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Urea Therapy Cancer and Hiv!
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Published: 15 years ago
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Urea Therapy Cancer and Hiv!

Urea Therapy
Urea is a very inexpensive product, and can purchase it by the pound. Professor E.F. Demopoulas, an expert in using urea for cancers, studied it for decades.

It is based on the assumption that the cancer cells are surrounded by hydrophobic bonds which prevent the immune system white blood cells from recognizing them to attack and kill. He used urea to break the hydrophobic bonds of cancer cells, which protect them from the body's own immune system. Urea breaks up this watery structure around the cancer cell. All of a sudden the colony of cancer cells are suddenly unable to feed due to loss of watery hydrophobic bonds, and the cancer is unprotected from the body's immune system. They are exposed to the action of immune system. In hundreds of cases of skin, eyelid, and lip cancer.

Professor Demopoulas, through injecting a 20% urea solution around the tumors and by applying urea powder to ulcerated skin tumors was able to realize a 99% success rate.

Urea, as you might already know, comes from urine and is also synthesized easily. There are an estimated 1,200-1500 medicinal uses from urine we produce. Many hormones, heat shock proteins, cancer antigens, life saving enzymes etc. all come from urine.

There are a few books you can find about on urine therapy. Dr. Shantha is one of the first scientists to publish a book on scientific basis of urine therapy and its use in AIDS and HIV infection (AIDS-HIV: A PRESCRIPTION FOR SURVIVAL, published by international publishing house). According to the letters he has received from HIV positive patients, who follow his therapy state that, by using his method of urine therapy many of the HIV patients are free of AIDS.

They state that they lead a normal life without taking any expensive toxic anti viral drugs though they are still HIV positive. Their viral load in the blood also decreases and T4 cell count is very high.

Orally, urea is effective against liver, lung and heart cancers, because the urea absorbed in high concentration from the gastrointestinal track reaches the liver, lungs, and heart in high concentration gradient to be effective against cancers. A 50% solution injected into tumors shows immediate reduction of tumor size and mass. We have started injecting 20-50% urea to breast cancers, cervical cancers, accessible lymph nodes with cancers and other easily reachable cancer sites and lesions with good results.

For liver cancer, and lung cancers, urea can be used if Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) levels are kept at 35-40 mg %. A solution of 25 grams of creatin hydrate is mixed with 15 grams of urea (the mixture is called Carbatine—see "Drugs Known to Fight Cancer") in a quart of water, shake well and drink 15% or 1/7th of the mixture every 90 minutes.

Monitor blood BUN levels: if low, add 5 grams of urea; if high, subtract 5 grams. It is important to note that when urea is taken orally after bowel surgery, only 25% developed lung or liver metastases over the two years following surgery. [Clinical Oncology, 1977, 3]. An enema made up of 15%-40% urea and saline solution can also be used to clean the rectum and can also be used as liver and GI track detox therapy similar to coffee enemas. We routinely use rectal enema and l douche for colon-rectal, l and cervical cancers.

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