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Re: New Year, new body/mind/spirit..want to join me?

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: New Year, new body/mind/spirit..want to join me?

1st you're putting waaaayyy to much emphasis on the MC. It is not some sort of magic bullet. If you really want to succeed you need to look at the much broader picture and make your main focus balanced quality nutrition and regular exercise. The MC is just a tool. If you don't radically change your habits and start exercising regularly because all forms of fasting slow the metabolism not only will you loose all benefits but you have a real good chance of gaining even more that you lost in a matter of weeks.

Instead of "frantically" trying to pre_cleanse in 3 days take a whole week and eat only raw foods and fresh made juices. Go longer if needed till you get off the caffeine, cigs and stop the junk food COMPLETELY. This will not only make it easier on the MC by minimizing detox symptoms but it will also  will give you a little more time to reflect on the much larger picture, what you are doing and your relationship with food.

Take this time to research nutrition and find a plan that floats your boat and start planning and maybe even food shopping and getting rid of the crap you have in the house now. Find the closest gym or aerobics class closest or most convenient to you and enroll. You will not succeed without a post cleanse plan and lifestyle change. The cleanse is not the answer/goal it is just a good "start"

In my book, making a post fast plan and having it place before you even think about fasting is  the most important thing you can do to ensure success regardless whether you are trying to loose weight or addressing other issues. The MC is actually the EASY part where everything is all worked out for you.

It's gonna take time focus and commitment. Tain't gonna happens overnight or just from doing one cleanse. Below is something I wrote a while back that is now in the FAQS at the top of the page.

It's about Getting Healthy!!

What I'm trying to point you to is to adapt a positive plan that is not based on the negative mindset of exclusion and avoidance but rather a positive direction about what you are going to include in your diet to make yourself healthy which by default includes loosing weight. It's ultimately about BALANCED NUTRITION and REGULAR EXERCISE.

 Focusing on just weight and avoidance of certain foods, carbs etc and calorie counting is just a temporary solution cause you can't diet the rest of your life. That IS why dieting does NOT work and people keep repeating the same vicious cycle over and over. This is also why there is sucha HUGE dieting industry. It's not because of their success but because of the failure rate that keeps'em coming back.

 Focusing on getting healthy is a positive approach, a destination with positive outcomes both in your mindset and in your ultimate well being and being happy and a mindset that will give you long term results. This IS the whole point that I keep trying to make.

Research balanced nutrition and regular exercise and find a plan that >resonates< for you and dive in head on. You hafta take personal responsibility. You hafta make the choices . This is what will cement your resolve and assure your success and bring about this "lifestyle change"  and not some short answer/opinion and certainly not dieting.

 Look at all the different cleanses. Dive in. Do them all. Understand that there are no compartamentalized issues and that NOTHING happens in your system that is an independent  isolated event. You hafta look at the bigger picture and not focus on weight loss but on being healthy. This is the ONLY point that I keep trying to make and in my book the only thing I know that will guarantee success. There are no short cuts. There will be no clear cut short answers. It will be a gradual and most likely slow process. It will take focus and determination.

Look into/research juicing.  healthy fats ( essential fatty acids,/EFA). Something that I've read that folks are having success with is the Blood type diet. Look into that. If that doesn't float your boat then keep looking till you find something that >resonates< for you and go at it with a vengeance. 

Other than making sure that you get some good aerobic exercise after any form of fasting for weight loss because fasting slows the metabolism there is absolutely NOTHING unique that you need to do after any fast to maintain the weight loss since it is NO DIFFERENT than anything else  anyone needs to do to BE HEALTHY and maintain a healthy weight.

If you expect to succeed you must have a healthy eating and exercise plan scoped out and be well  on your way into it before you even begin to think about using fasting for weight loss and not the other way around.


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