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Re: This is not the right forum either
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: This is not the right forum either

Your response is more of the same and lacking one essential ingredient: a proof or example of persons actually successfully treated from disseminated E. histolytica infection. Why bother typing general assumptions based on loads of misinformation and illusions? I mean, if you actually really had something to say, it would've been based on reality,right?

Show me an example of someone who was successfully treated with your methods.

In continuation I will point to weaknesses of your arguments (I will use italics to quote you):

>- You are wrong to assume that most come after having tried pharmaceuticals.

I assume no such thing. My point is that I was given several pharmaceuticals which had some temporary success. As I said "temporary".

You did, here is what you said:
if these pharmaceuticals work so well, why did people have to come to these forums in the first place?

>- even when doctors know about which drug is given for which parasite, they tend to get the dosage and many other very important things wrong.

Yes, I agree with this, however this is why the pharmacist prints out the information sheet. I even read them most of the time even if I am familiar.

Knowledge needed  for that goes way beyond  an information sheet.  It would take a book to describe what I have in mind here, but I did go in length on Parasite forum describing exactly that.

>- How would you treat a case of amoebic liver abscess due to Entamoeba histolytica with herbs?

If the problem were my own, I would first take action to restore good immune function because most of those who suffer from this are immune impaired.

Ignorance is bliss... Did you know that progress of E. histolytica is for the most part uneffected by our immune system? Aids or not, people still have the same type of progression of this disease (I mention Aids only as an extreme example). Read up a bit on it's ability to hide itself from our own immune cells... and how it does it, and what are all the things it has at it's disposal (like an ability to change it's protein structure a couple of hundred times until it gets to the "right" combination... and that's just one mechanism it uses)

This would certainly include oral Iodine supplimentation alternating with collodial silver.

Exactly the stuff I tried at first. Iodine is great, and I always recommend it, but it cannot cure  the disease. Silver is even less likely to  cure, although I think it's worth investigating, if one has the time as E. histolytica in it's disseminated stage doesn't give one much time. Once it reaches the brain, we are talking mere days before death comes knocking at the door.

Second, I would pull out my ParaZapper MX and use it extensively along with proper pro-biotics and Epsom Salts flushes.

Ignorance again. E. histolytica feeds on probiotics, and it would be the worst thing you could do for yourself. Epsom salt flushes can be more deadly then any amebicide as it ruins the balance of electrolytes. Do a search on the net for something along the lines of "death due to Epsom salt". Even though I recommend epsom salt baths, those are less dangerous as magnesium is not absorbed in great amounts through skin (and I only recommend it once every 10-15 days)

 Third, if and only if progress were not sufficient (unlikely), Iodoquinol, and Flagyl would be considered but only in desparation.

So you would  consider pharma drugs after all? Notice that you are mentioning Iodoquinol, a luminal amebicide which is incredibly toxic and which I always advised against on these pages. Paromomycin is much more effective and less toxic (and diloxanite Furoate may be even better). Is there a better proof that discussing pharma drugs is  necessary, rather then something that should be banned? Or would you rather stick to forum rules and go blind from iodoquinol (why am I getting this strange feeling you'd rather go blind then admit to your mistake... cognitive dissonance...)? And how would you know about dosage of Flagyl that works? And  what would you do if there was a need for a second round of medication? Use Flagyl again and develop a super-bug? These are questions that merely scratch the surface of this problem,  as it goes way beyond what I have time for.

 I would also locate the source of the microbe and clean it up bcause most E. histolytica infections occur in immune impaired persons who come into contact with contaminated water or certain un-natural acts.

This is irelevant. Once infected, E. histolytica is highly unlikely to  dissappear on it's own. My source of infection was the fact that my parents lived in an endemic area before I was born. My symptoms only started being really bad after I moved out of their home, and while I was living alone, hence there was no source.  And , no, I didn't participate in any unnatural acts. (those are much more likely to result in microsporidia infection for some reason...)

I personally know a M.D. that took 3 courses of Flagyl to get rid of G. lamblia and failed.

Because Flagyl is a systemic amebicide. Treating any ameobic infection with systenic amebicide is a futlle attempt. It is not possible to kill cysts in bowel lumen as any systemic amebicide will be absorbed before it reaches the lumen, it is quickyl absorbed higher up in the digestive tract. This is why those treatments "fail" - they were badly thought out to start with and were therefore doomed to failure. Your example says nothing about Flagyl (except that on it's own it is not effective in treating amebiasis), but speaks volumes about how little even MDs know about proper treatments.

