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Re: Replying to Spirit's message.
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: Replying to Spirit's message.

"What does it mean when things get a lot worse? "

It means that there are many large stones inside bile ducts and/or inside gallbladder.

Chilesterol stones can be formed in relatively short time, few days, or during several months or years.

If the stones are growing slowly, your body (your intrahepatic bile ducts - liver, and/or your gallbladder) will slowly adjust for those stones, and you may have no symptoms for a long time.

This is what happens inside bile ducts:

- bile ducts will be slowly enlarging, at the places where stone is "sitting", and bile will still be flowing arond that stone, allowing stone to slowly grow bigger, depend on bile quality.
Good quality bile does not create stones.
Only poor quality bile create stones.

Gallstones are large crystals of cholesterol found in bile (Gr. chole, bile; stereos, solid) Bile is secreted by the liver and contains bile salts, which are needed for digestion of lipids, plus the phospholipid lecithin, a primary constituent of cell membranes. Gallbladder and bile ducts stores bile between meals, and Gallstones result when cholesterol precipitates from bile during this storage period.

Cholesterol is insoluble in water, and precipitation from bile into Cholesterol happens only when bile does not contains enough of bile salts and lecithin. Bile salts and lecithin are biological surfactants that self-assemble in bile and give rise to interesting microstructures that serve as cholesterol transport vehicles. Lecithin vesicles enhance the solubility of cholesterol in bile nearly one million fold. Kinetic factors, presumably proteins, influence the rate at which vesicles yield crystals.

If, during flush, some stones are moved from thir usual position (position where bile duct is large enough to hold stone without causing any pain or without causing significant bile flow obstruction), stone may stop at some place where bile duct is not large enough, and where it can cause significant bile flow obstruction, and increase of bile pressure.

That may cause pain. pain, that appears after the cleanse.

Experience have shown that the best remedy is to do another flush, or series of flushes, until pain is gone.
If you doubdt this, read archives of this forum. At least 12 stories are there, with "happy end".

You can do 3 flushes, day after day. if needed, and most people will do OK. Most doesn't mean all.
Every person is different, there are no strict rules.
You are the only person responbsible for your own health. If you can't take that responsibility, don't flush, don't live.

If you have weak kidneys, avoid "frequent" flushes.
If you have weak heart, avoid "frequent" flushes!
Flushing every 10 days is not considered "frequent", and even very sick people can do it, and have done it.

In most people, every problem "caused by" or "iniciated by" liver flush, can be solved by another flush.


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