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Annoying Newbie Warning: life story - any suggestions?
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Published: 14 years ago

Annoying Newbie Warning: life story - any suggestions?

i used to come on curezone a lot when doing the Master clease. I would do The Master Cleanse feel better for a while and then quite quickly degrade back into cravings and feeling gross.

I've gained probably about 40 pounds (lost 20 again through dieting) since starting using The Master Cleanse two times a year.

I've battled Depression like never before since starting using the master cleanse.

my cravings for mainly bread and beer have skyrocketed.

We do live a very simple life. I make pretty much everything from scratch, can my own foods, garden or buy local organic foods when we can find it. Of course there's always a few exceptions. We began raising our own chickens for clean eggs and meat.

We use very few chemicals in our house. I mostly use baking soda and vinegar for cleaning.

when I answered the questionairres on-line to do with candida I answered yes to most of the medical history questions and yes to most of the symptom questions, in varying degrees.

so I went off sugar, honey, maple syrup, molasses etc. and yeast. Been reading labels like mad! And went on CLO, vit C, E, Bs and Minerals, Garlic and Probiotics (not at the same time but separated by two hours).

I've replaced the sugar/sweetener in my morning coffee with xylitol, which I read was good for killing candida and started using raw apple cider vinegar to replace all the other vinegars in my life, which I also read was good for killing candida.

I'm getting mixed feedback as to cayenne. Some places it says that spices like cayenne, black pepper and cumin are detrimental to candida treatment but some places it says cayenne is good for killing candida.

I felt better yesterday (day 5 of the above protocol) then I have in a long time. but today I woke up with tight skin on my face and the old hang-over feeling. I'm wondering if this is die off or if I ate something wrong.

We had organic cornchips with nothing bad in the ingredients. Coffee with organic cream and xylitol (which I've been having everyday on the diet), Sushi that I made my self with canned tuna, cayenne, yogurt, veggies, cooked shrimp, and I made my own sushi seasoning with ACV and xylitol and Sea Salt . and then later we had popcorn with butter and salt and cayenne. this is the first day on the diet I've had cayenne.

I know I'm supposed to go off dairy, wheat and all that but I didn't want to overwhelm myself with too many changes, the Sugar and yeast exclusion is already difficult, and with homeschooling, gardening, chickens and cooking most everything from scratch I am already at my limit. Also two of my friends are leaning very strongly on me ... one through a violent separation/get back together/divorce/getback together and one had surgery yesterday for perforated inner lining of her intestine, so you can imagine all the appts I had to drive her too and all the support she needed while feeling so sick and in so much pain for months leading up to this surgery. She also had 2 surgeries earlier for her cochlear implant which was so painful and scary hoping the cochlear would work, learning sign language so I could communicate with her between implants.

When I write this all out I see that my life is very full of drama. I am not a drama queen. I tend to downplay my own problems and i think that's partly why i'm in this boat today.

I'm looking forward to the support I can give here and also the support I will recieve from those here who've done the whole candida thing. My family is incredibly supportive... My 6yo crosses off the days on the clander for me of how long I've been on the diet and my hubby keeps an eye on ingredients for me and my 11yo is generably knowledgable in what I should and shouldn't eat.... so... anyway.

thanks in advance.

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