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First Liver/gall bladder flush update
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Published: 19 years ago
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First Liver/gall bladder flush update

Hello All,

Well, hubby finally did his liver/gall bladder flush last night and today. It was successful to a point. He passed about 200 pea green stones about the size of a pea. Some chaffe and some little "white rice" pieces. Remember back when I posted that he had a golf ball size gall stone and he was afraid to do the flush for fear of it getting stuck? Well, that stone didn't show up on the outside!

He has done a two week Dr. Shultze intestinal cleanse. He took Coptis and Curcuma at night for a couple months. Took Chinese Bitters for about 3 weeks. Then he took Gold Coin Grass as long as it took to take TWO bottles. Then all last week he took Dr. Schultze's LB/Gall bladder parasite killing herbs. One day last week he took the 3,000 MG's of CoEnzyme Q10. He also zaped everyday for a week, plus he did the zapping for a couple months, several days a week. He was ready and willing to get rid of his pain.

He did Dr. Clark's cleanse and instead of using plain water, I juiced (we have a Champion juicer) organic apples and he drank the 4 doses of Epsom Salts with the apple juice. He took the Olive-Oil with freshly juiced ruby red grapefruit juice. In fact, after taking the 1/2 cup oil and 2/3 cup grapefruit juice, he asked for more. So, he took an extra 1/4 cup oil and 1/3 cup grapefruit juice. He was determined to oil that large stone out! The oil and grapefruit juice mixed really well together. He drank it straight down with a straw. Took him about 1 minute! He also took 8 ornithine capsules with the oil and juice. Laid down for the rest of the night without getting up. First on his back for 1 hour, then turning to his right side. He didn't sleep well at all, even with the 8 ornithine caps. But, he did rest and slept maybe only 4 hours in the early am. After the first am dose of Epson he started the "runs" to the bathroom. Wasn't feeling too good in his tummy for the fourth dose of Epson and wasn't sure he could get it down (even though it was with apple juice). But, he was determined and he did get it down although it was about 40 minutes past the time schedule. He was very weak after all this was over. Stayed in bed until 1:30 pm. Then got up and ate home made vegie soup I had fixed for him. He's feeling great now as far as the flush goes. But, he's got a very long way to go. He say he still feels pain, although it may be a slight bit better. He will wait the two weeks, and maybe stretch it out to 4 before he does another flush.

Either that large stone didn't decide to show itself this time, or the Gold Coin Grass dissolved it into small pieces. We're hoping it was the GCG, but don't know for sure.

Just wanted to give his experience to some of the newbies here. It is all new to us and I was so happy to read other people's testimonies that gave us inspiration.

God Bless you all and we do so much appreciate this forum.


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