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Leaky Gut, Candida, Liver Congestion..My story..Please help me
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Published: 15 years ago

Leaky Gut, Candida, Liver Congestion..My story..Please help me

Hello all...I'm desperate. Let me start with an introduction..some medical history, and my symptoms.

I'm a 26/male. I'm a college graduate, and I'm currently unemployed. I had a steady job for three years..but quit last year. I've been traveling all over the country trying to beat this illness..but it just keeps getting worse.

My brain fog is soooo intense right please excuse this rambling..

As a newborn I had chronic ear infections..I was prescribed MANY Antibiotics ..this continued throughout my childhood. I grew up pretty healthy..had my tonsils removed @ 5. Played sports...looked healthy, fit...excelled in school..hs and college..

During my freshman year of college I acquired Mono..a really bad case...swollen liver, and spleen..I have never felt the same since I caught mone..this was in the spring of 2001. The mono became "chronic/reactivated"..I had numerous test that confirmed this as late as 2004..In 2004 the infectino was deemed "inactive." I began to feel sickly in college...I grew extremly anxious...for various personal reasons.. The anxiety got worse..followed by depression..

After college I began working at a law firm..I developed Seborrheic Dermatitis on my face and on my scalp... I began drinking a lot on weekends./.binge drinking..a lot more than I drank in college..My cognition became cloudy..I chalked it up to alcohol.

I developed pretty severe Acid Reflux..had an endoscopy...revealed a hiatal hernia.

I got ringworm on my upper left arm..twice..treated it..but thought it was pretty strange..

Began taking allergy shots because my dust/mold allergies began to become unbearable..

Then...April 13th (I think)2006..I woke up and my perception of the world had was like I was living in a dream-world..everything seemed distant..spacey, confused, brain fog...etc.

At that date I was going through a lot of things:

1. I was on Antibiotics for about 1 month for a sebaceous cysts that would not go away.

2. The day before..(April 15) I was at an all day horse race/ drinking event..and I drank a lot!

3. I was experiencing extreme stress which literally had me in a terrified state where I was afraid to go to sleep...for about 3 days leading up to this day.

4. I was receiving allergy shots. ( I found out that these didn't contain Mercury).

5. I had just began to recover for intense withdrawl symptoms from Lexapro..vertigo..etc.

6. My relationship was falling apart..

7. I began losing my a bizzare pattern..diffuse loss all over?

OK...sorry this is SO long..I'll fastfwd..

My ability to read/write was immediately employers made comments..asked what was wrong with me...

I spent months online trying to find out what was worng with me.. After two years searching..I settled on Depersonalization Disorder..or Candida.

I quit my job..and decided to travel across the try to find a cure. A year later..things are even worse.. I can't read!

Now...I've been to every Dr. you could imagine..had every test..

I have become EXTREMELY sensitive to chemicals..perfume, detergent, cigarettes..

If I have a single sip of alcohol my mind goes crazy..

I get a flare of of all my symptoms almost immediately after eating..

I've done a lot of research.. I MUST have Leaky Gut and Candida.

I've been on a strict Candida diet for 3 months..symptoms are still unbearable..

I could go on and on but I really only have 3 questions..

I believe I have too much mercury in my body (huge seafood eater/vaccines)..I believe I have leaky gut, Candida, a congested liver..adn depression. I understand that the gut is connected to the mind..and that a outlook is essential. When I have tried to take antifungals..the die-off symptoms have been unbearable..I think I need to heal the leaky gut..before I kill the candida..because my liver is overburdened by toxins..

1. Where do I start??? There is so much conflicting advice on the net. I understand all about the products that are offered I don't need an explanation of use. I really need someone to tell me where to start. Remove the mercury(i've read about the methylation stuff).. heal the gut? flush the liver? colon cleanse? HELP!

2. A complete recovery? Is this possible? Have these toxins damaged my brain in any way that is permanent? I am very ambitious..and what to return to society. I feel like my brain is ruined. Has anyone recovered all of their cognitive function?

3. Colon Cleansing...Regarding Bentonite...I've read all about the aluminum question...but can't find defintive answers...could aluminum from the Bentonite leach through a leaky gut..and cause more problems?? Should I Colon Cleanse first?

I haven't checked my spelling/punctuation..I'm sorry this is so long..and I've very grateful to any responses I get..I'm completely lost..and I need help/advice. Thank you.


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