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Re: SCIENCE: Dyeing to know the answer
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: SCIENCE: Dyeing to know the answer

Alquitit, Your response is excellent! If these pea size green stones were the formation of the oil and bile then why do so many get such varying results! Everyone would have the same results!! Also, people have more than just green stones. Look at the picture at the top of the liver cleanse page. Those certainly aren't green. People pass larger, darker, harder stones. It just depends on how long these stones have been forming, and what kinds of toxins and parasites you have infesting your liver.

Alquitit, you made the exact point I wanted to make. If these "fake" stones are from a rapid formation within the body of the oil and bile, THEN WHY do some people pass few stones while others pass hundreds. AND WHY, after enough flushes, and the liver is finally clean, are there NO MORE GREEN STONES!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
If they were from a rapid formation, then the green stones would come out EVERY TIME, with the amount of stones being somewhat the same every time.

And how 'bout this: People get stones out without using ANY OIL AT ALL!! The Epsom Salts were enough to open the ducts and lets some stones free! (persons who couldn't continue with the oil reported these results)

This simple evidence proves that stones are removed from the liver during the flush.

The fact that you can also feel them being dislodged and the liver rumbling, as Alquitit put it, also evidence.

My experience:

The first time I performed a liver flush- Nothing came out! I was 24. I was healthy, skinny, athletic, and in great shape. I had eaten very healthy for more than a few years prior to the flush; and I had cleansed my colon significantly during that time. I was healthy, and skinny and I couldn't believe that there was matter stuck in me! (It was there from 20 years of eating meat and white bread, and the latter 10 years of growing up on fast food and soda).

With my digestive tract clean, why wasn't I able to get any stones out after my first flush???!! There should have been hundreds according to "formation theory".
Needless to say I was bummed. I wasn't sure if I did something wrong or if I was just so healthy now that I didn't have any stones...
Either way, the right ingredients were consumed in order to form these "fake stones", so why were there no stones...???

It was a year later when I decided to try it again, realizing that my liver can't be in perfect shape because of some minor health issues that added up to probably a small liver issue. So I tried it again, the results this time were joyous and made it all worth while. I purged about 50 stones -many the size of peas, most were half the size of peas, plus a lot of little ones. I did the night and morning purges. That night I got a few bigger ones out of me so I'm definitely glad I did the morning one- even though I thought I was going to vomit just thinking about drinking any more oil!!
Anyway, the morning gave much different results than the first one. I had a lot fewer stones. *And the few bigger ones definitely don't account for the lack of stones. If the "formation theory" was right, much more would have come out. And my intestines are extremely clean, so I know for certain that no stones got stuck anywhere. (Best way to clean yourself out is Urine Therapy!)

So there you have it.
May good health be yours!


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