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Blinded by the light
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Published: 14 years ago
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Blinded by the light

What is dishonest is to try to contend that most diseases had not declined sharply before the advent of vaccines, or that sanitation and access to better nutrition had not improved steadily all the way up to the mid 70's when fast food began to proliferate and the foods on the grocers shelves increasingly had the nutrients processed out and additives processed in.

As late as the 50's and even the early 60's, outdoor toilets were common as were weekly baths of shared water heated on a wood burning stove.  Hot running water for washing and sanitizing clothes and dishes was a luxury for many prior to those years.  Doctors themselves failed to properly wash and sanitize their hands and instruments.  In the decades prior to that, access to farm fresh produce and a well rounded diet was limited for a great many people.

Neither is it honest for you to make a blanket dismissal of all the professionals quoted in my post merely because they had not sold their souls to the vaccination establishment.  One of the quotes came from the former head of the National Institute of Health.  Is he a quack ambulance chaser?  Others quoted worked with vaccinations for many years before their conscience would no longer allow them to.  The same thing also has happened with veteranarians who have witnessed all the damages from over-vaccinating pets.  Such as this one:

In twenty years of veterinary practice, I have made the transition from believing strongly in the protective power of vaccines to becoming continually more certain that they create at least as much illness as they have ever prevented. In truth, I now consider vaccination to be tantamount to animal abuse in most cases.

This opinion has two main bases: First, vaccines often do not provide any protection. This may result from poor vaccine performance . . . or simply lack of need (as with booster vaccination in almost all cases). Secondly, many vaccines actually induce illness that is much greater than that of the diseases that they are designed to prevent.

A further consideration is that vaccination weakens the strength of a population by allowing individuals to survive that otherwise would succumb to natural diseases; these diseases provide cleansing and strengthening for the population under normal conditions. The population is further weakened by immunosuppressive and possibly gene-damaging vaccine impacts. Vaccination likely provides protection from acute, contagious diseases by inducing chronic disease. This trade-off is not a good one and itself amounts to abuse.

Dr. Don Hamilton

I agree with you that today's diet and lifestyles are largely unhealthy and that it is incumbent upon parents to do a better job of providing proper nutrition and guidelines for a healthy lifestyle and proper natural hygiene - but that is hard to do when everything from industry to medicine is geared towards steering them into an unhealthy lifestyle - knowing full well that such collusion will create more and more illness for the medical industry to profit from.  One has only to look at the book "The Secret History of the War on Cancer" to see how the various elements have workd hand in hand to create more illness - and before anyone condemns that book they should take a very good look at the credentials and history of the author.

I also agree with your telling admission that there are a great many things that science does not understand.  Yes, science is far from all knowing or infallible.  That fact was clearly illustrated within just the past week when science admitted that up until now, they thought they knew how eosinophils worked but may have had it completely backwards and thus their strategy of treating by targeting eosinophils to fight disease may turn out be very wrong.

Such fallibility, along with questionable honesty and reliaility due to the fact that today's science is often bought and sold by the highest bidder (such as vaccine maker Merck) is a good reason why science cannot be completely trusted to tell us that vaccines are safe.  Science does not really know the short and long term dangers of many SINGLE toxins injected into the still developing and vulnerable bodies of children, much less what the effects are of all the COMBINED toxins from all the many vaccines we now subject our children to.

The list of ingredients in vaccines is horrific and it contains immuno-suppressents, excito-toxins and neuro-toxins along with a host of other dangerous ingredients.  To contend that such a mix is absolutely safe is absurd, as is the posting of a mainstream study from an organization with ties to the vaccine industry and a known history of coveriing up evidence of vaccination harm to support such an idea of absolute vaccination safety

As the former head of the National Institute of Health observed,

"The only safe vaccine is one that is never used." Dr. James R. Shannon, former director of the National Institute of Health

Merck itself has forever given us reason to forever doubt the veracity of mainstream studies by demonstrating how such studies can be perverted and even manufactured out of thin air.  Likewise, an off the record interview I had with an executive in a pharmaceutical company was revealing as far as studies go.  He admitted that they designed and rigged studies to provide the results they wanted, hid evidence of dangers, and weeded out the scientists and researchers who failed to play ball by blacklisting them from further studies.  The net result is that they can fund a study and obtain the results they want pretty much at will - as many critics have repeatedly pointed out.

If vaccinations are so safe, why is there a vaccination fund created solely for the purpose of paying for those damaged by vaccines?  Why have their been recalls of vaccines?  How can any of us fully trust what mainstream science tells us when we see how it was perverted by vaccine kingpin Merck in their studies on Vioxx?  Speaking of Merck, the Gardasil vaccine being forced upon young school girls is certainly establishing a wonderful safety record isn't it?  Only a dozen deaths so far and mere thousands of reports of adverse reactions - but hey, it has only been a short while, give it time and the numbers are sure to grow even more "impressive".

Science tells us that vaccines are safe?  Science has also told us in the past that heroin, morphine and cocaine was safe, as was smoking cigarettes, thalidomide, vioxx, alleve, bextra, fosamax and a host of others.  Science has likewise told us that vitamins, minerals and nature were dangerous - and continues to tell us much the same.  Just as it tells us today that stevia is dangerous, but aspartame is safe.  And we are supposed to trust our children's lives and futures according to what science tells us about the safety of vaccines?

I would say that to label the information in my post as "dark side of the moon" can only come from someone who is blinded by the false light of so-called science and refuses to examine vaccinations in the clear light of day.



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