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Are you sure you are eating healthy?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Are you sure you are eating healthy?

When we read or watch Dr. Ornish's "Your Genes are Not You Fate" one cannot help but conclude that WE have control, and with a little knowledge, the ability, to change our genetic expression through diet for the better.

Your thoughts, moods, and attitudes also can cause changes in genetic expression as evidenced by the placebo effect and recent work in this area as well.

What do we need to be healthy?

it would stand to reason that clean, fresh water also can make the difference in genetic expression... I wish it were possible to still get sweet water from a clear running stream, but alas, few of us will realize that and instead will do the best we can with RO or distilled water.

It would also stand to reason that clean, fresh air would make a difference in genetic expression... preferably the fresh, exhaled waste gas from plants.

Dr. Ornish showed where clean, fresh food improves genetic expression... preferably food you have biodynamically grown yourself, OR have wild harvested, OR have sourced from a local biodynamic farm and/or organic grower (does NOT need to be certified - you need to know them).

Italian studies this year illustrated that 98% of the studies that showed genetic ties to cancer are bogus due to this genetic polymorphism.

Which brings me to this...

Most "whole food" that is available in the grocery is "junk", garbage, including the produce... I do not care if it is labeled as organic or not, it is garbage/junk. If you have ever purchased green leafy vegetables and had them turn to slime within a few days, you purchased "junk", you threw your money away on garbage.

The same is true for any fruit or vegetable. The produce, even the "organic" is grown primarily for looks, and yield, NOT nutritional value. With this look and yield focus, just as with livestock grown for their meat, the life from seed to maturity and harvest is shortened and nutritional value sacrificed.

This is much worse in/with conventional foods and/or GMO's, which compound the issues with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, avicides, rodenticides, and unknown genetic modifications etc. etc.

In most all cases, even the organics, these foods are picked green and this is a huge No-No for several reasons... however is practiced to extend shelf life as far out as possible.

Those alkaline/acid food charts mean squat with these types of NPN loaded "junk" foods... these charts are useless with these types of foods. if these foods have a high NPN (non-protein nitrogen) content, you are eating produce that is "hard" on your body and it IS making you sick. If you are juicing this kind of produce, you could be even worse off health wise.

I have literally stored mom's produce (an organic gardener since the 30's as a kid) in the produce bin for months and still found it usable and edible... contrast this with what YOU normally will find in a store that turns to "mush", or begins to rot in short order.

This cheap, "junk" food produce can be quite loaded with NPNs... I have used a refractometer on a lot of produce and it is rare to find excellent produce today unless you grow it yourself... in many cases I compromise and purchase a fair to good produce lot as long as the stuff does not have a lot of NPN in it.

NPN, the human food chain is full of it. NPN is what humans discard as waste in their urine... it could be what is making you fat... it is what the Dog and cat food scandal was all about... and the baby formula, food and milk scandals of late are all about... what caused kidney failure and death in many documented and most likely a whole lot of misdiagnosed cases.

My guess is... after reading about the fattening of livestock and such, that NPN could be yet another root cause for the fattening of the world along with water retention... remember the "kidney" failures? A little NPN will cause kidney dysfunction along with water retention and edema.

The world is a complicated mess... a mess due to man's chemical meddling.

NPN is what AcresUSA and Jerry Brunetti call "Funny Protein" and it is a huge health concern and issue that is exacerbated by the use of nitrogen based fertilizers, nitrogen ripening methods (after green harvest), etc.

This concerns me, and it should concern you too.

If you have a house and property, edible landscaping is the only way to go. A small herb garden, and medicine plants at minimum... even if it is a potted garden on the porch.

Have you seen the upside down tomatoes?



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