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Things I have learned about pyroluria
jeaner123 Views: 29,950
Published: 13 years ago

Things I have learned about pyroluria

When I found out I was pyroluric the doctor I had was very interested in this problem. He had his own practice at the time but had worked at the Princeton bio-center before going into practice on his own and knew alot about pyroluria. You might say it was his thing. He told me it can lower Gaba in the brain which can cause seizers. It causes long eye brows. Have you seen people who have that, some of the eye brows are longer than others and they hang down.Red dots on your torso they look like little spots of blood. That's the neurotransmitter problem.Mortons toe,toe next to big toe is longer than big toe ,this means you can't convert pyrodoxine into pyrodoxine 5 phosphate. You would need p5p.Little bumps on the back of arms, this is a fatty acid deficency from the low b6. Cavities in teeth from to much acid in system from low b6.I found out from researching this that pyroluria is the reason for my panic attacks. They went away with the bcomplex. Low zinc can cause eating disorders.Pyroluria causes low zinc so you can't get rid of copper . High copper can effect your thyroid and has been mistaken for Graves disease.This can cause adrenal problems and adrenal problems can cause gloucoma my sister has it she also has scoliosis which is another problem pyroluria causes. My other sister has bad streth marks and the crowded teeth. All 4 of us kids had trouble with teeth from the high acid. My brother has bad Arthritis which they say can be from high acid. The cancer thing from high acid scares me.I have a first cousin who was born with the hearing problems it can cause.We have alot of Knee problems in the family.It causes a problem with the cartilage in knees. Mine used to go off track before treatment. I do every thing I can think of to be alkaline but it's not easy this is why I stay away from eating meat. I also need a lot of minerals. The body uses it to buffer the acid. I get very light headed in the sun and sometimes feel like I am going to pass out. I take liquid ionic mineralsand that really helps . I carry it with me always. Magnesium is very important for pyrolurics. You need alot and you also need extra because of the exta b6 you take they work together. I found though blood work that the whole food works better than the citrate for me.So many things to deal with ,with this. I'm doing so much better now with the b complex a.m and noon and zinc before bed. If you take it together it forms a compound and deletes each other .When I took them together I broke out in hives from the sun. I couldn't even drive my car without something covering my arm to protect it from the sun. The doctor got upset with me because I didn't listen when he said"bcomplex with breakfast and lunch zinc before bed".!!!"Well just thought I would share what I have learned.Please share with me, Thanks

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