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Allopaths use UT but hide it!
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Published: 16 years ago

Allopaths use UT but hide it!

Dr B.V. Khare, an allopathic doctor and Mumbai-based follower of AUT,
says: "The Italian surgeon Stanislau R. Burzynski, now settled in
America, separated anti-neoplastin from human urine and showed
remarkable results in the treatment of cancer. Another substance
found in large quantities in the urine is called
dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). It is a hormone related to
testosterone. This, as research showed, has anti-cancer, anti-obesity
and anti-aging properties. It has also been found that urea when
recycled by ingesting, is converted into essential amino acids."

Medical researchers have discovered that many of the elements of the
blood that are found in urine have enormous medicinal value, and when
reintroduced into the body, boost the body's immune system and
stimulate healing in a unique way. The therapy can be applied in many
ways. The most common is to consume your morning urine (not the first
few drops) completely and without dilution. Gargling, massage and
sniffing have also been found to be useful.

When asked whether it should be practised only during an ailment, Dr
Khare replied: "Why do you want to stop at all? I am not suffering
from any disease, yet I take three glasses of my own urine every day
and massage my body with urine every morning and take bath after one
hour. Just like brushing your teeth or going to the toilet every
morning, this has to be incorporated in our daily routine. I know a
family of four who have not gone to a physician for any ailment for
more than a year after being initiated into AUT."

Benefits and experiences
A lot of people have benefited from urine therapy and want to take it
further. "Urine therapy makes you feel vital and energized. It has
helped me boost my immunity levels. It also helps me to stay slim,"
says Salome. "I had developed chronic, degenerative disorders that
couldn't be helped by conventional medicine and which threatened to
permanently destroy my ability to work, function and simply enjoy
life," says Martha Christy. "AUT has helped me in several
complications, including menstrual problems, pelvic inflammation,
ulcerative colitis, Chron's disease (colon inflammation), Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), thyroid disorders and mononucleosis."

Commenting on the unusualness of an allopathic doctor promoting this
therapy, Dr Khare says: "You will be surprised to know that I treated
many doctors with AUT and they were cured of their ailments. However,
they do not acknowledge the fact for obvious reasons." Another
condition in which AUT provides great relief is chronic amoebic
dysentery, which is common in India. Chronic constipation, a problem
of old age, is also treated by this method. Two World Urine
Conferences have already been held the first in India in February
1996 and the last in Germany in May 1999. For a generation that's
obsessed with the aerated drinks, we could definitely benefit much
more from the 'Morarji cola'.

Contact: Dr.B.V.Khare; (022) 4145774

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