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Issue 191: Leukemia, Gardasil, Vaccines, Ovarian Cancer, FBD, Ulcerative Colitis, HIV
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Published: 12 years ago

Issue 191: Leukemia, Gardasil, Vaccines, Ovarian Cancer, FBD, Ulcerative Colitis, HIV

Educating Instead of Medicating Issue 191:
Leukemia, Gardasil, Vaccines, Ovarian Cancer, FBD, Ulcerative Colitis

  • Researcher, Diane M. Harper, blasts Gardasil HPV marketing
    A lead researcher who spent 20 years developing the vaccine for human papilloma virus says the HPV vaccine is not for younger girls, and that it is "silly" for states to be mandating it for them.
  • An inspiring personal story of triumph over leukemia
    I guess it was maybe 2 months before they saw a big difference in my blood. They didn't know what I was doing, and I said, "Well, I'm doing this diet thing. I'm eating whole grains, beans and vegetables." They said, "That's very nice honey, but what are you doing?"  They called it spontaneous regression and had no answer for it. They said, "Whatever you're doing, do it, because something's changing."
  • Processed Meats Linked to 74 Percent Higher Risk of Leukemia  
    New research published in the journal BMC Cancer reveals that children who eat processed meats like bacon, hot dogs and sausage are 74 percent more likely to develop leukemia than children who avoid such processed meats and eat more vegetables and tofu instead.
  • Vaccinations: Beware the fearful  by  rudenski
    18 more years I am still having to deal with my ignorant decision to vaccinate my precious little child who is now an Autistic adult. I still talk calmly and tell her I love her when she says the world is wrong and that she hates me... but how can I blame her when I let them poison her with vaccinations?
  • Amalgam Fillings: Norway is first to ban mercury in teeth by  dquixote1217
    Mercury has been banned from all dental fillings in Norway. Dentists in the country had to start using safer alternatives as a matter of law from the beginning of this year. The metal has also been banned from all products, including measuring instruments.

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  • Natural Help for Ovarian Cancer by  Tony Isaacs
    The following information is in addition to the information contained in my suggested anti-cancer protocol and it is highly recommended that anyone with ovarian or any other form of cancer also take a good look at the protocol and follow it as completely as possible.
  • 8 Month Anniversary on Iodine: an update! by  Miss Helfinger
    This list took eight months to get together. It did not happen in a few weeks. The resonance of what was possible is what made me keep going. Don't stop, keep diligent to your protocol and you'll watch things fall off your symptoms list.
  • Pharmaceutical Advertising Biases Journals Against Vitamin Supplements
    in major medical journals, more pharmaceutical advertising is associated with publishing fewer articles about dietary supplements.
  • Bone Spurs Gone ! by  refreshed
    The year before starting this protocal I showed spurs forming and the next year they were gone. I do not take any medications and nothing had been added or changed in my diet other than adding these changes.
  • Clinical trial for oleander against HIV a huge success by  Tony Isaacs
    All of the HIV patients improved significantly whereas all of the placebo group continued to decline. Although the final report is still being printed, Mr. Swanepoel has been kind enough to share a summary of his dissertation.

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  • FBD, Angry about not being told by  spudlydoo
    I am taking up to eight drops of Lugol's Iodine per day with selenium and vitamin C as well. I have lived with FBD for years and it is now starting to disappear, the lumps are no longer painful and are getting smaller.
  • Back Pain  by Dr Mom
    In my 30's, I was in and out of a wheel-chair. In my 40's, I could play basketball with my kids again - run and not fall from the excruciating pain. In my 50's I can carry, wrestle and play with my grandchildren.
  • Heavy bleeding  by Dr Mom
    Seven years ago I was doing some extremely heavy bleeding - passing clots and hemorrhaging - I was told I had to have a hysterectomy and a blood transfusion or I would die. In three days the bleeding stopped, in 10 days I passed some tissue, after 14 days my body went back to a 28 day cycle, with 3 days of minimal bleeding, and I was passing fertility fluid like I was 20.
  • Rectal administration of d-alpha tocopherol for active ulcerative colitis: A preliminary report.
    This preliminary report suggests that rectal d-alpha tocopherol may represent a novel therapy for mild and moderately active UC. The observed results might be due to the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties of vitamin E.
  • Breast Cancer and oleander success story by  dquixote1217
    So she is a year past beating the odds. She is alive and well. Her tumor counts continue to drop and she can no longer feel the tumor that was once very large on her chest wall. This being the second bout of Breast Ca she was very concerned about the chemo side effects because of here first experience.
  • After Taking Prozac, Teen Beats Father to Death with Hammer

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