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Re: "Zappers" and "Electrocuting"
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: "Zappers" and "Electrocuting"

Having slept,

and doing some internal analysis-

Parazapper I do apologize to for my snide remark.
My brother [the one who did not die in 2005 from his vast worm load]remarked that my approach was like using a hammer. Yes I agree. I always stated the approach was *aggressive*.

I may not an expert on 'scattering', but then again, perhaps I am now, having eliminated it in *a month*. I don't think one can be an expert in scattering unless it actually happens to them. I will now justify my aggressive therapy [like pulling ticks] at least in my case, and why posting in this forum is helpful. I am very thankful for this forum which I only found after I sized up what happened to me.

Why aggressive measures were entirely justified:

1) They were definitely going into my brain. To do this, they *bit their way out* of my GI, and squeezed their way up through the intervening tissues. On a similar vain, I read one post on this site of a girl losing a chunk of her liver to them which was visible in her enema. At that time, just a few weeks ago, I was restricting my diet so as not to feed them. So they were probably HUNGRY. Remember, brain tissue is high in FAT... During one of those ongoing episodes, I clearly felt one circle around front (above my sinuses) and dive between my lobes in that *very area* that you point out as being important. I know about that area, I'm quite well versed on what is there. I actually use it all the time, along with the rest of my brain. I use all my brain, not just the 5%, but that another thread.
I was not about to be a worm's experiment in what happens when it bites off chunks here and there.

2) Since they originally came from the intestines, they must be dragging in many undesirable fecal microbes, and possibly smaller parasites which would never have found their way in otherwise.

3) In one instance, I felt one wrapping around one of those areas which did influence cognitive and motor skills. Luckily I was not far from home, and my device, but driving home was a bit dicey. I called home to tell what was happening, just in case I blacked out and crashed or something. Maybe that's what strokes are. Not funny. I was not hysterical, or overly desperate. Through this period, I had an unnatural detachment from the obvious horror of this kind of experience. Needless to say, I did not do that long term study on just how much they could effect me. furthermore, I was able to remove them from 'up there' successfully.

4) Leading up to this, during our cleanse, my wife and I did not see a lot of anything visible in our stool or enemas *until* we did this approach. We were doing the herbs for weeks, prior. Only after strong localized application did we even see the big ones, I'm guessing were Ascaris. otherwise We would never have known we had the bigger ones . BTW, my wife Superzapped for a few hours just today; worm bit her making 2 small vampire dots on her skin, but she got it. She just lost even another 2 lbs today...

5) We wanted to buy a zapper, but we could not afford it. I actually had both a TENS unit and a Stimulator (old tube type high voltage pulse device). Since then we bought an additional TENS device for her to wear around the house. That was the link I provided.

From fledgling's post:

>the frequency given cannot reach deeply into the body, as deeply as the inside of the intestines, for example.

*My point exactly* Those little toy zappers are like that. What WE have been doing absolutely reaches inside the intestines. That's my whole point! I'm an electrical engineer so you can't boggle me on that one. The proof IS in the pudding..

Some of parazapper's points:
You say:
>What you fail to realize is that the electrolysis of nerve tissue can cause serious neuopathy down the road.
You speculate, but I am quite certain that cranial electroshock can't be good. Neither is chemotherapy. It was glaringly obvious that not only did I have to prevent them not only from going 'up there' but that repetitive unfruitful worm herding was not good. In another post I clearly stated that doing this was a trade off. That was why I escalated into blatant worm electrocution.
You say:
>Additionally, the place and the way that you used it can cause serious damage to several very important areas of the brain that can cause serious hormonal, cognitive, and functional problems in the future. Bad enough that you might not even remember what you did to cause them.
More speculation.
What is *not* speculation on my part, it that I KNOW that having cranial scattering is MUCH more serious than any possible incidental damage I may possibly have done. I don't need any posturing expert to tell me that.

