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Xanax= Benzo drug= ammonia= liver damage
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Published: 12 years ago
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Xanax= Benzo drug= ammonia= liver damage

Ammonia is a neurotoxin.

Take a look at the biofeedback report from Newport's father in the thread just below this. The Benzo, anti-anxiety drugs he had been on- were the cause of liver damage, and the high ammonia. Not to mention the hell of getting off of the drugs that people go through.

The report:

>>>It's the Benzos, you can watch the Blood Ammonia shoot up after taking a Benzo with the EPFX...

Newport's post that made the sick liver/ammonia connection more clear to me. Notice the Benzo drugs mentioned specifically in the Wikipedia link.

>>>If you go back to some old posts you see that

was a big issue due to past use of Benzos.

At the bottom of that WIKI page you get a hint that the use of L-ornithine-L-aspartate stimulate the urea cycle. We used Mag+Pot Asparates and ornithine with success.<<<

From Cutler:

>>>Liver problems are the typical cause of elevated ammonia, which does
lead to encephalopathy.
A sick liver, for any reason, is also where parasites will build their condo's, and cause further problems by not only plugging up the liver/bile ducts, but causing ammonia themselves from their own wastes..and then you kill them and they die and put off more toxins.. causing the poor liver to be more over-loaded.

Rats are the source of the Dwarf Tapeworm, which "loves lead and lives off of bile"... and plugs up the bile ducts. Flukes, and Ascaris also like to live in the liver and plug it up too.

Other pathogens, such as candida and Lyme's, have known neurotoxins that go with them. They definetly do cause behaviour/personality issues.


How many MD's would think to look for the pathogens/neurotoxins/liver connections before giving patient's the Benzo drugs that cause further problems?
Aren't the neurotoxin symptoms exactly what they give the Benzo drugs for???

>>>As early as 1990, the U. S. Senate Committee on Science, Space and Technology in a study on Neurotoxins reported that there were over 65,000 substances currently in use.

They determined that some of the health effects of neurotoxins were anxiety, depression,fatigue, sleep disorders, loss of memory, dizziness, loss of concentration, ataxia (lack of coordination of voluntary muscular movements), dyskinesia (impairment of the power of voluntary movement), as well certain named diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and certain cancers.


>>>>Neurotoxins have a marked affinity for nerve tissue, are poisonous or destructive to nerve tissue, and produce a fatty degeneration of:

the myelin sheath of peripheral nerves
white matter of the brain and spinal cord
certain other tissues, such as the heart muscle

Diseases with a neurotoxic component are on the rise - Among them are:

****social phobias


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