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Published: 12 years ago
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yes I agree, R.

it is so about follow the money and new doctors are not trained in nutrition and are trained to defend medical Science and not deviate from "approved" treatments. They are courted by drug companies and given perks..the public is now directly told to ask your doctor to give you a certain drug to get even more sales and the drugs cause you to need other drugs to help with side effects of the initial drugs.

The system of patenting a drug is so expensive that they fake tests and hide info to get drugs approved to make back their money and inexpensive, safe, non toxic treatments like herbs are not studied as why spend millions going through the patent process to get an exclusive 7 year patent on an herb that people can grow or pick themselves..since the doctors rarely read out of the medical library, and the medical journals are about half full with high priced, pharmaceutical drug ad these companies can and do pull out their advertising dollars folding the journals when they publish anything favorable or studies about alternative therapies, so doctors don't get the chance to read it and know even less about the average person about herbs, nutrition and so forth

Dr christopher talks about a reflexologist and another natural doctor who were the only ones who ever healed his mom and how when he tried to go apprentice with them or get their help again he found them arrested.

Watch the video Hoxsey the quack who cured cancer to see the length the AMA goes through, how it tries to buy up and get off the market successful things that cure cancer and even did this to other doctors..when they refuse to sell the AMA sues them or in one case started rumors their stuff was contaminated with the aids virus forcing this respected allopath to flee the country..but Hoxsey won in court.

See how doctor Lorraine Day who cured herself of cancer naturally and made tapes about it called cancer doesn't scare me anymore was harassed and ostracized by her medical colleagues.

They do not want us to know this..herb companies are not allowed to put on their product what it is used for and they keep wanting to make us have to get prescriptions for herbs and vitamins since so many are using home remedies and alternative health and not using doctors as much. In Canada they are trying to do this.

But they cannot stop it when brave people like Christopher put healing the sick above freedom and risk arrest..he was arrested 6 times for healing people of cancer and other incurable diseases. So was Schulze 6 times..Christopher was tried to be run out of town when the lines started forming and he was doing more business than the doctors. They are arrested in truth not for practicing medicine without a licence but for healing people without a license but god wants this info out to help all the people praying for answers and when someone heals themselves and lets that be known, they bring more people into what works and help revise the system. When enough doctors lose business and enough drug companies get sued, maybe we will one day have medical freedom or we may be forbidden to use things like supplements etc to heal ourselves. When they have fast food restaurants on every corner, junk food ads on kids show, pop in the school, bad air and water and crappy food, and lots of stressful times, when they flood our foods with hormones and Antibiotics and chemicals and addictive chemicals and flavors that come from a chemistry lab..when they make it so only filthy agribusiness can make it, and ship our foods from places 3000 miles away instead of fro, local farmers, when they spend billions of equipment and so many make their living off sickness and not prevention of sickness, this eliminates incentive to get people well and find cures and it ensures we are cash cows as Dennis Kucinich said and that we stay sick. The only way to fight back is to not eat their crap food, take their dangerous drugs, go to their staff invention ridden hospitals or reach for pills and not foods and herbs..and to heal ourselves and learn to heal ourselves..if enough do that they will either change, get more into alternative health, seek better food, or force us to not be able to buy anything to heal ourselves but luckily they cannot usually cut down all the plants and we can pick them ourselves if we must..

I will tell you the truth..I found out and it was proven to me that one person with a sick dad was coming on here under different aliases and also emailed me under several others..he is jensen who started all these posts, sodibic, kpietersen, and Warnapura maybe others..if need be I can prove what I am saying is the truth. So sodibic (the name of a drug his dad takes) is not only impersonating a doctor but all these other people.

Though it took me a long time to forgive this person, I did cause his dad is sick as you know but for the record the person hurt the cause of natural healing as by posing as sodibic they may have discouraged truly sick people from doing these programs and getting better. For some time I stopped helping people as I worried there were one of his alias...I have no clue who is real or not on here due to him and he knows it and says he is sorry.

I do believe his dad is sick and he will not lie again or take on aliases and I hope he is telling the coming on here and posing as a doctor and also discouraging people and scaring them from taking potassium broth or fluids etc he did a GREAT and wrong disservice to people seeking help so this makes your testimony more important than ever.

I was not going to blow his cover but your post prompted me too. He is very smart for age 14 though I must say. If you happen to be him then the joke is on me again and this rings true what you said

"One simple question??? If a person is being deceived by ANYBODY, no matter who they are, do they know it? Interesting question isn't it. Answer: NO THEY DON'T. because they minute they learn of the deception, guess what, deception is now over."

I was deceived like that by (his real name)and it hurt a lot seeing how I devoted over 200 hours trying to help him..but because of him I first was motivated to write all these steps so now some other people will hopefully also benefit from all my writings and it is not in vain despite my being deceived by jensen, sodibic kpeterson etc

I just hope he now sees how he has hurt others by his deceptions not only me but these I did not answer or am reluctant to help one on one now as I fear maybe it is him again..I almost quit forever helping people online and I help dozens a day sometimes. One person could have stopped all the good that rippled out and continue as people had success and then helped his deeds, all that could have \been curtailed which helps the medical monopoly if that makes sense.

but just as he was immature, now he is acting more maturely and I give credit for that. I think he will use the knowledge he gained form all this to help others and his dad I hope.

The bottom line is people can be healed if they do the work and don't leave stuff out. We who know need to carry the way of natural healing to others just as Schulze says we will do...when you heal yourself, when you are informed you cant help telling people and preaching how wonderful alternative health can be. yes, there are quacks but there are also miracle healing by good people who care about the suffering and sickness of others.

As you said, if you can help one person from a horrible disease like this, it is worth it.

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