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Re: Juicing tips?

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Original Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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kathryn101 Views: 1,478
Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Juicing tips?

Hi Mic...I'm curious what kind of juice you are making now, because juice...done the
right very tasty and delicious.

Our basic juicing recipe that we have used for years is:
4 of 5 carrots
1/2 to 1 apple (and we use golden delicious)
BIG handful of spinach (we use baby organic)
few springs parsley
Now, I ALWAYS have the above handy...except for the parsley...I don't always have it
on hand...but use it when I do. If I don't have parsley...I use cucumber instead...
we ALWAYS have that. AND I sometimes use a little of both. They are both very cleansing for the kidneys.

And then we often add to that...just depending on what we're wanting to accomplish.
Here are just a few things you can expect REGULAR...DAILY juicing to do for you.

Carrot...Our all time favorite...because it is just good for the whole body. Raw carrot juice...if you leave off the bad stuff (mainly sugar) and drink that for a
week or so along with following a fairly healthy Diet will improve your vision in
less than 2 weeks if it is faulty. It's good for the colon and very cleansing...and if you drink carrot juice along with following a good healthy diet...your skin will improve dramatically, even wrinkles. It will strengthen your
immune system...give you more energy and just a feeling of well being.
Dr Normal Walker said that one pint of carrot juice daily has more constructive
value to the body than 25 pounds of calcium tablets. :-)

Spinach...It's high in potassium and is one of the most beneficial
veggies for cleansing of the body. ALso contains chlorophyll and that is extremely
healing to the body. You can't go wrong by adding spinach...and even though it may
'sound' is actually sweet and very delicious.

Parsley...It's very cleansing for the kidneys and is also extremely good for the
eyes. But it should never be taken in very big quantities at all, because it can...if too much is taken at once...interfer with the nervous system. I usually
put about an ounce in our juice each time...a little, 2 or 3 times a day...goes a long way. I would not consume more than 3 or 4 ounces of parsley a's
powerful stuff...but so good for you.

Cucumbers...Very cleansing for the kidneys and is said to be the very best juice for cleansing the kidneys and improving the skin. It's loaded with silica and
will improve skin, hair and nails in no time...and get rid of excess fluid.

celery...Good for the nervous system...and high in magnesium...will also help eleminate carbon dioxide from the body. It is our food that is richest in sodium chloride...and soooooooooooooooooo good for us. It will regulate your blood pressure, also. If you have a can have some Celery juice (I always
mix it with carrot) OR eat 3 or 4 stalks of celery...and your migraine should be
gone in about 15 minutes. Now "I" don't have migraines...but I've given this to
people who do...and it works.

Juicing, Mic, is the fastest was to restore your health and energize your body.
You will see on curezone, all kinds of cleanses and flushes...but if you'll study
juicing...and really get to know what each veggie does...and all the benefits of'll find that you can do just about anything you want with juicing.
It is very cleansing AND healing...and isn't that what we're all looking for?

I'm not a promoter of all these 'gadgets' you see on curezone by no means. You can
restore your health...and have clear thinking and more energy than you could ever
imagine by adjusting your diet. And then being consistent with it. You also need
to be out in the fresh air and sunshine for a few minutes each day...and do some
deep breathing...THAT will oxygenate the don't need miracle drugs or
electrical devices...just study the healing power of juicing...get the bad stuff
out of your diet and you'll be amazed at what it will do for you.

We have to decide if we're going to "Live to eat..." OR ... "Eat to live" ..That
doesn't mean that you can never have a steak and fries....or an ice cream cone...
but heal your body and restore your health FIRST...and then a 'treat' every now
and then won't hurt you at all.

OH and the deep breathing...let me explain that real quick. When you see most people take a deep will see their shoulders it yourself right you normally do...and I'll bet your shoulders will rise...that's not
breathing deep. Deep breathing is when you breathe in through your nose...and you
take that breath way down deep into your tummy and let your tummy rise....then you
slowly blow that breath out through your mouth. Do that 2 or 3 a 'setting' and then 2 or 3 times a day. If you're doing it will probably be slightly dizzy at first, because you're body is not used to getting the
oxygen it needs...but you'll get used to it.

Hope some of this helps. I get so wound up talking about healing the body naturally...and usually give wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more information that anyone wants.

You'll probably be afraid to ask me another question if you have one. :-) Because
I'm so long winded...but if you're really interested in juicing, I recommend you
get a few of N W Walkers books...he's from the 'old school'...his books are in
plain English...a school child could read and understand them...he tells what each
organ of the body does and needs from the diet. What each fruit and veggie does
for the body when juiced. They're priceless books and you can usually find them
on ebay. A couple I'd really recommend are:
Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices
Diet & Salad
Becoming Younger
Colon Health
These are all by N W Walker and are not recipe books at all...but they ALL are just
packed with health and healing information. And sell for about $7 in a health food store and even cheaper on ebay. Good luck! kathryn

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