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A few facts, by MH
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Published: 13 years ago

A few facts, by MH

HERBS such as the herbal dewormer:
It doesn't kill worms, does not kill tape worms, round worms, fluke worms, is a bottle of "DEAD" herbs. DEAD THINGS can't seek and destroy worms!

The DeWormer herbs are supplements to the diet..................
The human Liver takes the nutrients from the diet and makes the human chemical combinations to do what needs to be done in the human body and this simply means the human body will remove the tape worms, round worms, flat worms, it is able, so in fact, that is all herbal formulas can do, is supply the liver with natural foods lacking from the normal diet.

Herbs such as the Lower Bowel Balance Formula:
Not a laxitive. Laxitives are things identified by the Liver as toxic to the body and the brain (solar plexas) will send water and chemicals to the intestinal tract/stomac/colon to flush it out.
The LBB is a DEAD PRODUCT, just dried herbal powders that supply plant nutrients to the LIVER along with one plant that stimulates muscles to move. So the liver is using the LBB and the intestinal muscles move as a result of coming in contact with the herbal powders. The intestinal tract does not FLUSH like it was poisoned with a laxitive product, in fact, once the intestines are clean and functioning well, you can take all the LBB you want and barely notice you took it, because Dr. John R. Christopher states it is ONLY a herbal FOOD, not a drug....herbs are not drugs...they don't poison.

Products claiming they KILL TAPEWORMS, claim they KILL any thing are TOXIC DRUG LIKE products or they are simply lieing to make a sale.

This is why I have always said Herbs are foods that you need a functioning liver to use well.

This is why the pre-cleanse kit has a bottle of Dr. Christopher's liver formula and my lecithin formula and if you have a functioning liver, you need clean kidneys, so the kit has a bottle of kidney/pancreas/heart/prostrate formula along with TWO bottles of dewormer and a HUGE bottle of LBB and a bottle of natural Tree based potassium/iodine and 1 small bottle of pure oregano oil.

Does this Pre-Cleanse Kit kill tape worms? NO/NO/NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The more you improve the liver and the elimination organs, they make chemicals that kill the worms, they flush out the waste that starves the candida/bacteria/viruses, etc...that all lead to LIVING WELL.

People need to WAKE UP and avoid all the false info floating around on the web designed to get them to BUY/BUY/BUY

BOOK I educates on diet/habit and the use of herbs aids this info. So if BOOK I info was considered the ONLY CURE, because it improved red blood cell count, then herbs just made that easier to do.

We can say BOOK I kills tape worms, kills bacteria, kills viruses, cures diseases, all diseases known, reverses ageing, etc., etc......because IMPROVED RED BLOOD CELLS does this! They eat the bad and build new tissues................RED BLOOD CELLS are made by the human body, you can not buy them, can't inject them and can't trick NATURE at all.........they are a reward of obeying Nature!

Dr. Hulda Clark was very honest when she put on paper that she never had success with raising the red blood cell count, she was very honest when in an interveiw she stated she never had any success raising the pH of a person, because she can't, ONLY THE HUMAN BODY CAN............................

So when you read/hear about cancer cures, disease cures, worm cures and all the crap out there inm this world; listen/read and see if anything they say/write is useful and pitch all the crap in the dumpster. ONCE YOU UNDERSTAND BOOK I, you will not be anyone's fool again.

YOU and ONLY YOU are responsible for YOUR health. What enters your body via the mouth/nose/skin and does not exit the body 100% becomes food for bacteria/viruses. Bacteria/Viruses save your life 24/7, YOU NEVER take toxic substances to KILL bacteria/viruses or your killing your garbage men and you will die in your own waste.

HERBS supply the liver and the LIVER makes the chemicals that seek to balance the bacteria/viral load and clean kidneys, clean liver, clean skin, clean colon,clean lungs all expell the waste and this makes the theory of the pre-cleanse kit practical and the BOOK I orange juice fast practical and the BOOK I diet of live fruits that obeys God's intentions for humans very practical and the more we get clean, the less we age, which is practical.

