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Re: Breatharian Question
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Breatharian Question

You make it very clear you can't read nor understand. You have never paid any attention to what has been said about Breathairians. Your spreading lies, but doing it so oviously that your post speaks or its self.

Plenty of Yoga types exis today that can hold their breath for over 1 hour under water. One of the greatest encased himself in cement for months in the center of town and hundreds of thousands came the day they chopped him out of the cement and he weighed the same, even though he ate nothing. Many have entered labs and been experiemnted upon in the past 100 years as well as current times. Medicval science has studied the breathairians, NASA HAS CURRENT interest in them with the desire to go to Mars, etc......several are in the public today, while the smart ones stay away because of people like you.

The USA/UN declared war on all people past age 150 by 1950 with India being the prime target of re-education and putting a bounty on the old people with the new religions believing demons allowed the people to live so long.

In the USA people are in the medical records of living pass 150 years of age in the 1800's and as current as BOOK I there was a settlement of people who never died of natural causes and chose to die approx. 250 years old.

This forum suggest anyone that believes what this person post, should ignore this forum for ever, because we don't need "false" info polluting the MINDS of innocent people filling them with the gloom of short lives based on allowing their eyes to fill their MINDS with falsehoods.

To ignore the FACTS is to believe the masses and anyone believing the masses as this post suggest, will certainly die along beside the masses like sheep falling off a cliff because the one in front walked blindly into the darkness.
Keeping in MIND that everything written by mankind is an OPINION and nothing factual and ALL subject to change and all that makes sense should be examined and self-experimented with.

Everyone that has done as BOOK I suggest knows with no doubts, that MAN IS NOT WHAT HE EATS, BUT WHAT HE DOES NOT EAT.

Every human on this planet can easily live on fruits and if they had supreme health, they would live well on sunshine and air.

"IF" not, then all humans could not fast and when they did fast, their health would deterorate and not improve, BUT those that fast do improve as they return to NATURE and allow their body to expell the trash they ate as foods.

Our only problem is we are at the end known as the times of Noah when evil accepts lies as truths and teaches trueths are lies. The Breathairans are as true as dinasurs, a time when life was GOOD ON EARTH FOR ALL.

Few exsist today and many today have to teach them selves and not born natural Breathairians becaus they have 7 generations of diseased relatives before them making their body deficient from conception.


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