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The Superfood Story (as I know it/guess it) + edit Re: How do you do an herbal fomentation?
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Published: 13 years ago
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The Superfood Story (as I know it/guess it) + edit Re: How do you do an herbal fomentation?


All the ingredients in Dr. Schulze s "original" Superfood are measured by volume, not by weight. This comes into play further along in the explanation. The original recipe (as it is written in the Save Your Life manual) is 50% nutritional (high in B vitamins & protein) along with equal parts Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa, Spinach Leaf, Beet Root, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel and Rose Hips.

The reason for what seems to be a huge amount of nutritional yeast (which does happen to be the cheapest well as the 'lightest') is that folks doing the IP Program and Schulzes healing protocols are required to have strict raw/vegan diets (which containlow levels of B vitamins, and virtually no B12)...and nutritional yeast is jam packed with B vitamins (including the all elusive B12), as well as containing other goodies, including lot of good, easily assimilated protein.

For neurological disorders, B vitams are ESSENTIAL (whether doing the IP or not), but for those of us that still consume meat, eggs, & dairy, the amount of nutritional yeast in Schulzes Original is likely 'overkill'. So, when I started buying the ingredients and mixing my own for OUR use, I decided to use less yeast - hence getting more of the other 'goodies' per 'tubs worth'. My 'special blend' is equal parts everything, but only two parts nutritional yeast (which our bodies like much better, and so did everyone that tried it that was using Schulzes original - as long as they were getting good B vitamins from other sources).

This "equal parts by volume and not by weight thing": Each ingredient in the Superfood 'weighs differently'. For example a cup of nutritional yeast weighs 70 grams; a cup of Spirulina weighs 137 grams (almost twice as much). So if you mix one cup of yeast with one cup of Spirulina, it's not actually 1/2 & 1/2. Therefore, when mixing Schulzes original recipe (even though it is half yeast by *volume*) the *weight* of the actual ingredients plays out differently than what we would naturally assume.

So, now, since this whole 'Superfood thing' has taken off (more like exploded!), I mix both 'recipes' and have them available to folks that want to save money (or don't care for Schulzes new "Plus" version).

There are several issues of concern with the 'new & improved' "Superfood Plus".
#1 He's NEVER disclosed the actual ingredient ratio or we don't know how much each ingredient he now uses. We do know the taste has changed dramatically.

#2 When he added the new ingredients (Palm Fruit, Acerola Cherry and particularly the *manioc root* for stabilizing the Vitamin C in the cherry), that obviously means there's less room in the tub for the original ingredients. Hence the question/concern...if this mix is still half nutritional yeast, and he's added Palm Fruit & Acerola cherry, that means there's less of the green ingredients - how much less? We don't know and he's not sharing that info. AND what is this "tapioca/manioc for stabilization thing"? and just exactly how MUCH does he add (at the expense of the other ingredients that contain fantastic levels of nutrition)? There's never been any need for him to 'stabilize' any of his other natural ingredients before...and since I use/buy Acerola cherry for myself (direct from Pacific Botanicals), I've never found any need, or heard of it needing to be "stabilized".

#3 Dr. Schulze taught us VERY thoroughly, to NEVER trust people/sellers or products that haven't stood the test of time, or at the very least been utilized by healers that found them to be effective...consistently. But he's not been "practicing healing" for decades - yet he's changed his recipe from one that has been 'time tested & proven to work' to something he's never utilized in clinical practice. For those whose life/health is in the balance, it's my opinion (which I learned directly from him) that those doing the IP Program should be using the products that WORKED CONSISTENTLY. Yet he doesn't even offer his original Superfood anymore, and there's a few other products that are needed for the IP that he doesn't make/offer, either (Lobelia tincture, Cold Sheet herbs, Cold Sheet tea, and many of the other necessary tinctures that he used to make for the various illnesses he cured).

By the way, all of these original formulas can still be obtained from Health Freedom Resources, and all of them can be obtained through Chris V. --user id: discoman-- at a substantial discount. The only other place they can be found (that I know of) is by making/mixing them yourself, or finding someone like me that does the same - I have the full line of the original Incurables Program herbal products here:

Dr Schulze still make his "Nerve" tincture (which used to be called 'Nerve Sedative', I believe) that's a blend of nine different herbs for calming/soothing. But the Nerve Regeneration formula is for stimulating the nerves (here:
) that he utilized for stimulating, rebuilding and healing blocked/damaged nerves).

Perhaps Mr. Schulze has become weary of the constant attacks by the Powers That Be. The Nerve Regeneration Formula (tincture & tea) contains the natural/organic herb known as Ephedra (and we all know how 'under attack' that one is/was). And most folks know how the FDA/authorities claim Lobelia to be dangerous or 'poisonous'.

And there you have it...ask a couple of simple questions, and get a "novel" for a response :)

Healthiest of blessings -


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