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Published: 19 years ago
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Hi, follow up from my attack 6 months ago...

The original message....

(Posted in May.)

I woke up at 4am to an incredible amount of pain in my stomach/intestines/back kidney area on my left side. I thought I was going to die. I am desperately seeking info on this whole flush idea. Right now I can't keep anything down, at the time i thought pepto bismal might help the pain but it just came flying back up in 5 mins. I have been sipping limited amounts of apple juice. I am reading up on this. oh my god it feels like Mike Tyson is using my left kidney for a punching bag. I can't even imagine trying to swallow Epsom Salt and olive oil in that quantity. repeatedly.

Help me.

Here is the followup

Wow, it's been a while since my post...sigh. Sorry for the no follow-up. Here is a rundown of what happened...

I went thru emerg that day and I had urine in my blood and my body was going toxic. The breakdown of the day from the doc and x-rays etc - I had kidney stones as well as gallstones, my organ passages were being blocked and it affected my whole lower organs. Constipation was also a huge factor in all just seemed to attack me all at one time. My lower stomach/intestinal area expanded like a loaf of bread rising. I think even if someone emptied round after round of a loaded shotgun into me would have been less painful. The weird thing is I'm only 33 yrs old and I've considered myself very healthy - I surf almost daily, exercise quite a bit, tried not to eat too much crap. I really have no clue how this just kicked my butt all at once....what a nightmare it was. I was in intense pain for over 2 weeks and great pain for around a month. I was on heavy doses of vicadin (which didnít help the constipation but helped the pain) 4 days into all this I did the gallstone flush with the olive oil and lemon juice.

Holy crap that was nasty! :) Halfway thru I had to dab a bit of honey on my tongue to keep the taste from making me throw up after every slurp. But I managed to do it. I was doing all this for the Gallstones meanwhile the kidney stones were totally kicking my ass and making it IMPOSSIBLE to even move a fraction of an inch without being in pain. So image me the next day trying to hit the washroom for the last part of the flush. I tried crawling on the floor in the fetal position to the bathroom. I was a wreck - I wouldnít want to wish that on even my worst enemy. I just tried to do mind over matter and fight the pain that way. The first flush wasn't all that successful at all which was disappointing, but I knew things weren't going to get any better for me so I did another flush I think a few days to a week later which produced some really good results of gallstones.

I have never ever been so scared in all my life.

It took me a good 2 months before I could actually walk again, outside of the house or anywhere for that matter. The kidneys stone pain was incredible and unfortunately I am still caring around a dull pain all the time now. Thru this I lost 30 pounds. I didnít eat once piece of food for 3 weeks, I didnít even have an appetite for food. The ONLY thing I did for three weeks when it hit me was drink 2 gallons of water a day. I had one of those 3 liter backpack water packs with a mouthpiece that I would suck on almost 24 hours a was nonstop drinking. I was dehydrated as well when I went into emerg that day of the attack. It was a couple weeks I think until I passed my first kidney stone..and oh man I was glad to get that out. I have a pic of it here (donít worry not nasty....ehhe) I also saved the voicemail from the doctor - heheh I had to keep some sort of sense of humor about this whole situation hahah - the nurse said the doc was impressed with the size of it. lol sigh...

Anyway my diet has changed MASSIVELY. There is SOOOOO much that I cannot eat, I actually haven't had too many problems adjusting too much. It really had been a nutritional nightmare for me though. Somethingís that are good for my gallbladder arenít good for my kidneys and visa versa. I cant eat any calcium, dairy whatsoever and vitamin a,c and er..some others, no alcohol (crap!) - the no calcium worries me for my later years - I guess it is a trade off... no kidney stones and weak bones later or keep my bones healthy but suffer reoccurring kidney stones. The Gallstones I guess will have to be flushed on a regular basis a couple times/yr I guess.

Thanks again for your support and information, it REALLY helped me a lot to get thru this. You guys/gals are very much appreciated by me.

I'm just glad to be alive.

Have a great new year!


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