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This is not the right forum either
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Published: 15 years ago

This is not the right forum either

Okay people, as you know I am a nobody, but I am alive to testify.

The title " parasite support" should be ours.

The dictators forum title, should be "herbal remedies for parasites"

I am amazed at what a closed mind she has! And how does she expect sick people to dissifer automatically that the parasite forum is only about herbal cures....does she not understand clear english?

People are being eaten alive, and we are supposed to come here and read protocals and histories and even know how to find things on that parasite forum sight?

We were never debating parasites......

We were debating.....treatments...

We were learning how to live....all together as a team

I was saved because of it....only bloodroot and Iodine would have killed me, or rather, allowed the bugs and die off from them, to kill me.

I think she should denounce her title and start "Herbal Remedies For Parasites"

And let our team alone and quit dictating, controling, and monitering our freedom of speech and the sharing of knowledge and experiance...

Which is what, will always....come to rear its head, under a title of "parasite Support"

Were sick, were tired, and we have lost faith by the time we seek internet therapies, of coarse people are going to be angry, flying off the handle, and not understanding things very well.

This is what is to be addressed maturely, and with an attentive heart. This how a true healer works.

We have now learned, that charley as well as glaxony are all about "their way or the highway"....

Or for us who are dieing and know it, or know we are in danger of dieing....

They have delagated...."their herbs" or you deserve death. There are no other options.

And they are no better than the gv, when they decide to tell someone, here is the cure....but if you cant get a doctor to prescribe it for we all know, too well, is almost impossible...then you eat herbs...and if they dont work...too die now...put your head down and be quiet...or go away.

This is evil to me.

I prefer things to be natural, organic and herbal and such, no doubt.

I am organic, but not vegan.

And when I am dieing, do i keep eating the same plants that I have already been eating all these years and tried over and over, or will I choose life, however it has to come?

Should I be worried about my liver in ten years from now, when I only have days or even hours to live? We can chelate out toxic chemicals, and our bodies are able to do this for us too, in some instances.

Anyway, we all have each other, and we will continue to seek until we are fully cured, we will have to live with the damages these parasites have caused, but we will be better for knowing all that we have learned....not just what bloodroot can do.

So feel free to write me, or we will just see where else we can go to learn about "all" parasite support.......we do have each other!

Ask microb detectives is a pretty keen site, open minded and very knowledgable in a lot of realms.


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