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NO!!!! Absolutely NOT!
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Published: 13 years ago
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NO!!!! Absolutely NOT!

I am shocked and appalled that you don't even know how this website began, or who started it and why. Remaining ignorant in this regard will be considered a rude breech of appropriate ettiquette. In my opinion, it is time for you and Shroom to educated yourselves on the Cure Zone Protocol that healed our webmaster, and get with the program or scram. Go start your own forum somewhere.

This website was established to help people get well via natural means, by someone who did so himself. It was not established for people who want to use it as a venue to encourage human beings to take drugs that were designed for animals because they can't get any from doctors. There is a reason why doctors won't give people round after round of pharmaceutical drugs. It destroys the liver and kills people. What you are doing is dangerous and you need to stop telling others to do it.

Herbs are not toxic, people are. The way you get rid of parasites is to slowly increase the dose of anti-parasitcal herbs and Iodine until all your symptoms subside and then stay at that dose for another thirty days. The human race is so heavily infested that if you try to kill them all off at once with a silver bullet approach, it will destroy the human body. You have to take them off layer by layer, the same way they colonized your system.

The "dosage" required to eliminate parasites in the deepest layers of human tissue is much, much higher than most people realize. And if you don't get the ones that reside in the deepest tissues of your body, they will simply recolonize. It is necessary to incorporate anti-parastical into your diet and consume them in the same manner and amounts as you do food. Peppers burn the mouth of people with a high parasite load more intensely. This is because parasites don't like for you to eat peppers and parasites control the host.

I know this because I occassoinally have lunch at a Hindu Temple that serves a spicy pepper condiment that has a mean reputation for getting rid of parasites. Most people say "No Thank You!" They only give you half a teaspoon of it if you accept. The first time I tried some, my face turned red and I started coughing. I was miserable for thirty minutes. The next time, I barely touched a tiny bit of the juice to my tongue and experienced excruciating pain for several minutes. After parasite cleansing for a couple of years, I tried the dish again. It still burned me, but it wasn't as hot. Yesterday I ask for two spoons of it and ate it all. It barely burned at all. The people who turn the stuff down seem quite surprised at how much I consume.

The moral of the story is that when your parasite load gets low, peppers won't burn you as bad. Once you've gotten rid of them, it is important make anti-parasitical herbs a regular part of your diet in order to remain free because they are ubiquitous. You cannot live life without being exposed to them.

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