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Re: Okay everyone, let's talk about your Dr. Schulze's Incurables Program is doing for you....
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Okay everyone, let's talk about your Dr. Schulze's Incurables Program is doing for you....

I am so happy for you

thank you so much for posting mom died of kidney disease and dialysis caused her to have 9 heart attacks in a year (she never listened to me about the incurables but when I stopped two of her heart attacks when nitro did nothing which I detailed in a post with the words awe in it on curezone the night it happened for the first time and when she finally took the parsley root tincture and burdock I gave her, she called all excited saying she took the tinctures I left and it was the first time in two years she did not get sick after dialysis (she was always DEATHLY ILL after it)..after ten years of trying so hard, she finally stopped ignoring me and thinking maybe I knew something as she saw it work when the doctors stuff did not. I was so happy after designing dozens of programs, spending hundreds of veggies that rotted and herbs that sat on a shelf finally she opened up to it some.

Tragically just as she finally agreed to go on the program and I was going to go there and train her and my brothers, she had a heart attack noone called or left the herbs to stop it or follow the easy directions and the hospital killed her.

I posted the 30 steps and tons of things on here to help someone specific and in memory of her and to help others.

the person that motivated me by his case to put all this on here has not done most of it and just dabbled and did his own thing which apparently is not working. His creatinine just went up and they are predicting dire consequences for him..he finally decided to take the intestinal cleanse one and two motivated by fear but hope and seeing results also motivates and hearing from those who are healing themselves, but I am hoping to impress upon him that this is not enough. The program works because you do ALL parts of it leaving out not one part cause if you leave one out, you may not get better. This is not a pick and chose program. everything on it is there for a reason, it all works together just as the additional 30 steps I listed do enhance healing and up your odds...the incurables is the foundation absolutely.

I would also recommend people review the 30 steps and look into the mushrooms (steps 3 and 4) and the //
for lowering creatinine also..and definitely get your blood cleansing herbs in there and parsley root tincture..schulze's detox formula is a blood cleansing formula like the Hoxsey formula

please review the things I have posted to help your program..schulze always in the clinic added the herbs specific to the illness like garlic and Hawthorne for the heart, nervines for the ms and Lou gehrig's, diabetes herbs for blood Sugar and getting off pop etc and this is what one is doing when adding the suggestions in the 30 steps I posted and gaining lots of info doing things specific to the kidneys and the dirty blood and so forth.

I am really shocked and delighted to hear your doctor is going to try to help others avoid wonderful as it completely wrecked my mom's heart (it makes heart attacks 30 times more likely) and her eyes (it made her almost blind as they often took out too much fluids), hospitalized her several times from messed up needles and blood pressure in the 30s from taking out the wrong amount of fluids,,.she was so everything possible to avoid her fate...she watched young people die in dialysis and it was depressing there and their relatives cry...

Yes, it is a lifestyle change but like anything can become a habit and I want to remind people in one of the links I posted in the 30 steps and stuff, I had a page from schulze's book where he said he got many people off dialysis so even if you currently are on dialysis..even if you are as bad as my mom with zero percent function..those herbs she finally took for one day helped her at the end stage..I have no doubt she could have recovered if she had given 100% to committing to doing what was needed, it is not too late, it is never too late no matter how bad you are but the longer you wait, the worst you get and the harder you make it on yourself...

Schulze said in his book you can get dead kidneys working again..I knew about incurables for over 15 years and had good results myself for other stuff but I never saw that page on peopel getting off dialysis and rebuilding their kidneys successfully in his clinic, until after my mom's death a year or so ago..if I had, maybe she might have listened more..I tried for 10 years but stubbornness and clinging to her bad eating and too much belief in the doctors and not enough in nature and herbs and my extensive reading and God sent knowledge etc lead to her demise..and caused so much pain for her and her loved reading this can avoid this. Be smarter than my mom was. Please avoid her fate as it was not good..she really suffered.