>They say that ignorance is bliss.
Ive been seeing a lot of ignorance lately, the blue pill worm people.
>So, why is it that I do not have the worms any longer?
I don't believe that for a second.
Zappers have worked for many here.
Please everyone tell this forum of your success with zappers, how long it took, how many you expelled, *& how overweight you still are*, etc. Please.
>I seriously believe that you may have deluded yourself out of desparation. [its desperation, BTW]

That's why my wife has lost over 45#s [and another 2 # more just today], and has passed *volumes* of worms over the last month or so. She still has the cranial experience, as she's a week or two behind me due to previous equipment limitations. So, if anyone is overweight still, even after a ' parasite cleanse', then now you have something else to try, if you dare.
>For you to come out and boast on this without waiting for at least a few months of independent observation is at the leasst wreckless and puts the lives and safety of others at serious risk.
The lives and safety of *everyone* is already at risk even now. Everyone you see. All my oblivious coworkers, my family, and people who have 'cleansed' their worms after taking a few herbs. I have put my admittedly aggressive results out here, **on this forum**, where I expect such topics are fair game in the hope that I can elicit the very independent observations you think I should make. PAL, I've had things slithering down my brainstem. After that, I'm not at all phased by your seeming self importance and your defense of those pussy 15V zappers. It is VERY CLEAR to me, that the parasite issue and especially the scattering issue is NOT being dealt with. As far as I could tell, it was barely discussed just a few weeks ago.

>Yet, you remain in a cognitive state of denial. [denial of WHAT?]

The only denial is that even parasite savvy people deny that these worms *routinely* go into peoples heads all the time [having a migrane?] and influence our thoughts [my voices told me to clean my gun], emotions [worm denial], eating habits [junk food marketers have to know they sell to the worms..], etc. One worm even *threatened* my wife, and she was not asleep but they are all bluff (unless they bite off your sensitive brain components). I thought you all should know. Isn't this the right forum to bring this up? I will soon make a case for cranial probing with electroshock. I think we should be allowed to know the results of autopsies. The death industry supposedly reports to some aspect of the 'government' on parasitical infections, and they don't tell the poor families.

Bottom line: We all have been dosed. Hard. Everyone is *infested*, unless one has specifically and exhaustively purged themselves, quarterly. Thank you Curezone. Everywhere I look when I'm out in public In see the sick truth. Sick.Sick.Sick. Yes I am a just a bit riled up. I was under the spell that we were actually in a civilization..Its not your fault, but in your posturing I smell a similar thought pattern in your resistance to my data, as that of the mainstream medical establishment. My wife calls them 'worm farmers'.

To be fair, I have a sister who is bedridden handicapped, who clearly has a high worm load and a friend who weighs maybe 280 lbs, [just like all the other overweight people all who have worms], to whom I would NEVER NEVER recommend this kind of approach, as it WILL cause scattering. Maybe a little zapper would be good in their case. I don't know how to help them just yet. I don't dare even recommend the herb cleanse anymore. To anyone. But I do recommend learning about the issue, especially scattering, and deciding what is best. So now I've opened a new can of worms: cranial scattering. Its like waking up from the Matrix.

The things I convey here are for people WHO HAVE SCATTERING. There probably will be many people who end up reading these posts, unless a worm succeeds in deleting them, who are having this horrible experience. I want to compare notes, share my self inflicted research, and to assure everyone that I am alive and well, and am better than ever in fact. But I still have worms, but not scattered ones. Additionally, I think there are other parasites, not involved in scattering that have always lived in the brain. More research needed there. As for the neural stress, I never once believed that neurons don't ever grow back like we were programmed to believe, back in the day. Similarly, I trust I can grow back any presumed incidental nerve damage you suggest. Unless I still have parasites there, of course, then I will become a worm zombie like all the rest of the blue pill people. I took the red pill, and will never be quite the same. This issue is HUGE. You all are 'free' to believe whatever [your worms want] you to believe.

I truly thank you Parazapper, Really. for providing a sounding board and critical feedback. People definitely should not just try this randomly, but only from a point of appreciating the risks. The risks you mention certainly are real. I really Do appreciate your input, and if I come off as brash, its partially due to my impatience with people in general these days who can not fully appreciate the magnitude of the parasite issue. I wish I found the curezone parasite support when I first needed it. I would have jumped on bloodroot, CoQ10, L-cysteine, oregano oil, coconut oil, etc. I'm out of the woods now, into the life long mop up / prevention phase. OK, I guess I was boasting, as others reported that they had been at it for months or even YEARS, being truly desperate, waiting for the worms to all die off naturally, meanwhile the people are getting weaker and weaker, as if that was all one could do. Did the zapper help them? I don't know. Yes, I experimented on myself, which I hope can be of some benefit. Not many people will admit they even have worms, or even consider it, and almost nobody inn this forum has admitted to worms in the brain. Nobody with scattering mentioned them going into the head, but both my wife and I got that. I think I should at least get some credit for bringing that up. Maybe its OK, to have worms cruising the lobes, but that's not for me.

I'm breaking up with my worms. And all my friends who are hapless zombie worm people.


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