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pharma/herbs response
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Published: 13 years ago

pharma/herbs response

Hi both of you,

With a lot of respect to you both, I disagree. I've been at the cleansing a while now, and I don't think that the drug therapies belong on the parasite support forum. I also like shroom, I also have enjoyed his posts, it's not in any way a personal issue. I was worried sick about darisuhsweeden, I'm married to a sweede, they are tough critters, when he was stacking his meds, and then posting occaisionally, I kept wondering if his next post would be his last. Six months ago, Smuse, I agreed with you, but now I no longer agree.

parasites are very tough nasty critters to deal with. It is very hard to physically tolerate the stress of using anything strong enough to kill them. In a very real sense they inhabit the same nitch in the ecology that we do, whatever kills them is also likely to kill us. Besides, when they do die off, they don't go without a fight, and not without your own body reacting really badly, if you don't get pretty sick killing off parasites, you probably don't have them.

I've seen way too many people in the last six months react to the herbal cleanse, look for an easier way out, grab the meds, and then disappear. Dariush has had the honestly and intregity to come back and post that he's still got critters, dispite all the meds he's taken, he gets kudos from me for that. I wonder how many others took the meds, got a bad result of one sort or another, and then just never posted.

I also worry that the forum is giving people information on how to get medicine that is normally prescribed by a doctor, and that often has really dangerous side effects, without the doctor visit. Albendazole is supposed to be used under the supervision of a physician, because it's designed to kill off tape worm cysts. With pork tape worm, the cysts get all over the body, including in people brains. It's supposed to be prescribed with cortical steroids, because if you have a cyst in your brain, and the albendazole kills the cyst, it decays, swells, and often causes the person to have seizures or possibly a stroke, possibly fatal. Steroids reduce the swelling enough to give the person a chance to survive, or to get surgury. I don't like big pharma, I don't likd MD's, but I also don't want to be part of anything that gives people information on how to do something really dumb that might just kill them that they DON'T understand.

I had a serious tape worm infection, and it took a while for me to identify the species, and I got way too familiar with what happens to people with pork tape worm. Thank heavens I didn't have one.

Even if this were not the case, and the medicine was all over the counter, and fda approved, and completely safe, I still fundamentally think it does more harm than good. It's been three years since I started serious cleansing, and the more I understand the immune system, the more I am convinced that the drugs might kill off a few critters, but they harm the person in the process, and leave a mess that has to be cleaned up later. I'm starting to chelate heavy metals, if you have too much toxic stuff in your body that gets accumultated by eating foods grown with pesticides, drinking water with flouride, eating food with all those sneaky additives, its much easier for the parsites to get a foothold, and down you go. The better care I take of my self, the more I improve what goes into my body, the better my immune response, and the less work it is to get rid of the critters. Our environment has just gotten too toxic to add to the load.

Wow, I've been sitting on a lot, I don't want to come off as personally attacking anyone, I think Support Forums should be for the purpose of support. I do think there should be either two forums, or that meds should not be discussed on the parasite forum. If they benefit you, great, pm somebody, or start a protozoa forum, or start a meds forum, and put together a faq sheet so that newbies have at least a chance of understanding the risks and benefits of what they are doing. It's pretty hard to kill yourself overdosing on herbs, they ususally aren't strong enough to kill you, but with the meds, there are ways of screwing up that can be pretty darn dangerous. Including, and my favorite, the warning on the one med I did take, pyrantel pomeate, which is an otc anti round worm med, which says if you don't take enough, you MAY have a problem with round worms dissemenating outside of the intestinal track. Which is exactly what they did, and I'm still tracking them down with the zapper. YUCK!!!!!!!!!

I am very glad that my health is really begining to improve. Smuse, I'm glad you are getting better as well. I also though my parasite problem was going to kill me, and now I also have a future. I'd like to be able to pass on the information I've gotten to others on how to get to where I am now, as it is, it's so darn upsetting for me to see what is going on at the parasite forum, I just don't read it much, and I've backed off considerably.

Thanks for listening to this, & I do wish I could agreee.



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