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--Politics & people-- Too much Hot Air--

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Natural, Soothing, Progesterone Oil
Supplementation and Hormone Balancing Based on the...

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

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Published: 13 years ago
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--Politics & people-- Too much Hot Air--

Hi Ya'll,

Today Politicians and the Public have Much in Common with each other !

The Politicians promise the Voters whatever they think the voters want trying to get their Vote !

Many Voters vote for who Promises them whatever they want for Free, Hoping to get something for Nothing !

Both expect someone -Else- to Pay the Bill when it comes Due !

The More Liberial Welfare the Voters agree to, the More they want More without taking any Personal Responsibility and soon we have a Degenerate Society of Socialist people !

The problem with a Socialist Society where the Politicians have Promised everyone whatever they want without working for it, is that soon there is -No- one to pay the Bill ! Then we end up with the Wealthy Elite and the Voters being --Slaves-- to the Politicians before they know what has Happened to them ! And many Welfare Black folks think it is their Right to get things Free because their anscestors were Slaves, what are they going to think when they come to realize they are Slaves again because of the Politicians they voted for who have Promised them Hot Air?

Reminds me of a small town nearby where there are Two different classes of Black folks, the working class who have learned Personal Responsibility and work for what they get and the Rest who are Liberal Welfare folks, just taking what they want ! They do not Socialize with each other, even tho they are all black folks ! The Welfare Society has Lost any Self Respect they may have had ! The Welfare class all lives on the Dark side of the railroad track ! The working class does not want to live anywhere near the Welfare class !

Moral of the story: We generally get what we ask for ! When we want it now, we will Pay later for our Foolish choices !

A Wise man told me years ago that when More than 50% of the population were Free loading off Less than 50% of the working class and choosing to Live Lifestyles of the Welfare Society that we could expect a Depression to come about !

This generally Happens every 3rd Generation as the younger Generations forget what is Important in Life and choose to live a Liberal Social lifestyle !

What is Different Now than during the 1929-30's depression era is that then there was Food, but No Money, but this time there is Not going to be Food as well as No Money !

WHY do I say there will be No food? This is because the Farmers do not even grow a Garden any more for themself and the farmers are -ALL- Broke and dependent upon the Welfare handouts of the Government who Now tell the Farmer what he can or cannot plant ! The farmers owe their Souls to the Money Lenders because of wanting their Toys Now, just like the Welfare Socialist folks and when the Money Lenders will not give them any more money this next year to buy the Seed and fertilizer etc, HOW do you think any food will be grown? Why will the Money Lenders Not give the Farmers any money to buy crop input next year? Because the Farmers didn't make enough money to pay the interest on what they borrowed last year ! It is called Forclosure and bankruptcy !

Just like what has taken place in the Financial markets recently !

WHY is this taking place? It is called making a Socialist Society out of America so that a few Wealthy Elite Control everything and the Voters become --Slaves-- to the system ! Oh? You did not know you were voting for to become a Slave?

Let us see how the Liberal Welfare Socialist Folks make out this time without any Food to eat? Obama may still eat, but don't expect him to share his food with you?

Oh? So you don't say? So you think you will just go to the store and get your Food? Sorry, what will you do when the store does not have -ANY- Food?

Still too much Hot Air on both sides !

Cause and Effect !

Smile Tis your choice.

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