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Re: SCIENCE: ANALYZED STONES - GALLSTONES? ... Liver Stones being analyzed ???

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: SCIENCE: ANALYZED STONES - GALLSTONES? ... Liver Stones being analyzed ???

Hi Appolonius,

I have done about 45 liver purges over the last 12 years but still get a recurrent pain in the upper right hand quadrant. Is there a way that you can switch over to a thread that I started last year and read through it?

It is under my handle Erasmus with the subject of Reappearing Gallbladder Pain After Liver Flush. It is a long thread and details a number of liver purges, with my questions to and comments from Telman and Plzchuckle.

I used to get out a large number of soft green pellets 100-200 but that number has taper off. Now I go 2-4 months between purges and get out only about one or two teaspoons full of green pellets. I don't think the green pellets are true gall stones or apple juice softened stones. I think they are globs of cholesterol made in the liver. I don't think they are soap stones or melt outside the body. I do think they contain alot of water and they can dry-up outside the body and be rehydrated if placed in water. They dissolve in rubbing alcohol but not water.

Also I think the gall bladder flush procedure could help pass small true Gallstones if present. But the flush could also get big true gall stones stuck as noted already. I have seen lab analysis that the green pellets are made of cholesterol not olive oil which has a high amount of linoleic fatty acid. Purified cholesterol is a white powder. I have tried to analyze the green pellets myself using bacon fat as a positive control for cholesterol and pure olive oil as a negative control. I didn't get the green pellet to resemble either in the colorimetric analysis. I used pure cholesterol as a standard which turns deeper red color in a concentration dependent manner. Bacon fat was pink indicating the presence of some cholesterol, olive oil stayed clear and a green pellet became milky white. I've done this analysis twice with the same results. I will try it again with a different
purification method this summer.

I'm looking for advice and encouragement that the next purge will be successful. I don't have hard gall stones says three ultrasounds but there is an emptying problem says a HIDA scan and combined with the pain the surgeon wants to take out the gallbladder.

I finished another liver purge on 02/13/2009. It went OK but was only modestly productive. 2 tablespoons full of small stuff. This was after being off for 14 weeks. Now I have pain as if something has slipped down into a channel or groove somewhere. I prepared for a Colonoscopy exam, that I took 2/19 which is a similar prep to the gallbladder purge. After the exam, I drank a cup of hot water with a tablespoon of MgSO4 and waited about 30 minutes to open the bile ducts and then drink a 1/3 cup of olive oil. Then laid down and took a nap. Only about 4-5 small green plugs came out and the side pain was still present. The colonoscopy was clean.

Comment. If you lay on your right side does any olive oil enter the biliary tree? It seems that the gall bladder empties on the left so one should lay on the left. But then the stomach might not empty. So a compromise is to lay flat on yout back with the head elevated. Any comments?

Second question: Between purges, I have been taking gold coin grass, and a product with turmeric to try and soften any existing green pellets in the gall bladder. I'm concerned that I have a large one or two plugs in my Gallbladder that will never actually come out. Any ideas on how to reduce a really big one? I usually pass only small stuff about 4-5 mm long and 2-3 mm wide. I still don't have pain related to eating but more related to doing the purges. Often a sharp pain on the right side under the floating rib.

I also take powdered Vit-C, which is sour and sometimes causes my gallbladder to squeeze but I've read that Vit-C will help to thin out the bile and make it easier to move along. I often massage the Sphincter of Oddi region and sometimes get rewarded by a gurgle of sound and a sensation of reduced pressure. I massage a spot half way between my navel and my right hip bone. Also I have tried using an ultrasonic massage wand but it doesn't help much. The actual full finger pressure helps more.

Bye for now.


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