothing but vegetables, should not be used by the kidney patient on dialysis.

All I know is Dr Richard Schulze who said he got dead kidneys working and people off dialysis said he did it using the full incurables program and frequently states to not leave anything out, but if you are fearful of this, I doubt leaving this one thing out will hurt your program. Just do all the other stuff.

here is more on this topic


there are some dangers to the kidney patient as potassium builds in their blood, so use your own research and discretion on this point. Be sure to be taking hawthorne and cayenne tinctures daily to help protect the heart along with garlic (raw).

I read that the drug lasix depletes potassium from the kidney patient and animal studies show dandelion acts similar to lasix, so be sure you are getting the right amount of dandelion greens to help with both water retention and perhaps potassium overload.

more on dandelion and the studies here


Also be sure to be taking your organic parsley root a must for anyone retaining water or with edema and kidney issues.

If you do take the potassium broth, have your kidneys monitored regularly to be on the safe side or else forego this part of the program.


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