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My two cents.
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Published: 14 years ago
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My two cents.

I supported the break - only because I really, really feel that tangling with big pharma doesn't bode well for most. It became difficult to weed through most posts looking for people using herbals and people using synthetics. A lot of people don't have insurance and then the discussions began being about how to get those drugs. The truth of the matter is - if we want to keep this site sacred and not attract the wrong attention from big pharma and the like - we shouldn't tread on that territory. I was weary, way before Glaxony ever said anything, about people talking back and forth about websites and how to best go around prescriptions to get drugs.

It's wrong with psycho-meds that are addictive, certainly people lose their licenses everyday for either getting people drugs without a scriipt or obtaining drugs from a practitioner without a script. Condoning the search and procurement of prescription medication, of any sort, is not appropriate to a site based on education, not medication.

I personally feel that synthetic medications don't work well because the die off is so spontaneous and so abrupt that it doesn't allow for a comprehensive, gentle approach to killing, excreting, repairing and cycling through until one's body has been able to pace out healing. I don't think that Western medicine has proven themselves in their Science of actually healing the body of anything. Now let me be clear - I would never, repeat never go to a Naturopath or Herbalist for a broken bone, puncture wound, troubled pregnancy, etc. There are many, many things that Western medicine has far surpassed any other practice on - however - parasite protocols were around long before synthetic medication ever came around and will be here long after it's lost it's popularity. Herbs will always grow. They were here for a reason.

When someone is ill (myself included) you're so foggy headed that when you first approach a forum and start trying to weed through the messages for something with resonance and that feels obtainable (herbs) it's disconcerting to read through all the drug names and become sad at the hoopla you'll see yourself going through to get those scripts. You have two choices: to obtain the scriipt legally or illegally. If you do it legally, you have to first get a doctor (more difficult for those with no insurance), convince the doctor you have a problem (I've been there and this is more difficult than it looks), then get the scriipt and if you don't have prescription insurance (which most don't), pay an arm and a leg for a few doses. If you go about it illegally, you're most likely ordering from out of the country and quite honestly - I couldn't be sure of quality in the first place. Anything, IMHO, that calls attention to a websites condoning ways for people to get around the government, laws and privatized health insurance regulations (ie: scripts and obtaining them) is just plain stupid. It's begging for attention and to be shut down. I feared curezone garnering the wrong kind of attention with that atmosphere. Big Pharma isn't likely to care about liver flush, bowel cleanse, Ph forums and the like - but a forum discussing privatized, patented drugs is wholly another thing.

Besides the personal conflicts - l think her primary motivation was to get the attention off the meds. Herbs are obtainable and relatively affordable for anyone in any socio-economic position and that is truly important. If you want to build and run a website on education and empowerment - the methods need to be obtainable. Cleansing requires dedication and research and quite honestly - I think that's why most people don't do it. It's easier to get a scriipt to mask the symptoms and keep on being a good citizen, working your butt off and paying your taxes. That very paradigm supports synthetic medication. Doing your own research and using plants that are tens of thousands of years old (just like Iodine therapy, it's been here forever) is truly about separating from a hundred year old paradigm and remembering what always worked before people told you it wouldn't work because someone in a white coat didn't give it to you.

In order to truly honor and support your fellow man's right and NEED to separate themselves from the 'product' mindset of our country is to educate yourself on natural methods, period. It's about simplicity and what's sustainable and good for the planet. You do know, of course, that most synthetic medications are not only simply information and chemicals but some are made from stripping rain forests and other endangered lands of their resources to make these synthetic meds. A lot of cancer meds (that don't end up working) are made from the habitat that endangered species rely on in the rain forest. Supporting that industry and giving over your power is just that - it's not working to regain your understanding of how we healed ourselves before the AMA came along. The AMA and most Western Medicine disempowers people. There's no education there. You say 'this hurts' and rather than get an education on lymphatic flow, minerals, oxygen and home environment - you're given a script.

By condoning that seemingly simple procedure, it satiates people in a fashion that drive-through food does. It isn't full of minerals. It wasn't picked, plucked, boiled and strained with love. It's indicative of an industry that lacks love, human compassion and personal responsibility. That is why she wanted to split the forum. It's not that people don't have a right to seek that out - but it should be separate. If someone so chooses that they'd rather put their lives and power in the hands of someone that is regulated by their health insurance company than so be it. But most people that go looking for an education on auto-immune issues and why their health isn't repairing, most likely found themselves in that position based on a recipe of Western-valued factors from deodorant, carpet, fast food, fluoridated water supplies, Antibiotic ridden meat and conventional produce. The problem here being that these are all immune-suppressing ingredients. Ingesting ANOTHER synthetic ingredient hoping it will reset your woes is a fool-hearty endeavor. I mean no disrespect, please understand. I'm saying that synthetic medication is indicative of the very beast we are fighting to regain our independence from. We owe our fellow seeker the harder, more fulfilling route. Ridding yourself of parasites will never and should not be as easy as taking a synthetic tablet. It has to be a recipe - everything in the universe is. You have to correct dietary choices, stop letting the next door neighbor make you feel horrible about yourself, stop watching reality television - whatever that means for 'you' but let's all hope it involves less consumerism and more personal responsibility, self love and research.

Only through plumbing the depths of how 'they' became ill can anyone truly heal themselves and feel whole again.

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