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Re: Adrenal fatigue and leaky gut

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Adrenal fatigue and leaky gut

Thanks Palaecro,

My problems started initially with just sinus problems (post nasal drip) about 3 years ago.

This seemed like an isolated problem that went on for a couple of years before the rest of my body started to break down. I was even scheduled for surgery to have my adanoids removed, however due to all the new symptoms coming along, and the fact the ENT didn't acknowledge any potential causes based around diet or other, I declined. I may look back on this as a good decision if I can eventually correct it naturally.

Hypoglycemia was the next symptom to come on. My diet at the time was extremely high in Sugar and fast acting carbs. I'd regularly eat 3 chocolate bars some crips and a sandwich for lunch, all of which are extremely bad for you in one way or another. I was under the illusion that because I didn't put on weight, this diet wasn't going to do me any harm (I've always been underweight).

I was also experiencing a great level of emotional strain from lack of friends, bad relationship breakup and uncertainly over my job. Combining this with the ever increasing bad diet is no doubt what sent my body into decline.

Once I started to address the hypoglycemia all the other fatigue based symptoms came on. At the time I was having regular blood Sugar crashes and I can only imagine what sort of stress this was putting on my body internally. Initially sleeping wasn't a problem but that slowly deteriorated to a point where I was waking up between 2-4am every night (that often still happens today). For the next few months I was adament that I just had 'reactive hypoglycemia'. I was on a healthy Diet but wasn't really rotating at all. I'd be eating the same things day in day out for months. During these months I wasn't supplementing with anything.

A few months in I began to feel an 'addiction' to dairy coming on and got tested with an IgG blood test. Although the reliability of such tests is questionable, it did show an intolerance to dairy (and a mild intolerance to a couple of other things). This was no doubt due to my poor general health and lack of rotation in my diet.

Unfortunately cutting out dairy didn't significantly improve my health. The cravings died down naturally but I didn't notice any other improvement in my symptoms. I've noticed these addictions with other foods along the way as well, and I think it may just be a general craving towards sugary, salty and fatty foods.

That's where I'm at. My current debilitating symptoms are...

- Hypogylcemia (currently controlled by diet).
- Fatigue (physical and mental).
- Sinus problems - post nasal drip.
- Neck ache - seems to be fairly random.
- Achy eyes.
- Constant racing mind

It's these symptoms, my age (23 year old male), my weight (underweight) and what I've just described which leads to strongly believe my adrenals are at the root of the problem.

I did do an ASI test which showed my morning, mid morning and evening results just slightly out of range (low) and my evening out of range (high). This goes along with how I feel - i.e. I seem to wake up around 9pm and then struggle to get to sleep, despite feeling tired during the day.

Which regards to the severity of my fatigue, it's bad but not too bad. I can get to work and if needs be walk the 2 miles back home at the end of the day. I don't seem to suffer many consequences from doing this. that said I don't feel strong enough to attempt any sport. This seems to tie in with the ASI test result that suggests I'm out of range but not massively so.

As mentioned I did show up as having a leaky gut and candida, but the validity of these tests is questionable again. It seems notoriously difficult to diagnose candida, and I remember large amounts of excreted peanut butter in the stool i tested from - bound to be high in Candida regardless. One of the leaky gut markers - secratory IgA can be elevated by anxiety, something I experience daily.

That said I am taking moderate steps to address both. As mentioned I'm taking L-Glutamine, N-Acetyglucosamine, Quecertin, Saccharomyces boulardii, Lactobacillus sporogenes and digestive enzymes for leaky gut, as well as probiotics daily. I'm not really taking many antifungals (except for garlic) simply because there has to be a point where you become sensible with your paranoia. (Also I've heard this can decrease the effectiveness of threelac - the probiotic I am taking)

I've just ordered Dr Wilson's adrenal fatigue protocol after reading his book and will add this to my regime. I'm on a gluten free, dairy free, Sugar free, moderately low carb Rotation Diet (enough to maintain my weight) that is high in vegetables.

Also worth noting I've not experienced any 'die off' in 2 months of taking probiotics. Could be a clue that Candida isn't the main issue.

Hope thats detailed enough for ya!



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