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Re: immune system boost
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: immune system boost

Hi pjgurl!

Read on, and I assure you you've found the BEST immune system booster ever. I've made this concoction and haven't had so much as a sore throat for over a year. It's HOT, but extremely effective. It's so full of sulfur compounds and I can't imagine much that could escape it's grasp.

This article is from Kal Sellers, a master herbalist. His website is:


7 Herbs that Create 10 Major Healing Processes

The basis of the following herbal formulation is very old. It has been used for a variety of physical complaints, both chronic and acute.

Dr. Richard Schulze , who taught at the School of Natural Healing and who runs the American Botanical Pharmacy, made his version of this formula famous under the name, ďSuper Tonic,Ē which he uses for acute infections such as colds and flu.

The blend of these herbs is very powerful, as is attested by anyone who has put them to work.

The author modified this formula yet again and created a long-term tonic from it that is designed for creating health processes when energy and organ function is very low.

The result is a formula that appears to clean the body at almost every level and to stimulate digestion, improve enzymatic activity and strengthen overall vitality over the long term.

In the authorís practice, the herbal formula made from the 7 herbs below is used in small doses for a long period of time as a restorative or in higher doses for an acute infection or life-threatening condition.

For references, this article uses Dr. Dukeís Database, which gives chemicals and their studied properties in an effort to explain, from a drug and chemical perspective, the actions of a vast collection of herbs. The link is included to explore the chemical properties of the following herbs, which may explain why they are used in this particular formulation.
The Database is self-explanatory and easily used to search for the following plants.

Horseradish is in first place today. This member of the mustard family is grossly underused. The entire formula shows anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties, as well as properties for normalizing immune response, inhibiting allergies and decongesting the whole body. The entire formula is also very carminative (improves digestion) and cholagogue (causes the liver to cleanse through dumping bile) with the exception of parsley, discussed last.

Horseradish, however, is king of carminatives and, while not the strongest cholagogue, is very warming to the liver and brings up activity there when the liver may be suppressed due to stress, bad diet, fear or damage.

Dr. Christopher also used Horseradish for allergy and asthmatic cases and in Dukeís Database, there are at least two prominent chemicals that show significant promise against allergies and asthma.

In our world of stressed and freaked out people, the benefit of horseradish on the digestion and the liver cannot be overestimated.

Garlic almost needs no introduction among anyone who uses it medicinally. It is well studied for fighting infections, tumors, cancer and immune dysfunction. It has long been used for preventing plagues and contagious disease transferred by anything from insects to sex.

Garlic shows promise for fighting some types of parasites, especially intestinal and liver parasites. It inhibits fungal growth and may destroy it. Richard Schulze , mentioned above, uses garlic to treat stubborn vaginal yeast infections.

Garlic is also decongestant, has some antihistamine properties and also improves digestion.

Since fungal/yeast problems are alluded to above, it is useful to point out that any real problem with systemic yeast overgrowth presupposes a problem with digestion so that undigested food can promote the growth of yeast instead of getting into your cells and promoting the consumerís health. A carminative formula like this one might be as useful for candida troubles as any other approach in the authorís domain of knowledge.

When garlic is used long-term, it normalizes immune response. Large doses of garlic should be kept to short term, since it can affect red blood cells adversely, but in reasonable doses it can be a long-term miracle worker.

Onion\ is closely related to garlic, but gets an extra star for inhibiting auto-immune response and allergies. Dr. Christopher called it the greatest natural antihistamine known to man.

Used properly, this plant seems to work its own set of miracles. It is similar to garlic in many ways, but certainly not the same. In food, it is rarely complementary to garlic, but in medicine it often is.

Cayenne and Habanero are not the same at all, though they are closely related peppers. Each pepper acts with nuances of differences. Cayenne is what is called a permanent stimulant that stays in the system for a long time maintaining its action.

It is useful here to be reminded that in herbology, the word ďstimulantĒ means something different than it does in the drug world. Stimulants are herbs that increase vital activity, in other words, they increase life force, or chi, in the body.

This is not a variation of caffeine or some other stimulant chemical.

Habanero peppers love the immune system and seem to be able to take any other immune food or stimulant and make it three to five times as effective.

This action is not understood, but it is easily observed by anyone who has tried Echinacea alone and then put it with garlic and then put the two of them with habanero. WOW!

Both improve circulation, thin mucus and may promote endocrine health. Many endocrine glands appear to increase uptake of nutrition and seem to spontaneously begin self-repair when cayenne or habanero peppers are used. This action does not appear to be consistent when these peppers are used in food, but only appears when they are taken in herbal supplements or in water separate from meals.

