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Re: This is not the right forum either
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: This is not the right forum either

"My question is that if these pharmaceuticals work so well, why did people have to come to these forums in the first place?"

Let me try to answer that one, based on my own experience:

First of all, many people came to parasite forum before trying anything. Most of them have never even been to a doctor or been diagnosed with parasites. You are wrong to assume that most come after having tried pharmaceuticals.

Secondly, just because there are pharma drugs out there that some of us know can help, doctors don't necessarily know all about them. Most doctors are just as ignorant as your type.

Thirdly, even when doctors know about which drug is given for which parasite, they tend to get the dosage and many other very important things wrong.

Now my question to people like you, and others who are vehemently opposing the possibility that pharmaceutical drugs have a place in our search for cure against parasites, is this: How would you treat a case of amoebic liver abscess due to Entamoeba histolytica with herbs? Have you even ever helped anyone with extra luminal E. histolytica infection? Ever heard of hepatic coma due to E. histolytica? Or how about disseminated E. histolytica which has spread to joints or brain? How would you ensure sufficient tissue penetration of any herb you are using? E. histolytica is the second most common parasite found in the world, and the second most common cause of death from parasites, so I am not asking about some exotic parasite. If you cannot treat the second most common parasite (the first one being parasite that causes malaria), then what can you treat using herbs or "natural/alternative/non-pharma" methods only?

When you or glaxony or anyone else shows me a proof that there is a herb that cured anyone on this planet from disseminated E. histolytica infection, I'd be more then happy to provide you with more similar questions (anecdotal evidence about people using papaya or chaparo negro doesn't apply as it has never cured anyone, it is only used as a prevention, or for very mild cases which are infections limited to bowel lumen). We could just go down the list of most commonly found parasites to the next one, like Schistosoma mansoni which I believe is the third most common parasite in the world. Any herbal ways to get rid of that one before it causes bladder cancer?

And then I'd like to hear how the owner of this site, glaxony, and all the others got rid of G. lamblia, B. hominis, and microsporidia (I only know of about 15 types of microsporidia of which less then half can be treated successfully with Albendazole) using only herbs. You could make tons of money if you found a cure (herbal or not!) for other types of microsporidia for which there is no known cure right now.

Before I even read the reply to that question, I will venture a guess that everyone I called here has barely any knowledge of those parasites and certainly has never ever seen anyone succesfully treated with herbs from those said parasites. Do you even know how microsporidia multiply? They have a harpoon type filament which they shoot at your cell, and then inject their DNA into the host cell. Later a new microsporidia eats up the host cell from inside, and then emerges and the cycle continues. Sort of like "Alien" from that movie. Want to try to get at them while they are comfortably developing inside your own cells where nothing can get to them???

And while we are on the subject, aren't those who are narrow mindedly sticking to herbs only, still sick? Glaxony and others - any proof that you actually cured yourself using herbs only? Are you even aware that you have fallen in the exact same trap that pharmaceutical companies have fallen into? The trap is called: I have a bigger ego then yours and need to impose my will at all cost, even at cost of human (and my own) life? There is another name for that: cognitive dissonance. It is the state of mind of those who stick to certain claims stubbornly, while very obvious proofs exist which prove them wrong. Then they just stick to their guns and force the issue, like banning users from forums and deleting helpful messages.

"God, don't be angry at them, they know not what they are doing"

ps. Did you know that pharmaceutical drugs are based on same toxins which you use in your herbs, which is how pharma companies get their ideas in the first place? Here is just one example: onions, one of the foods which can be considered a cure for many things, have salicylic acid, which is what aspirin is. (no it's not identical, but nothing that is made in a factory is going to be identical). Here is a link:

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