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How important is a diagnosis?
willowwisp Views: 1,420
Published: 13 years ago

How important is a diagnosis?

I'm very new to this whole "natural healing", I apologize if this is a stupid questions..

Does a person NEED a diagnosis to get healthy? I've been sick for a long time.. no, I'm not in the hospital and I never call in sick at work... but, I'm definately sick... and I want to get better... But I don't know what I have, or what's wrong with me. And the only way I know HOW to find out what is wrong with me, is go from doctor to doctor being tested for everything out there.. and even with that, I have soo little faith in doctors, that' I'm afraid I will be more sick after seeing them than I am now. Not to mention, I don't want to be labled a hypochondriac, and be sentenced to never be taken seriously again.

So... do I really NEED to know what's wrong with me?

in case you are interested... here are some of my symptoms...

- explosive diarhea 2-10 times a day, everyday.
- food passes through my system completely undigested.
- my digestion time line is about 20 minutes to an hour (I know, because since my food passes through undigested.. I see what i ate coming out the other end.. )
- despite my digestive issues, I'm over 100 pounds overweight, and no matter what I do, I can't seem to get the weight off..
- I've develeped a very bad case of acid reflux that many times keeps me up at night.
- I am completely carb addicted.. in fact, I have severe withdrawal symptoms if I don't get my carbs, just like a drug addict..
- I'm infertile, rarely if ever have a period, and doctor says I have PCOS.
- I have adult acne.. as well as tiny blisters that appear on my face.. (doctor says I have rosacea)
- i had my gallbladder out 12-15 years ago, due to severe gallbladder attacks
- I have massive fatigue, all the time.. I sleep minimu 10 hours a day.. and am still tired.
- I have severe depression, and have been suicidal at times
- I have massive mood swings, and am a very angry resentful person
- I have a terrible time with relationships, and don't really have any friends.
- I have a very bad swayback, which causes extreme pain in my lower back, and has severely limited what I am able to do. (I have a great chiropractor, who has been helping with this issue.. and has given me some relief)
- I've been struggling with touth/mouth/jaw pain for over a year now, and all the efforts of my dentist have not been able to aliviate the problem

Thanks everyone!

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