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Re: Okay everyone, let's talk about your Dr. Schulze's Incurables Program is doing for you....

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Wolf011358 Views: 26,022
Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Okay everyone, let's talk about your Dr. Schulze's Incurables Program is doing for you....

Dear Knowledgeable Seeker and all those who are scared right now,

I AM a kidney disease sufferer. I am the one who posted the "Let's hear your successes original post. I wanted to sort of give a monologue of what goes on in my mind in any given day, so you can see, I'm not some superman. Just an ordinary human who gets tired frustrated, enraged, happy, sad, depressed, angry and the whole lot. I KNOW what you are going through it, BECAUSE I'M GOING THROUGH IT RIGHT NOW!!!

Knowleable Seeker is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! DO THE PROGRAM!!! DON'T WASTE TIME, DON'T KEEP ASKING THE STUPID QUESTIONS I DID, JUST DO IT!!! I was VERY skeptical when I started. But, I used Walt Disney's favorite saying, "Just keep moving forward." So I did. I didn't care if I saw no results the first day, the second day, the third day, the fourth day, getting really tired and frustrated now, the fifth day, okay is this stuff working or am I wasting my time........Ninth day, my wife says," Honey, your face." I say "what's wrong with my face?". It's not looking old and wrinkly anymore!" "You aren't looking old anymore. And your skin isn't greyish anymore!!!" I hadn't noticed. I was looking for something bigger.

She was right. I hadn't noticed. I was focused on stupid stuff. After 2 weeks, the soars on my legs had disappeared. All those irritating little pimple like soars COVERING my scalps were getting smaller and less!!! My blood pressure began dropping! The scabs and itching on my back was gone, and my kidneys, THEY STOPPED HURTING!!!! If nothing else, your kidneys getting up to an eight in pain is hard to endure right before you are going to bed!!! I hated that. I didn't sleep. I had to pee every hour at night. But not during the day, what's that all about? Now I sleep for up to 5 hours before I have to pee!!!

I got tired really fast of nothing but juice. I started to grow and eat my own sprouts. To control what went in them. They didn't seem to adversely effect me. They were a little solid food, but I made sure I waited till my creatinine level had gone down first.

Food out smells good, except the fried crap now, it makes me sick to smell it. I hate driving by Krystal and Burger King and the like, because their food smells like something putrid died now. My taste buds are changing!!! I would rather chew on a zucchini!! Yummy. Hated them before. Weird.

I love skin brushing. It feels so good. Then I hop in the shower, take a shower and go into the hot and cold shower routine. BE CAREFUL, blood pressure might drop again, don't pass out if it goes too low. Watch that. Remember, your blood pressure may drop as much as 50 points after taking the hot and cold shower routine. I love low blood pressure. Less likely to have a heart attack. What is it this morning? 97/53!!! A little low, better sit down. Give it time to stabilize. Better think about weining myself off of another half if this goes on for the next five days. Keep a close watch on the BP and make sure it's a normal thing before you cut back on your BP medication. Be WISE, not FOOLISH!!! Fools rugh into things. Wise men don't. Now I'm down to only 1/2 of one pill. Used to be taking 3 and they still couldn't get it down past 165/85. Things are looking up.

I'm tired today, why? It's 11:00 am!! Crap, I couldn't get up? What's going on? Well, I get my blood tested today. I'll find out tomorrow when my Nephrologist faxes me the results. Friday, fax comes. I'm officially anemic!!! Crap, I was afraid of that. They did harp on those "green" juices. Better get on that. But they taste nasty. So what, you like sleeping 13 hours a day and wasting time? Nope. Then take your "green" juices also. 2 weeks later, feel much better. Been taking "green" juices broccoli, asparagus, kale, chards, add them 25% to 75% carrot juice, not so bad, practically good tasting. Easy to swallow. Gotta remember those green juices. Remember, fruit cleanses and veggies build. Need both.

Hmmm my potassium is a bit high. My heart beats a little funny today. It tends to skip a beat every so often. Need to increase my cayenne and hawthorne. Will help to build the heart, have to KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!!

Done with my first 30 days. Have to order my second and get ready for round two. Probably have to do this 2 more times, I figure. I can do it!! I have loads more enery over the past 5 days. Incredible. I can do things again. Planning a Superbowl Party. Will try some MILD ALL ORGANIC snacks that I MAKE MYSELF to control what goes in me. That way, I know I am being kind to my kidneys. Only Vegan recipes for now, even though you want cheese and meat and eggs and fish and and and ......Be STRONG. KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Remember, this Superbowl party will be your seventh day they talk about. Six days on, one day rest. Then back to the grindstone!!! KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!!

Sometimes I feel a little worse, but that's rare. But I can't let it deter me. have to KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!! People and friends think I'm weird. I DON'T CARE, I'M SAVING MY LIFE. Would THEY have the strength to do this, if it were them? Probably not. You the READER....Do you have the strength? Do you want to live again? Not just exist in a lump of misery? Are you tired of itching CONSTANTLY!!! Kidneys ALWAYS HURTING. Complexion pale and discolored? Legs and body weak, sleep a lot, tired all the time, pee all the time at night etc etc etc. There is a way. You have found it. It's not a bed of roses, it IT HARD!!!!!!! But I have become so much stronger a person since I started this. I'm not the same I was in December. I am MUCH STRONGER IN CHARACTER. It's amazing how it also builds your mental facilities to be more powerful over time. More determined. Remember this......those drugs they have you on, if you are on dialysis have some really BAD SIDE EFFECTS. MENTAL WEAKNESS, DEPRESSION, INSTABILITY OF THE MIND AND THOUGHT PROCESSES. The doctors know this. It makes you more pliable to their suggestions and gives you less will power. So, DEFY THEM!!!! Do the program, get your MIND back and your life. My doctor bugged me for two months to get the dialysis surgery and get on dialysis. I finally told him I would rather die. BUT I DIDN'T!!! NOW HE WANTS TO START TRYING IT ON HIS OTHER DIALYSIS PATIENTS, BECAUSE HE TOLD ME THAT ALL DOCTORS KNOW THAT DIALYSIS KILLS PEOPLE!!! BUT HE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO OFFER. NOW HE DOES. An amazing doctor.

If you are afraid, scared, depressed, worried sick like I was, stomach tied in knots, curious, feeling helpless. I UNDERSTAND. I was there. Talk to me. Write me, I'll send you encouragement. I'll try to answer questions. I myself have studied natural medicine for 35 years. I've been diabetic for 35 years and my doctor's new helper mistook me for aobut 30 the other day. I'm 51!!!! This program works.

Right now, I'm working on a cure for diabetes I read about. I am studying my results closely. I only started yesterday after getting the one necessary ingredient to start taking it. It takes between 6 months and a year. The ingredient seems to turn the pancreas back on over time. I don't want to tell the ingredient yet, because I want to make sure it actually works and how to do it, plus the ingredient is a very very specific thing and if you order the wrong one, it's easy to do, you won't get better. I will never sell this cure, if it works. I will be posting it here and anywhere I can possibly find for everyone to read about. I hate being diabetic as much as you do. So, if it works, pray that it does, you will see it posted soon.

Please, if you have any questions, doubts, worries, write me. Talk to me, don't shut your mind off. Stop being deceived by the doctors.


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