Ginger is one of our aces in the hole when it comes to protecting the body against excess heat.

Teaching this has drawn some criticism from time to time because ginger is usually seen as warming in nature. The conclusion, then, would be that ginger would make things worse if you are too hot.

This is partly true, but not wholly true. The rest of the story is that ginger has another herbal property that we call ďdiffusive.Ē This means that it does not stay in the body very long and that it also moves quickly to the outside of the body and take the heat with it. Thus excess heat is easily released at the surface of the body and the normal temperature is quickly resumed.

Ginger also has many helpful medicinal properties for both short and long-term purposes.

The author has written before about the apparent effectiveness of ginger for fibromyalgia. Of course, this presumes correct diagnosis, which is questionable in the case of fibromyalgia.

A large does, in excess of 12 capsules per day, seems to rapidly relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia in a couple of weeks.

Nothing works for everyone and the original study done (published in Dr. Dukeís Herbal Handbook) suggested about a 70% effectiveness of ginger against fibromyalgia, Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis .

Ginger has value long term for managing inflammatory response in the body. To what extent is an ongoing debate, but the author finds in empirical study that the success rate is very high.

Ginger is also a wonderful carminative and is beneficial for the liver and cardiovascular systems.

Ginger might be the most dense natural source of enzymes. It will digest debris in the blood well enough to find its way into the Authorís ďAnti-PusĒ formula (found in the newsletters archives on
) for dissolving the defensive barriers put up by embedded yeast infections. The newsletter is entitled ďThe Candida Three.Ē

Parsley is the last of the regular herbs in this formula.

Parsley is one of the most amazing vital force enhancing herbs of all time. It certainly competes with the leading herbs on the planet for that purpose.

Once it was so sacred that lay people were not allowed to possess it or use it, only royalty were allowed.

Parsley has the most remarkable action on the kidneys and increases excretion of fluids that might build up due to cardiac edema or regular edema.

Parsley also contains potassium and chloride salts that aid in the break down of mucus and elimination of cellular debris and wastes. Potassium, according to Steve Whiting, PhD, is involved with getting things out of the cell when it is ready to eliminate, while sodium is involved in getting things in.

Of course, most raw green vegetable tops are loaded with potassium. The nice thing about parsley is that itís other actions improve the cellular uptake and facilitate elimination out of the body through its action on the kidneys.

Parsley also is quite cooling. In a formula like this, parsley can take the edge off when the heat is a little too high.

Apple Cider Vinegar is the last herb. Of course, it is not what we traditionally call an herb. It is, however, a natural preparation of the apple, which is a wonderful medicine.

Apple cider vinegar retains much of the value of the apple and has some additional values to bring to the table. It is probiotic and full of enzymes. The use of apple cider vinegar in water to sip with meals has long been an aid for losing weight and may be particularly helpful in protein deficiencies, calcium deficiencies and digestive secretion deficiencies.

Apple cider vinegar was touted by Dr. Christopher for dissolving boney deposits associated with bone spurs and osteo-arthritis. The Author has long used this substance for that purpose.

Before we talk about how to make the formula, lets review the 10 health and healing processes that this formula is known or believed to create.

#1: This formula is well endowed with immune foods. These mildly stimulate the immune system and may dissolve lymphatic blockage and be pro-elimination enough to reduce the load on the immune system substantially.

#2: This formula is probably the most outstanding carminative (digestive aid/stimulant) in the authorís knowledge base. With a formula like this, one would have to wonder whether even severe cases really needed to supplement with enzymes. In addition to the carminative actions of the herbs, this formula will be, of itself, loaded with enzymes. Some of these will denature in the slight acidity of the vinegar, but for the most part they will survive to be used later in cleaning or digesting.

#3: This formula is full of timeless cleansing herbs. In the authorís estimation, this formula is as profoundly cleansing as any product on the market (though, different products often address different issues, and this is not a one-size fits all, formula, but it is a very good one).

Using this to help clean the blood seems inevitably effective. Generally, the authorís clients usually notice results immediately and continually throughout their use of this formula.

The enzyme content of this formula competes with blood-purifying enzyme supplements and is more natural.

#4: Many of the herbs in this formula have been studied for anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties. It is just possible that no stronger herbs for this purpose have ever been compiled together. The studies done on these compounds are not considered conclusive, nor should they be, but such a formula might be helpful in cancerous cases, if nothing else to aid the very weakened system to digest better, fight off invaders better and to be stronger.