Drinking well water loaded with rust, lime and the 70,000+ chemical combinations found in most well water in the USA does not lead to living well. Drinking purified city waters with added chemicals so the pipes don't rust and bacteria can't grow, does not lead to living well. Drinking acidic pops loaded with corn syrup and bottled waters/drinks loaded with preservitives does not lead to living well.

eating fast foods, junk foods and anything other than fresh raw in season fruits does not lead to LIVING WELL..................

SO, when you hear/read anyone claiming to "buy this" take this" and kill your bacteria/viruses/tapeworms etc....and they forget to mention all the above crap your doing in every day normal life that lead up to having tape worms, bacteria/viral over load or just call it all Candida, THEN they are wasteing your time or your wasteing your own time, because your not addressing the CAUSES, but BOOK I does, it is a book of food education.

All drugs/vitamins/dental/medical/bad diet/bad habits/environment/population controls/chem trails, etc., etc., etc.....all clog the body with waste and those little bacteria/viruses are SAVING YOUR LIFE! DO NOT KILL THEM with toxic drugs/substances..........allow the LIVER and solar plexas (brain/mind) do the job of balance!

You got disease/cancer?
You got problems that started before birth as a result of poor nutrition, drug use, dental, bad water, bad food, poisoned by frequencies/radar/radiation and all your sins in life all added up to be more than the body could handle, so HOW ON THIS EARTH can anyone cure Disease/Cancer with out REVERSING the things that lead to it? Simply put, THEY can't. The LIVER and Solar Plexas CAN! Herbs are foods that suuply basica building blocks the LIVER can convert into usuable human chemicals.

"IF" your liver is dead, your dead. "IF" you allowed your organs to be poisoned to the point of non function, MEDICAL attmepts to transplant or use strong drugs to extend your life a little longer. This is why I have always said, "IF" your able to stand and walk to the toilet on your own power, then it is possible to help yourself LIVE WELL. Otherwise, you are too sick and need others to help you, you are at their mercy. Today, people are lead to believe it is better to let you die, than to suffer....for this reason, I tell people you had better learn to care for your self, because the best loved one can be tricked into giving permission to kill you with morphine aka hospice. This leads to many agreeing to die, because they feel like no one loves them and their health is too much of a burden.

So a chronic cancer person has physical/mental conditions stemming back to their childhood and for these reasons alone, the word CURE use to be avoided, because they are not cured until thy UNDO all the damage and for most, that is never ever done. The average person only desires to live long enough for their next meal. As long as they can eat, they are pretty happy to do what they have been accustomed to doing.

Cancer is a result of a good Immune System
Most cancer treatments harm the IMMUNE SYSTEM allowing the cancer to eat the body with no resistance form the body. NO RESISTANCE stops the swelling, stops the pains, because SWELLING and PAIN are signs your IMMUNE SYSTEM is KICKING BUTT removing the waste..............................this is why sterilization NEVER EVER LAST.............Eventually the Immune System will rise again in an attempt to save the life of the body and not let cancer eat the body alive cell by cell. The risen Immune System is them mislabled as REACCURING CANCER! Once again people seek to KILL THE CANCER and usually only kill their IMMUNE SYSTEM and die so painfully they take the Morphine Highway to hell. Hell just being a name for pain on earth.

LEARN THE WORD "Supplements"
Do not kill anything...........................
They simple supplement the diet...................
They supply things not found in normal diet.............

SO BOOK I AUTHOR GOES...........DAH!!! lets just improve the diet so it needs less supplementation.........Dr. John R. Christopher believed 100% the same!

Spend your $$$$ on fresh pineapples, peaches, pears, grapes, berries, oranges, etc.......and when needed, do as the BIBLE elders from our past suggest (monks) use the tree and the herb as your medicines, because they ONLY supplement your diet with minerals from DEEP ROOTED trees or herbs with minerals/chemicals that aid in the removeal of waste.

SEEK CLEAN AIR, your SPIRIT depends on your next breath. Avoid your next breathe ands your SPIRIT will leave your body in a few minutes and it will be eaten by the bacteria which is their JOB!

When you hear words like "KILL" associated with your health, don't take the people serious, take their words and see what is usable in your health and ignore the rest.




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