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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Answers...

This "chemical reaction" you refer to is fiction unless verifiable. We can't begin to verify your claims unless you start being specific. Vague phrases like "digestive enzymes" are meaningless. Which ones? What are their chemical names? What about people who have little to no digestive enzymes in their guts yet have successful LFs? Additionally, lemon juice (or any kind) is not required in a LF. Flushing gets the same results without so how can saponification occur in this case? That leaves just oil and bile. Sorry, these alone do not produce the stones seen.

--- This is not fiction its a fact. I have personally never collected my stones and had them analysed. I have passed stones in all shapes and sizes and was amazed. You are right that Lemon Juice is not a neccessity for flush. Lemon Juice is needed to aid our stomach to deal with all the huge quantity of oil which has been injested. The chances of us throwing up increases highly, if some acidic liquid ( like lemon/grapefruit juice) is not injested with the oil. 

 DEs are secreted by the digestive tract to aid in the digestion of food. There are different types of DEs. Considering the humongous amount of oil injested, I am sure "LIPASE" would definately be secreted by the pancreas, because it helps in breaking down the fats.

Any oil is definately required to see the flush effect. The oil combines with bile ( green coloured), once its able to get past the stomach, and there pancreas will secrete lots of LIPASE( to break down the fats). All this is happening overnight in out digestive tract, to poop stones in the morning....

Your theories are vague and based on flimsy assumptions you've heard parroted on other Internet forums. They are far from answers. I say people never get stones after a certain amount of LF because I've witnessed and spoke to them. However, everyone eventually gets more stones over time with continued improper diet and/or parasitic infection. Suggest you read "The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush" by Andreas Moritz to understand how they form.

How can anyone claim they are stone free. A LF is a procedure done every couple of weeks. Some ppl do not see stones for 2-3 flushes and then stones start coming out again. It all depends on when one decides to stop. If these ppl continue they will expel more stones. So no one ever becomes stone free.

Improper diet/ parasitic infection is often blamed for all the health problems. I personally know people with healthy, vegetarian diets and have cancer and all kinds of scary diseases. In this imperfect world nobody can have a perfect diet.

Please dont even mention that book by Andreas Moritz. I read it through and through several times, before even I attempted the first flush. This book has been written by a human just like you and me, who claims he went stone free in 12 or so flushes. I am highly skeptical.

You have "zero idea" about Lahey Clinic and current German medical practice yet you are an expert on LF? I suggest you start looking into them if you are committed to learning the truth and history of this therapy. You should also look into their methods with liquid lecithin for dissolving these stones both in the liver ducts and gallbladder.

haha, I dont even want to be called an expert of LFing. Experts are those who have done like 50+ flushes. Oh, BTW, I have done lecithin as well.

Nobody stated soap stones get into the gallbladder. Your contention is that LF produces soap stones in the intestines through some vague "chemical reaction" of LF ingredients. My contention is that the stones I've purged from my body are of a similar chemical makeup and appearance as those entities that are found in surgically removed gallbladders. So the question remains, if these stones can only form from saponification in the intestines why are they seen in gallbladders?

OKay, I think now I understood your question. So there are 2 types of stones. Genuine gallstones, as detected by Ultrasound and fake stones, which are being formed in the intestines overnight. These Fake stones, never enter the GB. But Genuine gallstones are created in the GB over a long perriod of time. What causes these genuine gallstones.? Our GB is a muscle, whose job is to store bile and then contract to release bile, when fat is injested. When the GB muscle becomes weak, it will not contract efficiently, leading to ganuine gallstones. Why do the GB muscles become weak.? Because nerves going to GB are pinched and the GB is malfunctioning.  Excersing and strengthening the muscles of GB is one very good approach to treat GB problems. But the longer this aspect is overlooked, the GB will continue to be LAZY, leading to more and more gallstones.


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