Please do anything to not get on mother asked me to let people know how many languish and suffer with kidney disease and try to get people to care as much about this as cancer, aids, etc. She was so touched by all the people she saw at dialysis centers and the suffering they went through and how awful this disease was and she had a heart for them. It isn't easy to relive this stuff but I am hoping if nothing else by her death and suffering someone might be motivated to avoid what she went through and do the work necessary before it is too late ....for dialysis will kill you and not easily either.

So do it can feel wonderful could even wind up with better health than the rest of people you know, Look to the blessings in disguise..learning and then teaching others, spreading natural healing in a world of sickness and hopelessness and feeling there are no answers. You can be the hope people need especially with your testimony, encouragement, advice, support, and healing improvements, in once again feeling wonderful and this time appreciating it so much more , knowing how to heal yourself of anything and others..imagine that.. being used to answer people's most desperate prayers, gaining strength and hope and good cheer in the midst of trials. Understanding the power of the awesome creation around us. Learning to build good lifestyle changes day by day.

I do not know how to do what my mom asked me to promise with tears in her eyes....get the word out to how awful this disease is and try to get some kind of media attention like she asked me to, but I do know how to help cure kidney disease and I outlined what I know on here to help others not go through what my mom did and in that way, I do not have to waste the knowledge God lead me to. ]

Sadly, I could not help my mom cause she did not want my help and knowledge but I hope my words and the experiences of this man who is getting better encourage you and let you know you can be well if you do the is a hard program but it is one that definitely gets results.

May you continue to improve and encourage others and how wonderful if your doctor sees your courage and example to help others avoid the nightmare of dialysis. We need more open-minded doctors willing to learn and not think they have all the answers..when we heal ourselves through the experiences of those who healed themselves before us and the wisdom gained from that, when we . listening to our inner voice and persevere on good days and bad, we teach the healers (doctors)..teach them things the drug companies, expensive equipment makers and medical schools for whatever reason do not teach them..teach them to go back to nature and the knowledge gained from eons of mankind's knowledge revisited.

Others have completely restored their kidneys and so can not give up hope no matter what they say about your case. Schultze often said "I don't care how bad you are or how hopeless the doctor says you are opr many days you have to live, you CAN BE WELL if you do the work.

Also please express to others (I may send my friend here) that doing just one or two parts of the program is not enough..why it works is doing all these things together in a comprehensive program that build such strong levels of health so that the body heals and regenerates himself

I am excited to hear about this actually lowering your creatine levels so I know in my own heart, I was right in what I advised my mom even though the whole family thought I was wrong, an idiot, and a nag, who was "torturing her", and what not. When you know how to help the suffering, but they won't listen, that is hard too.

It helps me to know others can be better and that I can be a part of helping and so can people like you in a most powerful way..posting what you did was a very good thing..thank you and keep on helping others and getting better as well. We are so brainwashed to think doctors know everything and they really don't...follow the money or follow nature and its bounty and innate wisdom

This is not just a healing but a mission for the more people that heal themselves the more they tell others and the more that know, the more that do it, get well, and pass it on. We are helping God to answer people's prayers as when you do natural healing and get better, you generally also pass things on and more and more will realize the mighty power of God's herbs and food and sun and air and all that is out there to help us get better. It is a blessing that this program works for all diseases so we can transfer what we learned to other diseases that other people are facing. A few added things for your specific illness and you are good to go. Schulze even said 80% got better just doing he foundational program.

You can heal yourself from anything I believe..and there is no better way than Dr schulze's incurables program and the plants specific to your disease in the form of organic or wildcrafted tinctures maybe teas but not dried herbs in capsule form and not conventional herbs as capsules are not easily absorbable..tinctures are easier to take than teas and the organic or wild-crafted herbs contain 7-10 times more pytochemicals that cure and prevent diseases than conventional herbs. Also his formulas can be made yourself if money is tight.

I have the formulas for most if need be.

I think, Randall, you posted this just in time..I just got an email tonight from someone who is very scared as the doctor really scared them (the patient and his family) and he is feeling awful and I think maybe your message will give this family hope and maybe even encourage them to stop questioning everything and just do it and stop searching for more answers and use the ones they miraculously got and do it all not just the part you like or believe in..your message is a godsend for this family for one. I will tell them it is here so they can gain hope from your success and words. god bless.

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