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colour of bile

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Published: 18 years ago
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colour of bile

The snake of messages discussing bile colour was so long I decided to post a new message. I've told my story of bile before but here it is again for anyone who is interested.

Years ago when I did my first whammy liver flush, I did the whopper 2 cups of straight oil way after fasting for 3 days and doing enemas. What came out was dark green foul smelling liquid and hundreds of emerald green stones.

I was teaching English to a doctor (in Japan) who told me fresh bile is pale yellow and has no smell and is a bit like gel. Off bile on the other hand is dark green and stinks. So we concluded that my GB had been totally blocked, the bile had gone off and was seeping toxins into my blood stream causing fatigue, allergies and low immune system. Needless to say RADICAL change to my health almost immediately including my skin colour!

Three months later I did the same flush again. THIS time, what came out? You guessed it. A long rope of pale yellow gel with just a few little sticky bright green stones on the end - new stones. So there you go, exactly as the doctor described.

It's not so clear to see what everything is with Hulda Clark 's way because you don't fast, and the Epsom Salts and grapefruit juice etc.

People describe vomiting yellow stuff - I'm pretty certain that this is just stomach acid and not bile. After all, the bile is released into the duodenam (sp?) and not the stomach so how could you vomit up bile?

The green stones have been confirmed countless times to be cholesterol, calcium and bile salts. The softer ones are newer, the darker ones are older. For some reason, most pathologists won't test them and simply state that they are not g.stones. yes, the green ones are not calcium gallstones. They are biliary liver stones I guess. I have no idea why the door is mostly closed in pathology to this. I have yet to befriend a pathologist and find out why.

But consider this, 1 in 10 people have their gall bladders out. Big bikkies for the surgeons!

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