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Re: This is not the right forum either
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: This is not the right forum either

>- You are wrong to assume that most come after having tried pharmaceuticals.

I assume no such thing. My point is that I was given several pharmaceuticals which had some temporary success. As I said "temporary".

>- Most doctors are just as ignorant as your type.

Actually, they would have to be much more ignorant. I know about both aspects and understand both the advantages and disadvantages of either.

>- even when doctors know about which drug is given for which parasite, they tend to get the dosage and many other very important things wrong.

Yes, I agree with this, however this is why the pharmacist prints out the information sheet. I even read them most of the time even if I am familiar.

>- How would you treat a case of amoebic liver abscess due to Entamoeba histolytica with herbs?

If the problem were my own, I would first take action to restore good immune function because most of those who suffer from this are immune impaired. This would certainly include oral Iodine supplimentation alternating with collodial silver. Second, I would pull out my ParaZapper MX and use it extensively along with proper pro-biotics and Epsom Salts flushes. Third, if and only if progress were not sufficient (unlikely), Iodoquinol, and Flagyl would be considered but only in desparation. I would also locate the source of the microbe and clean it up bcause most E. histolytica infections occur in immune impaired persons who come into contact with contaminated water or certain un-natural acts.

Any other person who sought my advice on treating this illness would be told as to how I would treat myself as I, not being a doctor, am not allowed to treat anyone other than myself.

>- others got rid of G. lamblia,

I personally know a M.D. that took 3 courses of Flagyl to get rid of G. lamblia and failed. That one M.D. is now a fervent user of a ParaZapper CCa.

>- E. histolytica

I probably have some here in my lab along with lots of other organisms. Sorry, I do not have any Schistosoma mansoni cultures however. There are probably herbs out there that would handle these parasites but I do not know of them due to a lack of need on my part. Yes, I do have a reasonable lab for my studies and even a recently purchased SEM.

>- then inject their DNA into the host cell.

Yes, much like a virus. Not like Plasmodium which invades cells as an entity and the reproduces until the cell explodes.

>- aren't those who are narrow mindedly sticking to herbs only, still sick?

Yes some are, because herbs are not known to be particularily fast because the are not generally directively effective against specific microbes, they improve general health issues that allow the body and its immune system to eliminate problems that it would not be able to otherwise. This is why drugs fail, they only address the symptoms. A parasite infection is a symptom of a greater problem.

I took drugs which appeared to work. The symptoms returned again. The symptoms have not returned since cleansing and zapping.

>- Did you know that pharmaceutical drugs are based on same toxins which you use in your herbs, which is how pharma companies get their ideas in the first place?

Yes, some of them. What the pharmaceutical producers fail to recognize is that herbs are synergistic. Purifying or synthesizing one ingredient does not produce the total effect of the herbs.

>- salicylic acid, which is what aspirin is.

Yes, I know what acetyl salicylic acid is. I had to synthesize it and take my own product in organic chemistry class many years ago.

Anyhow, from what I see, it is you and your group that is trying to impose its ideology and will onto others in what was originally a forum opened directly to provide support for alternative therapies for eliminating parasites. So in closing, you now have a forum to go and blow your smoke into without having it imposed on others.

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