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Re: This is not the right forum either
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: This is not the right forum either

>- I would be fine with testimonials, as long as they refer to herbal or natural or non-pharma cure for E. histolytica. As you say you haven't seen any proof of this, then at least show me those testimonials. Again, refering to E. histolytica.

The truth is that most people who have an E. histolytica infection never know it, so how could the even mention that? Also, just because there is an infection and E. histolytica is present, it does not mean that E. histolytica is the actual problem. As I said, the presence of E. histolytica can upset the balance of the natural flora/fauna in the intestines allowing increased proliferation of other pathogens that the doctors do not look for once they find an amoeba.

>- That part was refering to protozoan's ability to change their proteins

Many creatures have an amazing ability to adapt to their environment even with many parasites learning to survive in new hosts. That is evolution. Did you know that there is an amoebic life form that can combine together to form a more complicated life form ( a worm ) which then crawls around looking for the right place where it grows a plantlike stalk, climbs up this stalk and hardens into a spore? After a while, the spore falls off, breaks apart, and the amoeba crawl away to feed again.

>- you'd be surprised to know that I agree with you regarding the aids scam though

It is good to know that there is some things.

>- I have tried both ways (taking and stopping probiotics) and started getting better after stopping probiotic supplementation

I do not know what supplementation you were using, but I steer away from pills, capsules, etc, and go for the live and active cultures of at least 5 to 6 strains of bacteria living in a good food source. BTW, did you try real home made kimchi? I mean the real hot stuff?

>- pathogens would have just as hard time as probiotics.

Not too sure about that. The pathogens often give off toxins that kill the amoeba, thereby ending the amoebic infection.

>- So why ban efforts to disucss them then?

The efforts have not been banned, just moved.

My feeling is that the pharmaceuticals were being pushed hard so extensively as to obscure any other information that might have been available. It was bad enough that I significantly reduced my visits to that forum.

I also did not like the idea that people were trying to find illegitimate sources for these drugs on the forum. This can be very hazardous in several respects, just like some of the people who took to much of some herbals and suppliments. Since pharmaceuticals are usually more concentrated and subsequently more lethal, this could be a serious problem. I do not want to see the CureZone on the evening news because someone ordered a drug and died as a result.

>- You do understand that many people have parasites, have negative results, and they live lives of absolute miseary as a result.

Yes. I have seen many people go from forum to forum to other forums seeking the answer to their problem. I will tell each and every one of them here and now that the answer is synergy. If all of the causes are removed, then the problem will be cured.

>- First of all, my efforts are mine only. I don't care if others agree with me, or not, up to them to decide, that's the beauty of free will.

Sorry, it becomes more than this when a gang develops, whether or not it is intended. parasite Support is not the only forum where I have seen this happen.

>- Certainly something I was hoping for! But my observations were meticulous, written down in detail, and I can tell you that improvements came as a result of taking medications.

I will submit that had you not tried the alternatives and received benefits from them, then the pharmaceuticals would have been less effective. I can not see how boosting immunity, balancing pH, taking proper minerals and vitamins, getting proper sleep and exercize, and removing contamination sources would not have been of significant help. Even such simple things as frequent and thorough handwashing are critical, otherwise, reinfection will be continuous.

>- argument of those "experts" who say that a child who got autism right after a vaccine, didn't necessarily get it from the vaccine.

While I feel strongly that autism is a direct result of vaccination, and most likely the result of the mercury contained in it, since not every vaccinated child gets it, there must be a modifying factor that has not been found. Do these children already have problems such as FAS? Have they eaten something in common in the few days prior to vaccination? have the non-affected children eaten something in common? Were the affected children vaccinated at a certain specific stage of brain development? Was there some other influence such as having not eaten when they were vaccinated?

>- I will just correct myself that I did say "amoeba" for G. lamblia when I meant "protozoa". With that little correction, my statement was still very much true. That MD didn't know what he was doing, period.

Yes, G. lamblia is a protozoan, but it is significantly different from the amoeba.

As for the M.D. If you are referring to the one that I mentioned, yes they do know and did know about G. lamblia before they contacted it in the tropics. And yes, they knew the right dosage of Flagyl to take, and yes, Flagyl is the preferred pharmaceutical to take for G. lamblia. If only one protozoan survives then they will r-infect and the treatment must be repeated.

>- E. histolytica was most often confused with morphologically identical E. dispar.

I am aware of this and have known about E. histolytica since 1959 when I picked up and read my first Microbiology textbook (in the 3rd grade). One of the determining factors is whether or not the amoeba has ingested red blood cells. If it has, then it is definitely E. histolytica.

>- I can tell you that E. histolytica is deadly no matter what; however,

This has not been determined. It can be deadly to someone who is immune compromised but is not necessarily so. E. histolytica with red blood cells ingested has been found in cases of mild diarrhea and sometimes in barely symptomatic cases.

>- Every time you read about "asymptomatic" infection due to E. histolytica, chances are the person was actually infected with E. dispar which is completely benign.

Again, mild symptoms have shown up with known E. histolytica infections.

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