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Thyroid-misleading TSH levels
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Published: 12 years ago
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Thyroid-misleading TSH levels

Hi everyone I am working tremendous hours and found a little time to share this find.


This author Alan Graham has a great tale to tell:

1.. The Aluminum/flouridx compound is a mimic of TSH, the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone which tells the thyroid when & how much T-4 hormone to release, when too little T-4 is detected in the blood. When the proper TSH is in control it runs on a cycle (12 hrs up & 12 hrs down) so at night every cell "powers-down" which allows GSH (Glutathione) to remove toxic metals, etc. while SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) repairs the damage caused by those toxins...this also allows you to sleep. You see how critical this natural system is?
Half your "alive" time! Half!

2.. However, when AlFx takes the job away from the TSH, it runs "full-tilt-boogie" 24 hrs a day! What you "experience" is hyperthyroidism. HYPERthyroidism involves extreme tiredness, inability to sleep: no GSH to remove toxins & no SOD to repair the damage. More & more toxins build up displacing trace minerals necessary as molecular cofactors foreverything that goes on, chemically, in your body! You slowly get sicker and sicker & die before your time from any number of seemingly unrelated diseases.

3.. In reality? What you had all the time was HYPER (High) thyroid but look how the doctor has the perfect "get-out-of-jail-Free" card! See? the results of medico's "Gold-standard" Thyroid assessment, the TSH Test, will indicate HYPO (low) thyroid!

This is because the AlFx keeps "yelling" at the thyroid to make more T-4 as if the blood was low on, the good doctor is covered when he reflexively gives you Synthetic T-4, Synthroid,
the "gold standard" wrong thing to do because you actually have HYPER (high) thyroid, not a HYPO (low) thyroid... so uncalled for T-4 just makes it worse.

4.. I wish I could say that if you stop ingesting the toxins & do the counter-measures of Supplements & Nutrition things would improve in short order, but that is not likely to happen any time soon, if ever -BUT- you can stop it from getting worse by doing a few things that you should be doing anyway. Things like eating green-leafy veggies, taking extra selenium, high fiber pectin foods or pectin fiber formula, avoiding tap-water & the other toxins I mentioned.

The reason for all my doom & gloom on the issue is that the reactive"pit-bull" atom, Fluorine, makes a nearly permanent bond at the TSH receptor site, as opposed to TSH which is occasionally swept out. Still, the real tragedy is that later on the resulting disease cannot, or more accurately, will not, likely be traced back to AlFx poisoning & the fact that the doctor did EXACTLY the wrong thing, will never be detected. Why? Because nobody will look, reader! The doctor will just give you Lipitor & Blood-pressure Med's for your failing Heart (or whatever) and then "Heroically" move on to his next victim... I mean patient...

When you "Stroke-out" they will all blame the butter & eggs you loved so much, when it was really "The Man" who killed you. You know, the FDA, the AMA, big industry & the best "Law-makers" money can buy!


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