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Re: surgery and Ut
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: surgery and Ut

Well Peter, It sounds like you are doing a lot of good things with diet and cleansing.

I've found Liver Flushing to be really helpful, I should add. And one of the things I find really appealing about UT is that it seems to act as a personal physician in the best sense of that, in that the taste and quality of it, leads one to (want to, and be directed to) adjust the diet, such that the urine better reflects its inherent 'purity'. That's a pretty wonderful aspect, in my view. It's almost as though not only does the UT 'instruct' the body at all levels as to what's ocurring, and what needs attention, but it subtley nudges the senses toward desiring what is good for THIS specific person. Working on both the inner and outer planes, if you will.

I can understand you wanting, and as you say "needing" this to work. I would only add that I believe that you can dispense with any ideas others may have about a placebo
effect, etc. It occurrs to me, the more you recirculate your urine, the more you will come to trust what is actually real, vs. what detractors say.

About the three week dip you talked about. It's been my experience that three days, three weeks, three months can be quite difficult in any cleansing; there is something cyclic in that-- I think you are intuiting correctly. It seems that that's when one meets an inner resistance that can take the form of nagging voices, or any other difficulty -- inner or outer. other 'interesting and challenging times' can come in sevens. But the three week effect seems to be particulary strong -- (at least it has been for me, and others I know) and then things turn a corner.

After everything I've read in this last week (taking me from having a Yuck! reaction, to being very pro-UT )I haven't really come across much from the nay-sayers' quarter; at least, not anything that sticks

Nothing makes as much AFFIRMATIVE sense as:

the long list of what's actually IN Urine, from hormones to enzymes to things that haven't been named yet,

the list of components that are extracted from it, and/or synthesized
to 'create' medicines, balms, and lots of money...

the endless accounts of its use, dating back centuries,

stories from actual doctors (!!) who treat their 'patients'
with homeopathic forms of each one's urine, without telling them,
because they KNOW it works, and know the patients
would never willingly try it, and the doctors trust and KNOW
that they are staying true to the vow to

"first, do no harm"...

and the fact that there have been no accounts of anyone being *harmed by this practise,(and it's pretty certain mainstream medicine would try to amass them
if they could, as UT sort of spells the end of outside "neediness".)

*harm is *not* the cleansing response that can come up, as issues are dealt with and resolved, but this takes some faith and trust.

All that adds up to nothing but good, in my view.

I guess the most important considrations might be, if I were in your shoes,
strengthening the liver, cleansing the digestive system , getting alkaline,
having a superb diet, and forgiving self, and others, for whatever one hasn't
been able to stomach. (And thanking the body for doing the best it could do to keep the whole of you alive!) As Andreas Moritz has said, (as have others)
cancer is not a "disease", but rather an elegant way the body defends itself, sequestering what's 'wrong' in order to maintain the integrity of the whole body.
it (the body) really needs the to be seen for doing this good work, and helped in its
efforts to regain perfect integrity.

It sounds as though you are doing those things, (and the UT of course cleanses the kidneys also) so, I can't see anything but good in it.


(not 2tuff) :-)


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