>- aren't those who are narrow mindedly sticking to herbs only, still sick?

Yes some are,

"some"? Lets be straight here. Show me those who are not. (especially those who suffer from amoebas because in comparison, helminths are a child's play)

because herbs are not known to be particularily fast because the are not generally directively effective against specific microbes, they improve general health issues that allow the body and its immune system to eliminate problems that it would not be able to otherwise.

Again you obviously don't understand that amoebas as well as microsporidia are perfectly capable of working around our immune system regardless of it's strength. Immune system, even if it was uber-human, can not on it's own fight off amebiasis, it never has in the whole history of mankind. As for herbs being "slow", that is a big issue as with E. histolytica and even S. mansoni, timing is critical.

This is why drugs fail, they only address the symptoms.

No they don't. Those drugs I was discussing fail when applied in a wrong manner and they are certainly not directed at symptoms. Do you even know what are symptoms of cerebral amebiasis? Here are some, although they usually don't appear in everyone: possible loss of sense of smell, or feeling a "burning rubber" smell (similar to any other type of brain damage), headaches, neuropathy, maybe convulsions and barely anything else except sudden death in the end.

 A parasite infection is a symptom of a greater problem.

Not necessarily (except for a problem being lack of proper hygiene in restaurants for instance). Perfectly healthy individuals exposed to cysts will get them. Theoretically, even only one cyst is enough to cause an infection. Once infected, and especially if the disease has advanced, it is too late to turn back the clock and think about not eating at that restaurant again.

I took drugs which appeared to work. The symptoms returned again. The symptoms have not returned since cleansing and zapping.

I took drugs too. Then took them again. Then symptoms persisted and just when I thought that nothing could help, symptoms started withdrawing "on their own". If I was zapping at that time, I would've thought that it was due to a zapper, but since I didn't use the zapper then, I know it was just taking a while before my body could got rid of dead parasites and their toxins. It takes a long time... (a few months, judging from my own experience and that of others)

>- Did you know that pharmaceutical drugs are based on same toxins which you use in your herbs, which is how pharma companies get their ideas in the first place?

Yes, some of them. What the pharmaceutical producers fail to recognize is that herbs are synergistic. Purifying or synthesizing one ingredient does not produce the total effect of the herbs.

That's what tests and scientific papers are for. If you read and study them carefully (by which I mean  - making sure you are not mislead by pharmaceutical interests in the process), you can see that some drugs work quite well and that generalizations cannot be applied to all of them

>- salicylic acid, which is what aspirin is.

Yes, I know what acetyl salicylic acid is. I had to synthesize it and take my own product in organic chemistry class many years ago.

Great, so why promote an idea that pharma drugs must inherently be "evil" when there is a good chance they may be based on something "natural" just like herbs?

Anyhow, from what I see, it is you and your group that is trying to impose its ideology

You are projecting yourself here. I have no power to impose anything on this forum. Glaxony and her friends like yourself - do. Noticed how Glaxony writes something up and then hurries to award her/himself RRR rating? That's called "imposing". What I am doing is called - searching for cure wherever it may be.

 and will onto others in what was originally a forum opened directly to provide support for alternative therapies for eliminating parasites. So in closing, you now have a forum to go and blow your smoke into without having it imposed on others.

Again wrong vocabulary. I cannot "impose", I have no such power here. Dushan, Glaxony and other moderators and their friends do and they flex their muscle (their right, and it's really only between them and God upstairs).

If you have any humbleness left, you'll notice from my responses to you how badly mistaken you are in most respects and learn in the process. Don't assume anything based on how long someone has been here, or what they use to treat themselves. Most people who actually can help us are those we reject due to our own aberrations.

I have developed my own protocol and it worked (after I tried unsuccessfully every other "natural" method known to us here and some beyond what was ever discussed on curezone). Those who religously stick to herbs are still sick. I have no toxicity due to using pharma drugs. Those who are still sick certainly have plenty of toxins to deal with from waste material and toxins that parasites produce.

In closing I will mention a story from the Bible (even though I am not a fan of religous texts... but that's a different story all together): jesus warned people that there are false prophets out there. People asked him - how do we recognize them? Jesus answered that they should use the same method they use to determine what tree it is - if it bears apple fruit, then it must be an apple tree, and if it bears a pear, then it must be a pear tree.

"Judge them by fruits of their labors."

Anyone can make empty claims as is so often done here, but very few can back that up with meaningful experience and even fewer have "fruits" to show for it.

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