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Published: 14 years ago


I've been fighting what I now believe to be a hookworm. I'm curious to see if this makes any sense to anyone, or just thoughts in general. My symptoms in chronological order (beginning many years ago):

- Small chronically enlarged lymph node, on left neck (size varies, depending on diet)
- "kink" noticed when pressing directly below left ribcage, on the sternum side. Seems to grow and shrink depending on what I eat. I've speculated at times to be my spleen growing and shrinking due to toxic loads.
- Lower abdominal bloating
- Night sweats (now gone)
- Palpitations (now gone)
- Small chronically enlarged lymph node on left armpit (size varies, depending on diet, have reduced entirely at times)
- Constipation (used to be bad, much better now, have it mostly under control)
- Fatigue/weakness (very bad if I avoid sugars altogether .. must at minimum eat low glycemic fruits, such as apples and grapefruits)
- Anemia, especially when on a heavy anti-fungal regime, and after recently taking mebendazole and melatonin.
- White tongue, bad breath (much better now, can control with antioxidants and lipase)
- Brain fog / difficulty concentrating, especially after taking high doses of cellulase or when heavily cleaning. I suspect this is due to the anemia.
- Itchy and crawly sensations in anus, especially after going to bathroom and before going to sleep. I've noticed this most intensely during times of heavy cleanse. This is the only symptom that made me doubt hookworm and give pinworm a small probability.
- Itchy scalp.
- Cold hands and feet.

Supplements that help the most:
- EGCG capsules and MSM mixed into warm/hot water and drink immediately on empty stomach. Important to not add anything else, very tough to drink down (bitter), even for me, and I have a high tolerance of bitter foods. I believe the high tenacity of this to be the reason of its effectiveness. I've tried many other potent antioxidants with little effect. I've discovered this only recently and believe it may ultimately flush me out completely.
- Raw cacao powder (high in catechins) in warm/hot water. The problem with this remedy is I can't handle much theobromine. Probably because some of it ends up going straight into my bloodstream through unhealed holes in my small intestine.
- Anything high in catechins.
- Melatonin. I've taken up to 15mcg shortly before bed.
- Phosphatidyl Serine. This works better than anything I've tried for stress relief and cognitive strength / brain fog prevention. Others that are decent: ashwagandha, l-serine, l-theonine.

Other helpful supplements:
- Reishi and mushroom extract combos, especially after catechin drinks.
- Garlic powder on salads. This has always been effective, but I hate reaking of garlic, so I don't do this often.
- The obvious anti-parasitic herbs like Wormwood , Black-Walnut and cloves.
- Bromelain on as empty stomach as possible. It helps reduce the size of my bloated abdomen. Possibly because it digests dead blood cells before bacteria have a chance to. Or maybe it just reduces intestinal inflammation. Just speculations.
- Enzyme formulas high in lipase on empty stomach and with meals.
- Mebendazole. I tried it recently and it helped quite a bit without any side effects.
- Vitamin D

I've tried a ton of others over the years, I'm sure I'm forgetting a few of the good ones. Sooo many were a piece of garbage ;-)

Best diet I've found so far:
- Apples, lots. Gala, ambrosia, fuji, honeycrisp. Granny smith's are too tangy and acidic for me, and quickly dissolve my tooth enamel.
- Ground flax seeds
- Greens
- Avocados
- Raw black olives
- Water, lots

Can anyone relate to any of this?


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