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Hamo..Re: (EDIT)Hamo..Re: Does anyone exercise after the fast
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Published: 14 years ago
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Hamo..Re: (EDIT)Hamo..Re: Does anyone exercise after the fast

am I a doctor? no, but then I have no desire to be. I do however have 30 years worth of study within the field of Natural Hygiene, Nutrition, and Fasting in particular, which I would say is sufficient experience to make a well-informed decision on many health matters.

The reference you have provided is from a Natural Hygiene group of which there are a number, and they do not always agree with each other: hence the different groups.
The paragraph from R. G. Cridland, M.D. within the web page you refer to is not substantiated as (if you notice the bibliography very carefully at the bottom of the page) it is for the most part "science" from "mainstream medicine" of which I (and many others within Curezone & Natural Hygiene) have a great deal of mistrust for its inaccuracies and bias.

#1...I know that you are wrong on several points which make me doubt the rest of your post. For one, you said that exercise will build muscle mass which is not the same as protein. You are absolutely wrong on this point. It is a well known fact that body builders and atletes need more protein in their diet because the excercize

You have misunderstood my post Hamo...............
To be clear...Exercise WILL build muscle mass, that is why muscles grow larger with targeted exercises aimed at different muscle groups, but I did actually say that protein foods are needed to accomplish this, and which is the reason why Body-Builders take Protein-rich Nutritional Supplements, as well as more protein foods within their diet. With respect, you have only really confirmed what I have actually said.

These are the actual losses to the body in starvation (not fasting)...........
Fat 91% Spleen 63%
Muscle 30% Blood 17%
Liver 56% Nerves ???

Yeo's physiology gives the estimated losses that occur in death from starvation as:--

Fat 97% Spleen 63%
Muscle 30% Blood 17%
Liver 56% Nerve Centers 000

According to Chossat, the losses sustained by the various tissues in starvation are as follows:-

Fat 93% Nerves 2%
Muscles 43% Pancreas 64%
Liver 52% Spleen 70%
Blood 75%
"It will be observed that during the fast the tissues do not all waste at an equal rate; those that are not essential are utilized most rapidly, those least essential less rapidly and those most essential not at all at first and only slowly at the last. Nature always favors the most vital organs. The fat disappears first, and then the other tissues in the inverse order of their usefulness. The essential tissues obtain their nourishment from the less essential, by enzymic action, a process which has been termed autolysis...................

From these tables it will be seen that the brain and nervous system continue intact (retain their structural and functional integrity) until the last and retain the inherent power to maintain their nutrition unimpaired, although every other tissue has wasted beyond repair; and that the blood even in the most extreme cases, does not show extraordinary depletion...................

Such physiological facts would seem to argue that nerve and blood supply throughout the body are virtually normal during a fast; and that the human body is, in reality, a veritable organization of assimilable food elements dominated by a self-maintaining intelligence which is capable of preserving relative structural integrity and physiologic functional balance even when all food is withheld for considerable intervals........................

Only in a very special sense does the body "start eating itself" when one begins to fast. It never consumes its tissues indiscriminately, but, true to its rule of always favoring its most vital organs, it uses up the least useful tissues first. Selective action is exercised from the beginning and the most rigid economy is exercised in appropriating its food reserves in sustaining the heart, lungs, brain, nerves and other vital organs. Even the respiratory muscles are more carefully guarded than the other muscles of the skeleton."

I suggest that you read the scientific basis for the health benefits of fasting from this online book, from the most experienced and qualified fasting supervisor in the history of fasting and Natural Hygiene........

#2. I am not sure what kind of research you have access to. I don't see what kind of research would allow you to see that the body is consuming bacteria and viruses. From what I have been able to gather, there is realy a paucity of research out there when it comes to fasting, and Science cannot agree weather you really detox when fasting or not.

WebMD is Mainstream, and represents Allopathic opinion, which as a health-advice website is misleading and totally ignorant about the Science & Fine Art of Fasting; as a profession they even refer to starvation and fasting as being synonymous, when in fact they are Worlds apart as biological processes. Ask any Medical Doctor of their opinion of fasting, and just observe their reaction!!
When you say " there is really a paucity of research out there when it comes to fasting, and Science cannot agree weather you really detox when fasting or not."....

The research we have is handed down from the mid 1800's in the United States of America from the beginnings of Natural Hygiene to the present day, and where Dr H M Shelton in particular had his own laboratory to study the fasting process with blood analyses and other tests to determine its benefits or otherwise. I am a living testimony to its efficacy in the treatment and cure of disease, as are thousands upon thousands of others.

#3. From my personal experience, I am on a tenth day of a Water Fast and my muscles are undeniably smaller. I have flexed them and measured them, and there is no question that I have lost muscle mass. I do however have moles, skin tacks and other non-essential sources of protein on my body that have not been utilized yet.

Well of course your muscles are undeniably smaller, that is logical, and you WILL lose muscle mass, but you are only on day 10; would you really expect this length of time to undo what you have built over your lifetime?

#4. I have also read from many other sources of information that you lose muscle mass when fasting and dieting. This makes sense! Just like when there is a fuel shortage people buy smaller cars. In the same way the body downsizes it's calorie consuming engine when there is a calorie restriction.

Again YES, you will lose muscle mass while fasting or even dieting: is that a surprise? Of course it makes sense, and where calorie restriction will have the same effect over time.

#5. Finally, what you are saying is too good to be true. According to you, fasting is a panacea and there is absolutely no downside to fasting. This does not jive with the common sense. Everything has a downside, including fasting.

No. Not true.
Fasting is NOT a Panacea, but is the closest thing to it; it is a measure employed by Nature as a FIRST CHOICE option in healing sick and injured animals in the Wild: even Humans! Natures own remedy for what ails you.
The next time you are ill or sick, notice the response of your body to the demand for food: it may surprise you.

"WANT OF APPETITE is not always a morbid symptom, nor even a sign of imperfect digestion. Nature may have found it necessary to muster all the energies of our system for some special purpose, momentarily of paramount importance. Organic changes and repairs, teething, pleuritic eruptions, and the external elimination of bad humors (boils, etc.), are often attended with a temporary suspension of the alimentary process. As a rule, it is always the safest plan to give Nature her own way.
--FELIX L. OSWALD MD. (A Medical Doctor converted to Natural Hygiene)

"The illness that cannot be cured by fasting, cannot be cured by anything else". old German proverb.




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