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I have Sinusitus/inner ear infection/dizziness.
anne_33 Views: 63,826
Published: 16 years ago

I have Sinusitus/inner ear infection/dizziness.

Well here is my story...

Went on a trip to vegas Dec 5 -10th..
come home after plane ride and week later had extreme dizziness/vertigo/numbness in my forehead..
went to doc and he give a dizzy pill Meclizine which is an antihistime .no other meds and told me I had an inner ear infection...which I would have to get rid of on my own....
Went back to docs about a week and a half later .for the same along with real bad upper resp. infection.. sent me home with anitbiotics and cough syrup and such.. which I didn't take the Antibiotics cause I dont like em... well I got over the u-resp infection myself but the numbness and dizziness remained.. so I went back to the doc.. again...he siad both my ears were full of fluid and my eyes were bloodshot and I just didnt have any energy whatsoever... So he gave me more Antibiotics which I did take (10 days worth of amoxicillan 875 twice daily ) and nasal spray called Rhinocort and allegra-d to help dry up the sinuses..which I was given the last time...
well about 4 days after my last dose of Antibiotics the numbnes and dizziness came back real bad so much I went to the emergency room that fri night and demanded they do something because I have had enough.. well they did they did a CT scan which came out normal ( no tumor or anything)just sinusitus.. and they sent me home with a script of Levaquin 500 mg.(which is specifically for sinsus trouble... well about my fifth day on that stuff I felt like I was wired up on street drugs or something I felt like my feet was gonna rip apart with every step ,and everyone at work said I looked stoned ..well I called the pharmacist and she told me to stop taking it that I was allergic and to take benedryl to get some rest .. well I had to take a total of 3 benidryl before I got to sleep at 5 in the morn......and I am still having pain all over from that so called wonderful antibiotic....... and I still have sinusitus although not as bad ..havent took an Antibiotic since last thurs.. but my doc has called me in some amox-clav which I hope I can take that cause I need some relief from this .. am so d-- tired of being dizzy and having numbness in my forehead.
Just to let you know I have used the zapper before although not regularly .and sometimes wonder if it has contributed to my numbness where I should have pain.... I don't know I am at wits end with this...
I went off Sugar for a week and felt better but this weekend I have nothing but Sugar and it tasted so good which I now feel awful for. I went into an ice-cream binge to no end .I eat over half gal this weekend alone... my body was craving that devil stuff so bad I couldn't help it.........
I once read that sinusitus could be a fungal infection that why I went off Sugar .but I just don't know what to do now..I am going to try it again this week to stay away from sugar and stick with it.
I havent been using the Rhinocort nasel spray (cortocosteriod)
I will start my new antibiotics tom morn...
I will take my probiotics every day
I will take my source of life multi and x-tra c daily
I will drink plenty of clean purified water only
What else can I do to shake this ?? I have spent over $400 on my meds in just the past few weeks with no help it seems...sorry such a long post everyone.. just looking for some answers ... and hoping maybe my post will help someone else..... do-not take levaquin I don't care how bad you are it is dangerous from what I have read and caused many paople a lot of problems with some being permanent.. I hope this is not the case for me.......
I still think the plane ride had something to do with this though cause I felt fine before.....that is weird..oh well just looking for answers and help you all.... cause I know you all here and you wouldn't tell someone to take something that has the potential to harm them or at least not on purpose..unlike the greedy doctors and drug companies.OH yeah I heard they was putting vioxx back on the market. too..... such foolish people...
i know I am rambling now............. bye all ::: Anne_33

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