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Re: This is not the right forum either
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: This is not the right forum either

Peggaus, I did agree with you for a long time. Because of my own issues, and my own research, I came to the conclusion that what was going on with the parasite 'support' forum at times was the verbal equivalent of yelling 'fire' in a theatre.
I, and many others who are also dealing with parasites, just got to the point where we couldn't continue to contribute what we knew to the group, because of concerns about what kind of infomation was being posted. In a support forum, you can't say things like 'You dumb ****', if you keep doing this it will kill you, because thoses types of posts get deleted. (They are not supportive, hence edited by the moderator) And they are actually not appropriate in a support forum, a support forum ought to be there for people who are sick. They don't need a ruckus.
So my freedom of speach had already gotten removed, or I would have posted responses to some prior posts that were contrary to what protocols were being recommended.
The split is a good thing, I am relived that I now have a forum again where I feel ok about posting information and results.
We aren't a democracy. Support Forums don't have freedom of speach.
But thank heavens Durshan put together a pharmaseudical for parsites forum, I suspect I'll read it, because I really like some of the posters who do use the meds in a responsible way.
Some of the nutty stuff that's been going on there isn't producing results the people wanted anyway---As far as I'm concerned the only good parasite is a dead parasite, and unfortunately most of the anti helmethic drugs really have been so overused that all they do is trash you liver, and continue to build resistance in the parasite population.
One of the big problems with the parasite issue, is that parasites reproduce in huge numbers, the current drugs given to people are also used by livestock (or closely related drug families) and they are sold by the bucket, and put into animal feed. it's not a 'sexy' topic, there isn't much research on new drugs, and the old ones just don't work very well. So a lot of people are going right down a blind alley, and making themselves sicker, and making big pharma richer.
BUT, I had to shut up, Glax had to shut up, and others who felt like I did also had to shut up because of the nature of the forum.
Not to mention, that some of the drugs in some situtions with certain types of parasitic infections will kill people or cause blindness if used incorrectly.
Other issue, is that parsitic infections are getting much more common, and there is no information on how to treat these diseases in ways that actually work. There is an close association between parasitic infection and heavy metal/mercury problems, it seems to make a parasitic infection more severe and harder to treat. With the continuing problems in the environment and food supply, it's only getting worse out there.
Other issue, is that Hulda Clark e is convinced that parasitic infections cause cancer, and has successefully treated cancer patients by killing off the parsites. (With herbs) It does appear that a number of pretty common disorders, are either made worse by a parasitic infection, or they are they by product of a parasitic infection. Amoung them are IBS, Crones disease, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, and a considerable number of people with candida issues also have parasites. The whole issue is ignored by the medical profession, and treatment is very hard to come by, partly because most of the anti helmethic drugs are as effective against worms as pennicillan now is against bacteria. They have been used equvilently, carelessly, and sold by the bucket for livestock use.
But, I've had to sit there, read that forum and keep my mouth shut, and say things, like, gee, I'm so sorry to hear you still have parasites, and the drugs don't work. Phooey, I just got my freedom of speach back, thank you.
People who want to experiment with drugs have my total blessing, and the best of luck to all of you. But if you are after worms and flukes, I profundly disagree with what you are doing, not because I'm a doctrinaire natrual medicine only person, but because it's actually dangerous, useless, and a waste of money. And all of these opinions I've had to keep to myself, because of the nature of the forum. Sorry to vent, but I've been biting my tongue so hard it's almost bloody.


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