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Chronic Fatigue Ended in 2 Hours
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Published: 12 years ago
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Chronic Fatigue Ended in 2 Hours

- I was vegan from 1976 till 96. I then came down with many symptoms, which seemed to be mercury poisoning from my Amalgam fillings, according to Dr. Huggins' book, It's All in Your Head. Chronic fatigue was a major symptom, along with weight loss, esp. of body fat, such as in my rump. For a day or two at the height of my problem, I was uncomfortable in any position, whether sitting or laying. I followed Dr. Huggins' advice on how to get the fillings removed properly and replaced and on diet and supplements. I added salt to my diet and spirulina at first and that seemed to help a lot. Then I added eggs. A few years later I added occasional salmon, sardines and poultry, because Dr. Huggins said vegetarians don't get well from mercury poisoning. I also used chlorella for a few years more recently to remove lingering mercury. And I followed several doctors' advice starting a few years ago by having my eggs raw, but blended with other food. Blending changes the texture from slimy to watery.
- Since last year I tried eating a lot of rye sprouts for the first time, but my energy levels gradually declined and I seem to have an allergic reaction to the gluten or something. After switching mostly to sunflower sprouts a couple of months ago, the fatigue persisted. It's been similar to what I experienced in 96 and it lasted over a year, I think. Finally, a few weeks ago I looked up potential remedies on Curezone and elsewhere and I found a message on Curezone that said apple cider vinegar cures chronic fatigue. It said acetic acid [as in vinegar] is part of the citric acid cycle of the human body and that vinegar is not acid-forming in the body, contrary to what I'd read some years ago elsewhere. It said the fatigue should end in about 2 hours after trying vinegar.
- So I got some apple cider vinegar that day and tried some with my food. And 2 hours later I felt significantly energized, as promised. The next day I was able to ride my bike 9 miles each way on a hilly road to the farm, where I worked for several hours hoeing around my Kiefer pear trees. Now it's been several weeks and I have several tablespoons of vinegar a day and my energy level has been very good. I rode the bike to the farm 2 days this week to pick pears and make pear juice with my brother's cider press, as I want to make vinegar from the juice. I found out almost any fruit can be used to make vinegar. All you have to do is get the juice from it and let it set in an unfilled container with some air exposure between 60 and 80 degrees and it will turn to vinegar all by itself in a few weeks or months. Even wine can turn to vinegar. Also, maple or birch sap can make vinegar. I read that freezing some of the juice or fruit and then thawing it out makes the juice ferment much quicker, so I want to try that.
- Vinegar used to seem to give me severe burning pains in the rectum after using it for a few days, so I shunned it until now. I remembered Dr. Schulze said aloe vera soothes pains etc in the rectum etc, so I've been taking a teaspoon a day of aloe vera juice and I haven't had any burning pains this time, as I use the vinegar. Maybe whatever caused the pains in the rectum has healed by now.
- I'm considerably happy to have energy again.
- Good Day.

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