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The Cleansing Protocol CZ Recommends Works for Everyone
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Published: 13 years ago
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The Cleansing Protocol CZ Recommends Works for Everyone

If I may borrow a line from twelve step programs- the cleansing protocol that Cure Zone recommends will work if you work it!!!! If you haven't been working it, what are you doing here, and why are you using these forums to promote a different agenda?

Have you done a liver flush? Kidney cleanse? Do you have any Mercury fillings? Are you taking Iodine? Have you tried Bloodroot? I have asked you these questions many times and I don't remember your answer. Also, have you been to this page-


This page is the foundation and basis of this website. This website was established for the purpose of disseminating this information, not to push pharmaceutical drugs and help people find ways to get them without a prescriiption. The recommended CZ cleansing protocol is what saved the life of our esteemed webmaster. If you are trying and figure some other way, I don't think you are going to find it. People come here because they've tried drugs, over and over, and realized it's a dead end. I am uncomfortable with people using the parasite forum to obtain drugs without a prescriiption.

People who are tyring to convince themselves and others that pharmaceutical drugs are the answer, are like athiests who keep going to a church, walking down the isle, and trying to convince everyone there isn't a God. What is the point? I wish you and DS and everybody who wants to keep dilly dallying around with pharmaceuticals would go start a forum of your own for people who are taking drugs without a prescriiption, and looking for a silver bullet, and hoping to find an easier way to get well that doesn't involve the recommended cleansing protocol, removing toxins from the body and getting the proper nutrition. Hint hint again: IODINE.

I have said this repeatedly and I say it again. There is no way an egg head in a lab coat can come up with medicine in a matter of a few years that could possibly be as effective as the medicine that nature created via ten million years of natural selection. There is also no way that an egghead in a lab could concoct a bug that can destroy what nature created via billions of years design experimentation. Sure there are people who are dying from Morgellans. But it's due to their own limited beliefs and ignorance. It is not necessary. Synthetic drugs and bugs are powerless in comparison to nature's medicine when understood and used adequately for your particular needs.

Pharmaceutical drugs are extremely hard on the body, especially the liver, and eventually you will not be able to tolerate them any more. I hope you don't throw up a white flag of surrender and admit defeat at that point.

I rotated between round after round of flagyl, metranidazole and diflucan for years, until my liver nearly gave out. My skin turned yellow, my face broke out with horrible itching pimples, my stomach swelled up with ascites so bad I couldn't even wear a pair of pants. Every wart and mole on my body was itching like crazy and the critters in my lungs were stinging me over and over at night, preventing me from going to sleep. That is when I finally got serious about liver cleansing. I now feel better than I felt in high school, and I am 53.

Yes, they still tickle my hiney and head a little bit before full moons and I can still see a few floaters, but not nearly as many as I used to. Six years ago there was a big one blocking my vision and I was afraid I was going to lose the sight in my left eye. It is gone.

It's easy to confuse herxing with a parasite attack. When I bump up to 120 drops of Iodine per day I get itchy bumnps around my eyes and mouth, I can feel them start crawling under my skin, trying to get away from it. When I slack off, the itching and crawling subsides.

Each time I pulse upwards, the colony gets smaller. I used to feel a large itching crawly patch. Now it is much smaller. When I combine the Iodine with Bloodroot (not for sissies) and garlic, they really start squirming and stinging. But they don't bite me nearly as hard as they used to. My whole leg use to jump. Now it's a mere twitch. How is your health now, in comparison to when you started several years ago?

How many times have you flushed your liver? How many times have you cleansed your kidneys? Do you have any mercury fillings?

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