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I tried Candex..I need some help.
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Published: 14 years ago

I tried Candex..I need some help.

I have Candida, a leaky gut, and a sluggish liver. I'm also have an anxiety disorder, and depression.

I have:
constant 24/7 brain fog for almost 3 years(worst symptom)
Feeling of unreality
feel drunk after eating certain meals
Seborrheic Dermatitis
thinning hair
extreme chemical sensitivity (contributes to brain fog)
intolerance to alcohol
insomnia (never feel refreshed after sleep)

May 2008 I made my first attempt at addressing Candida. I went on a strict candida diet for 1 month..then I began using "Candida Clear" by NOW..and an Acidophilus product. I immediately experienced a die-off reaction..I stuck with the products for as long as I could stand..about 1 week. I stopped using them..and remained on my Candida diet (still on it). My functionality never returned to baseline. My chemical sensitivities became brain fog..horrible. I had a CDSA showed no Candida..but it did show dysbiosis..My understanding is that the Candida is there..but went undetected.

I have been taking things incredibly slow..trying not to make any missteps. I don't want to harm my body. I want to recover all of my brain function.

I realize that all of these issues I'm dealing with are symptoms of a larger problem. I am dealing with mental issues that have kept me fearful..a constant fight or flight state since mid-April 2006. I am slowly addressing these issues. I believe the constant stress + Antibiotic use + alcohol use + deterioration of a longterm relationship + genetics (neurotic)...catapulted my body into chronic illness. I realize that there is an adrenal fatigue component here too.

I realize that my liver is overburdened..and that I need to address this..but I am very apprehensive. My leaky gut is allowing toxins to recirculate throughout my body..and taxing my detox evidenced by my increasing brain fog and chemical sensitivities. I am taking "Seacure" for the leaky gut..and drinking Dandelion Root Tea to help my liver. I have read a lot about liver flushing...but I am scared to make a leap into something like that.

I tried to take L-glutamine for my leaky gut. I took 1 500mg pill. I had an extremely intense reaction. Extremely alert...insomnia all night..the most severe migrane headache I've ever had. I read some things about it might be indicative of an ammonia overload..I'd appreciate any comments with insight..

Yesterday...I tried "1" pill of Candex. I figured that a product claiming "no die off" from Candiad might be just what I needed to take some of the toxic burden off my liver. Throughout the day I developed increasing die-off sensations..worsening brain fog, fatigue, stomach pains..I woke up the same boat I was in May 2008..terrible brain fog. I figure that the Candex was working..but my liver simply couldn't process the results.

I really believe all the claims Candex makes..and I'm not knocking it. I've read SO many reviews about how it should not really prodice a die off reaction..or a minimal one...

I just want to know..why is it happening to me?

What the hell am I supposed to do?

Where should my treatment begin?

I'm already on a strict 100% organic Candida diet.

What order should I seek treatment?
1. mental health..(addressing anxiety, phobias)
2. leaky gut
3. liver congestion
4. candida
5. work on my adrenals

Is there any way to detox my liver without flushing it? I've read about "Ultra Clear Plus"..and I believe it was recommended by the ND I saw a few months ago.

I know I've asked a lot of questions..I really need a coach.. have been very helpful. I just need to know that someone has experienced this..and recovered..I feel like my brain is suffering serious bombardment...and my liver can't handle even a gentle anti-fungal like Candex.


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