#5: Viruses and bacteria, yeasts and molds are known to be susceptible to the strong chemistry of several of the herbs in this formula. Generally, most natural healers think in terms of the bodyís own strength, nutrition and immune system, as well as its internal environment, when thinking of attacking invading germs. Sometimes, however, a strait out attack on the germ with herbs known or believed to kill them on contact, is appropriate and useful.

#6: Prevention. Yeah, the partaking entity will probably smell a little like garlic and this might keep his/her friends and relatives away from him/her, but this is not the only reason this formula might work for prevention. This formula may have as many chemicals known to protect against infection as it has to kill infection or boost the immune system.

#7: Inflammation is certainly addressed by this formula with a brilliant flare. Even silent inflammation, thought to be the leading cause of aging, may be addressed by the power of ginger and cayenne together. Couple this with #2/3 above and the reason for inflammation may also be significantly decreased.

Even small doses of this formula (the maintenance dose discussed below) seems to have an impact on the general state of inflammation.

Some of the impact may be from the stimulating effects of the cayenne, habanero and horseradish which are thought to have a homeopathic effect on the inflammation, where the body compensates for the benign irritation/inflammation temporarily induced by these herbs.

#8: The cardio-vascular impact of this formula cannot be overstated. #7 has more impact on cardio-vascular health than any other factor. Even so, some history suggests that at least garlic and cayenne are chelative to the deposits on the artery walls. Empirical evidence in the authorís practice suggests that arteries are cleaned out faster by cayenne than by any other substance in his experience.

This may need more study, but it is actually a quite old approach. Within weeks there seems to be a substantial improvement in circulation and arterial health.

Cayenne and parsley are also traditional foods for the heart, so freely and widely endorsed that one has difficulty dismissing the claims.

Enzymes have long been used to clean up the arteries, and this formula appears to be good competition for the leading enzyme supplements on the market.

#9: The impact on the liver of these herbs should be obvious to any informed individual. The liver likes to be cleaned, flushed with blood and eased in its burdens. These herbs may do all of these in most cases.

We know that these herbs are both carminative and cholagogue, which means the liver has less work to do (because digestion is better) and gets to easily cleanse (because of the increased flow of bile out of the liver).

Some of the components, like garlic and horseradish, may affect the liver in other ways by killing parasites, increasing circulation (niacin is often used for Liver Flushing with this action in mind, but it is hard to find niacin pills on any tree I am aware of) and thinning debris.

The increased flow of bile through the gall bladder may also help with insomnia. Dr. Christopher taught, and the author has often confirmed, that backed up static electricity contributes to insomnia. This condition might be alleviated through barefoot walking on the grass or in the snow, but the natural system that keeps up with static accumulation appears to be the flow of bile.

Static electricity certainly could be affected by the charged particles that make up bile. Whether this can explain the system-wide affect of increased bile flow is debatable. As it is the only explanation on record, it is the one the author uses and the practical outcome bears out the theory for the moment.

#10: The elimination systems should probably be discussed first, for all their importance. Even so, we will do well to discuss it now.

Garlic and cayenne have long been known to be cathartic to the colon. Ginger helps bile flow too and encourages directional movement through the bowel (preventing spasm).

Bile flow in general will be cathartic to the colon and is the natural cathartic.

The warming action will increase elimination through the skin and kidneys as well.

It is possible that the solvent properties of the enzymes and the probiotic properties of vinegar, will have a long-term, lasting, healing effect on the colon and other channels of elimination.

The herbs in this formula also contain other solvent properties and the warming effect of horseradish will help the most stubborn bowels the most.

Preparation of the Formula:
The formula is made fresh by finely chopping, grating or blending small pieces of each of the fresh herbs into the raw apple cider vinegar. The vinegar should cover the herbs by an inch when done.

This is then let sit for two weeks, and then it is pressed out/strained and bottled for anytime use or for regular daily use.

The author recommends taking two droppers full three times daily in water for maintenance. It is especially effective before meals or sipped in water with meals.

Each herb is used in roughly equal volume. Cayenne and Habanero each make up a half part each by volume.

This formula can be a powerful addition to a home apothecary and to a daily health maintenance/recovery program. It can be used for acute infections, healing programs or daily health promotion.

It is the authorís hope that the readers will take yet another step toward health autonomy by making their own miracle formulas whenever possible and by making them work for them through increased learning, trial and error and intuitive good sense.

Until Next Time,

Kal Sellers, MH

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