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Re: The other side of the coin
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: The other side of the coin

[[[If only mainstream medicine would stop suppressing natural health and healing herbs and other plants I would say that understanding our individual DNA might be put to wonderful use by pointing us toward appropriate natural health options for preventing and treating illness and disease.]]]

Yes I agree but to get the mass to consume such, even in the Western part of the world one has to educate people to the same.Even so would they bother?
When my two sons were growing up they were given healthy foods, a good home environment, education ok. Today all that seems to have gone out of the window because they have their independence. Now it's MDs, K Fried etc,etc.
They tell me that "They can't be asked" these day's. So how does one protect them from disease? Believe me what we discuss is foreign to them so in retrospect the care they had will sustain them only a short while when perhaps one day they will have no choice but to take note.
Now looking at the big picture "Population", where malnutrition is rife, hygiene is non-existent in many places, a natural health environment you speak of is also non-existent.
So one ask's how do we protect ourselves enmasse?
I've travelled quite a bit in my life, a healthy person to a degree, but when I have seen foreign habitat I instinctively know that I will have a problem with my health if I had no protection, some people exist in utter filthy, unhealthy conditions.
I have no other options to protect myself and my family from disease at the moment other than inoculation.
You speak of alternatives and some people use them, well that's ok by me but I do not trust them. I certainly do not trust Pharma 100% either as they have made big mistakes in the past and profit greatly from us.
So I do not disagree with your findings so much but the practicability of it.
The knowledge of produce management alone on both counts, Natural foods and pharmaceuticals, so what has one left to trust?
In respect of disease the first one that comes to mind other than the norm was Poliomyelitis in 1953, I was 13 years old at the time, we were inoculated and that basically gave me a mindset about protection from disease and having that protection throughout my life with other jabs due to travelling I myself has trust in it's use.
We now are sitting on a time-bomb due to travel.
To make matters worse is the growth of population which I sincerely believe will end many lives on this Earth, epidemic? no, pandemic Tony (you know that).
Meanwhile back at the ranch we must rid these complications that beset us in regards to inoculating ('protection' into ourselves).

So yes Tony "kumbayah" it is and always has been, it's just that I read all this expertise from many people on curezone mainly from both yourself and Corinthian and at times try ignore the disparity between you both.
I, and others might agree would love you two to get it together because out of both your evaluations we just might get to some answers to the debilitating problems that we have with disease, thank you, an interfering layperson am I,lol, tomi.


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